2023 Plumbing Installation Cost: How Much Do You Have to Spend?

Plumbing Installation Cost

In this article from Linquip, we want to talk about plumbing installation costs. That is because plumbing systems are among the most important parts of each and every residential and industrial place. Damages done to the plumbing system may require changing the whole plumbing system or replacing a part of it. Based on different factors, the plumbing installation cost or the cost to replace plumbing varies. But you can estimate the costs. In this article, we will help you estimate how much you will have to pay.

Plumbing Installation Cost

What should you consider when calculating the plumbing installation cost?

Different factors can affect the cost of your plumbing installation, such as labor costs, size of the home or project, type of the material, etc. In this section, we will talk about these factors and their influence on the cost. 

  • Type of the material: The material type you use has a direct influence on the plumbing installation cost. Pipes are usually made of different materials including copper, galvanized steel, and brass. These materials have a long life but they are expensive as well. Another important characteristic of these materials is their rigidness. Because of this feature, their installation takes time. You can choose to use cross-linked polyethene tubing or PEX. These materials are flexible and plastic-based and cost less. They can be used to fill in some sections of the plumbing. They can be quickly installed and keep the labor costs down.
  • Labor costs: Another important factor affecting the plumbing installation cost is the labor costs. This parameter can greatly affect the overall costs. The greater the project, the more the price tag. If the plumbing job is complex and needs more hands, and more expert workers, the cost will be higher.
  • Re-plumbing or new plumbing: What you should pay to re-piping your house differs from the cost of plumbing from scratch. It may come as a shock to know that plumbing a new house costs less than re-piping. This is because to do a re-pipe, you have to get through different obstacles such as drywall and insulation to access the plumbing. This will take time and needs more work, hence, more money. 
  • Size of the project: The last item that affects the plumbing installation cost is the size of the project or the size of the house. Small fixes, as you can already guess, cost significantly less than re-plumbing an entire structure. The size of the place, as well, enables you to guess the plumbing installation cost. The larger the place, the greater the price. 

Plumbing Installation Cost

The plumbing installation cost for an existing house

Multiple factors affect the cost to install a plumbing system for a house. You should know your home’s square footage and multiply that number by $4.50. 4.50 dollars, according to the experts, is the national average plumbing installation cost or the average cost for major plumbing upgrades. If you need to replace a part of the plumbing system, it depends on how much you need to replace it, but it’s usually somewhere around $400 to $2000.

The plumbing installation cost for an entire house usually costs $2,000 to $15,000. Rough-in plumbing for new construction costs somewhere around $8,000 to $12,000. For re-piping an existing house, it can be up to $2.00 per linear foot. 

Cost to plumb a new house

As mentioned above, to plumb a new house of around 2,000 square feet with 3 baths would cost up to $12,000 on average. Based on the material you use, the cost of installing new plumbing differs. The number of bathrooms and plumbing fixtures, as well as their distance also affects the cost. Plus, the number of stories your house has will add up to the cost. 

The difference in plumbing installation cost for commercial and residential places

If you need commercial plumbing for new construction, the rough-in cost is usually around $4 to $6 per square foot. But for commercial plumbing of places that already have plumbing systems installed, the cost will be higher due to the heavy-duty nature of commercial fixtures. The difference in the plumbing cost of residential and commercial places is in their complexity and scale. While residential plumbing may need two or three toilets and sinks, commercial constructions require plumbers to install 20 or more toilets and sinks. On the other hand, commercial building codes differ from the codes used in residential places.

How much does it cost to re-pipe a house with PEX?

You need to spend around $0.40 to $0.50 per linear foot to re-pipe a house with PEX tubing based on the house size and the extent of your re-plumbing. Re-piping of a house around 2,000 square feet with PEX tubing will cost up to $4,000. PEX is made of plastic but the health risks of using plastic water supply lines are not known yet since they have been around for about a decade now. But they are easy to install because of their flexibility. You don’t need to remove drywalls since they can be snaked behind them. You can use them for cold and hot water lines. Another good characteristic of PEX tubing is that it won’t burst if frozen and will naturally expand. Plus, they are non-corrosive.

Plumbing Installation Cost

How much does it cost to replace Galvanized pipes?

To replace galvanized pipes you’ll need to spend from $2,000 to $15,000 based on the materials you use. Many old places use galvanized pipes and they should be replaced due to the health problems they bring to the water that runs through those pipes. These pipes degrade over the years and when the zinc erodes, the steel pipes that were coated by zinc will be exposed. It can develop blockage, dropping the water pressure, and discoloring the water because of the rust. 

In the end, don’t forget to replace your plumbing if it’s old because old pipes can taint your water. For example, galvanized pipes should be replaced if they are filled with rust or else the water that runs through those pipes will be tainted. 

That was all you needed to know about plumbing installation costs. Have you ever installed pipes before? Share your experience in the comment section with us! Don’t forget to sign up on Linquip to ask our expert all your questions and we will answer right away!

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