Reasons Why You Should Study Renewable Energies

Reasons Why You Should Study Renewable Energies

Studying renewable energy is a statement of intent that defines a student’s ambition and vision. By studying in this field, the future specialist gains the essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in a fast-growing sector such as renewable energy.

Do you see yourself designing renewable energy systems in the future? Do you think you will be more interested in focusing on the management of these types of projects? Do you feel you can drive change for the better in the world in terms of sustainability with the right skills?

Who Can Study Renewable Energy: Student Profile

This course is designed for engineering, mathematics, or science graduates who wish to develop a successful and promising career in the renewable energy sector. The studies in this program provide students with the multidisciplinary skills necessary to design, optimize and evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of renewable energy initiatives. They will also enable them to specialize in project management of renewable energy systems.

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The Future After Studying Renewable Energy

Governments of various countries are currently focusing on the development of renewable energy technologies and the reduction of atmospheric emissions; therefore, those who specialize in this area can count on high demand from employers.

A graduate who finishes studying renewable energy, if he or she is also equipped with the expertise to analyze current and future energy needs and design appropriate solutions, has a wide range of careers open to him or her.

Whether in the public sector or private enterprise, those who specialize in this discipline can work on such exciting renewable energy projects as:

  • Design of new renewable energy solutions
  • Testing and certification of renewable energy technologies
  • Operation and maintenance of renewable energy technologies
  • Technical-environmental analysis of new renewable energy solutions, such as floating wind turbines and wave energy converters

6 Reasons to Study Renewable Energy

Here are sixth of the top reasons to pursue a degree in renewable energy. After finishing this article, it will surely be easier for you to make a decision regarding your academic future.

1. Supporting the environment

Let’s start with the main reason to study a degree in renewable energy: preserving the environment. Currently, about 90% of commercial energy comes from fossil fuel sources, which are highly polluting and need to be replaced.

Thanks to renewable energies, it will be possible to reduce pollution in a large part of the world.

2. High employability

Governments are taking measures to replace polluting energies with renewable energies, which is forcing companies to make strategic changes. This means that professionals in this career are increasingly needed, so your job placement will be almost immediate.  The labor field is very wide, being able to work for large companies or independently.

3. Global trend

Due to the commitment that society is making to the environment, electric companies that use conventional energy have seen a decline in their profits. This has forced them to support renewable energies with different projects related to solar energy.

A clear example is the United Arab Emirates, which despite being a major producer of oil and natural gas, expects half of its energy to be renewable by 2050.

4. Good salaries

In particular, a career in renewable energy not only has a great employment rate, but also excellent salaries. Of course, this depends on the country where you practice, as well as your experience and the company you work for.

5. Future projection

Europe has already been trying for years to supply its population with wind energy, but more and more countries are joining in. In the case of Latin America, the countries that are promoting sustainable energy are Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Chile.

All of them have great potential for the generation of electricity from renewable and clean sources, offering you a good future if you decide to practice in some of these countries.

6. Entrepreneurship

Although the renewable energy career has a high employability rate, it is not necessary to work for a company. You can take advantage of opening your own business for people looking to replace their gas tanks with electric or their conventional heaters with solar heaters as well as to install solar panels to generate electricity for self-consumption.

It is a very varied and creative niche that has a lot to offer, as there are even companies that sell systems to reuse rainwater.

Final words

Undoubtedly, a career in renewable energy can be of great help to both the environment and your professional future. Having a guaranteed job, with an excellent salary, while helping to reduce environmental pollution, is something you should consider. With the expected global growth in the renewable energy sector, there will be a crucial need for qualified engineers with specialized knowledge of the most relevant technology. Will you be one of them?

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