10 Best Gas Boilers of 2022: A Practical Guide

Best Gas Boilers of 2022

Best Gas Boilers of 2022 – Boilers are unique in that most people have them in their homes, yet many don’t understand how they work. It is really necessary for your house and comfort.

Boilers, like other items, have evolved through time to improve their performance. They are now more durable, efficient, and secure. However, since distinguishing between various boilers might be difficult, we are here to assist. We’ll go through our top ten gas boilers on the market and why they made the cut. Along the process, we’ll provide advice on how to choose the best boiler for your needs.

If you’re unsure about adding an electric boiler to your home, get guidance from an expert or a local shop. You are also encouraged to check out our Boiler Providers on Linquip for more information to fulfill all of your needs.

Basics of Gas Boilers

Gas boilers can be found in practically every house and office, so you’d think we’d have a better understanding of how they function. While we rely on boilers to consistently heat our homes and provide us with hot water, many people are unfamiliar with the enormous white box that’s commonly located stashed away in a cabinet.

We’ve answered a number of concerns concerning gas boilers, including their internal components and safety features, as well as their lifespan and how to choose the right type for your house, whether it’s a combi, system, or heat-only boiler.

Here’s everything you need to know about gas boilers, whether you’re curious about how they function or if it’s time to modernize.

What is a Gas Boiler and How Does It Work?

A boiler is essentially a large furnace or fire that is regulated by your thermostat. The primary role of a gas boiler is to operate as a heater and deliver hot water to buildings, which is critical for two major reasons.

When you switch on your central heating, the hot water produced by your boiler is pushed through your radiators, providing them with a consistent source of heat. This keeps you warm and comfortable during the cooler months of autumn and winter, as well as spring and summer.

The second major role is to provide a constant supply of hot water for sinks, baths, and showers. They accomplish this by heating a tank or container of water to a steady temperature, ensuring that you have the hot water you require to keep yourself (and your things) clean.

What Is a Gas Boiler and How Does It Work?

While there are many different types of gas boilers available, they all function in the same way: they heat the gas to warm your house. This gas can enter the boiler in one of two ways: directly from the mains or through an LPG bottle.

Your gas boiler produces hot water, which is then routed through your central heating system and into your radiators to heat your house. This will either run straight via taps and showers (combi) or be transported and stored in a separate water tank or cylinder, depending on the type of boiler you possess (system and heat only).

When the heating is turned on, hot water is pushed from the boiler into each radiator in turn, ensuring that there is continual, or near-constant, circulation. Although you may occasionally need to top up the pressure in your radiators, the same water is utilized again.

The water will have lost part of its heat by the time it has traveled through all of the radiators, but it will be recovered in the boiler before being circulated again.

The thermostat, which helps the temperature of a home stay more or less constant, to within a few degrees each side of your selected temperature, determines whether or not central heating is “on.”

What is the Purpose of a Gas Boiler?

The gas boiler’s second function is to heat water. It does this purpose in the same way as it accomplishes central heating, namely, by pumping heated water over the flame.

It accomplishes this in two ways:

  1. As in the case of a combi boiler, instant hot water is available.
  2. A system boiler or a heat-only boiler heats water in a tank.

The water heated over the flame, however, is not the water that comes out of the faucet in either scenario; it is just employed as a medium for heating the water you use.

How Does a Gas Boiler Heat Water?

A gas boiler contains multiple components, including a gas burner, heat exchanger, and flue. Each component has a unique function, and they all work together to keep your house warm and give you a steady supply of hot water.

The primary constituent components are shown below, along with the roles they perform:

Gas can enter the combustion chamber through a valve.

The gas burner does exactly what it says it does: it burns gas to provide heat for your house and hot water.

By passing the water through a conduit within the heated gas chamber, the heat exchanger securely transmits heat to the water.

This water is pushed out of the boiler by a pump or fan and into the system, a separate cylinder, or a storage tank.

Your boiler is connected to an external component of your home by a flue or waste pipe. It’s in charge of securely discharging the by-products of your boiler’s operation, such as water vapor and carbon monoxide.

Do Gas Boilers Require Electricity to Operate?

Despite the fact that gas heats the water in our boilers and keeps our houses warm, gas boilers still require some power to operate. That may sound unusual, but electricity is merely employed to aid the operation of certain elements and functions in our central heating systems.

Everything from the valve that opens to let gas flow into the combustion chamber to digital displays and smart thermostats like Ideal’s app-controlled Halo system is powered by electricity.


Best Gas Boilers Reviews

1. Worcester Bosch Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Worcester Bosch Boilers (Reference: worcester-bosch.co.uk)


Pros & Cons

  • A long period of guarantee
  • A diverse range of boilers
  • Well-built, reliable, and efficient
  • Expensive


Power Rate 25 – 30 kW
Guarantee Up to 10 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

Worcester Bosch has a long history of being one of the most popular and well-known brands in the world. For the last ten years, many of their combi boilers have received the Which? Best Buy Award.

Worcester earned its reputation as the greatest boiler brand not only because of its products but also because of its after-sales service. Their dedication to Worcester boiler owners after installation is unrivaled, and the amount of time they devote to you as a client may be scary. They replaced the term warranty – appropriateness with the Worcester Guarantee to demonstrate this.

Overall, Worcester Bosch is an excellent all-arounder, providing high-quality, award-winning boilers at affordable pricing. When you add in their great warranty, customer service, and readily available components, you’ve got the top boiler brand in the world.


2. Viessmann Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Viessmann Boilers (Reference: viessmann.nl)


Pros & Cons

  • A long period of guarantee
  • Ruthless boiler efficiency
  • You can get hot water and heating whenever you need it
  • Radiators Only Half Heating Up
  • Noisy Heating Pump, Or Cold Return Pipes


Power Rate 26 – 35 kW
Guarantee Up to 10 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

If you want to bring German engineering into your house, you should know that Viessmann is Europe’s biggest boiler manufacturer, and no list of the finest boilers would be complete without it.

Viessmann boilers have won a Which Best Buy boilers award for being able to provide hot water and warmth just when you need it, thanks to their ruthless boiler efficiency and the fact that they also tend to survive longer than the competition.

The Viessmann Vitodens 050-W, an excellent option for an entry-level natural gas boiler, and the Viessmann Vitodens 100-W, one of the finest combi boilers on the market, are the company’s stallions.


3. Vaillant

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Vaillant (Reference: warmtebeheer.nl)


Pros & Cons

  • Reliable boilers at a reasonable price
  • Handy smart function
  • Reduce your heating costs by up to 30%
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Controllable by your smartphone
  • Sometimes has the problem of boiler Leaking
  • Sometimes gives hot water but no heating


Power Rate 25 – 43 kW
Guarantee Up to 10 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

Vaillant is another of the greatest boiler brands produced in the United Kingdom. Vaillant’s ecoTEC series has lately become their most popular, with the ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ combi boiler winning the 2018 Housebuilder Products Awards. Because this boiler is rather strong, with outputs of 35 or 43 kW, it’s best suited for bigger households.

Vaillant, on the other hand, has a number of additional models in this range that are ideal for smaller homes. The ecoTEC plus combi is the best all-arounder of the bunch. It has outputs of 25kW, 32kW, 35kW, and 38kW, with warranties ranging from 2 to 10 years, depending on who you choose to install it.

When you don’t need much heat, the ecoTEC plus combi features a handy smart function that records your heating habits and automatically reduces the power to just 16 percent of its maximum capacity.


4. Ideal Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Ideal Boilers (Reference: idealheating.com)


Pros & Cons

  • Reduced heating bills due to high energy efficiency
  • Cost-effective in comparison with other boilers
  • Easy to maintain
  • A long warranty time
  • Easy to use with more control over the amount of energy used
  • Sometimes has low water pressure
  • Sometimes has the problem of overheating
  • Big bang during turn on


Power Rate 24 – 35 kW
Guarantee Up to 12 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

Ideal Boilers, a century-old, famous British company that has expanded tremendously during the last decade, is next on the list of best boiler brands. Combi boilers, systems boilers, and heat-only boilers are among the three types of boilers they presently sell.

Combi and system boilers from the firm are ideal for smaller houses since they are both compact and efficient. Combis are ideal for homes with fewer bathrooms and showers, whilst their systems counterparts are better suited to households with high hot water demands. They’re also pre-programmed to run on a 20% hydrogen mix right out of the box.

Ideal’s combi and system boilers have warranties ranging from 7 to 12 years, making them among of the longest on the market (though you’ll need a Max-certified installation to obtain the full 12 years; without one, you’ll only get 10 years, which is still a long time). Regular boilers, on the other hand, have shorter warranties ranging from 2 to 7 years, depending on the type.


5. Alpha Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Alpha Boilers (Reference: alpha-innovation.co.uk)


Pros & Cons

  • You can find the right fit for your needs among a variety of brands and product lines
  • Hot water on demand is a great benefit
  • Utilize the space in your loft and airing cupboards
  • No You don’t waste energy or water – you only heat what you need
  • Sometimes has the problem of low pressure
  • Sometimes produces no hot water / central heating


Power Rate 28 – 34 kW
Guarantee Up to 10 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

Alpha has been secretly installing neat tiny discount boilers into homes for years, disguised as, or accused of being, a ‘budget’ boiler brand, and completely failed to market that fact.

Alpha boilers are a low-cost choice that has steadily increased its market share in the boiler industry in recent years. They are an excellent choice for those searching for a dependable and economical heating solution with a reasonable warranty period.

Alpha’s boilers are good on a technological level, despite being a cheap boiler brand. For example, they use a stainless-steel heat exchanger, which is generally only seen in luxury brands like Viessmann.


6. Baxi Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Baxi Boilers (Reference: baxi.co.uk)


Pros & Cons

  • Baxi boilers benefit from a SEDBUK A-rating for efficiency
  • They are simple to use
  • They are compact in size
  • Lower premium design compared to some other brands



Power Rate 25 – 36 kW
Guarantee Up to 10 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

The quality of Baxi boilers is comparable to that of Worcester Bosch and Ideal. However, the historic British maker (which has been in business since 1866) is far less expensive than these top-of-the-line names.

Baxi, like these companies, provides a variety of boilers, such as system, standard, and combi boilers. Each series offers a large number of models, so deciding which one is best for your home may necessitate some research and professional guidance.

The Baxi 800 Combi, on the other hand, is hard to beat. It’s available in three sizes: 25kW, 30kW, and 36kW, and it’s small enough to fit in your kitchen cabinet. The model has a variety of characteristics, such as:

  • Keep your radiators free of sludge with a magnetic filter.
  • You don’t need an engineer to top up your heating system because of the easy-fill permanent filling connection.
  • The Opentherm interface allows you to control the boiler’s functioning.
  • The Baxi 800 comes with a 10-year parts and labor guarantee.


7. Potterton Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Potterton Boilers (Reference: potterton.co.uk)


Pros & Cons

  • There is no need for a flue, which reduces installation costs and time
  • There’s no need for storage tanks, which minimize required space
  • Quiet operation
  • User-friendly controls that are simple to utilize
  • The system is powered by a wet central heating system
  • A cylinder can offer domestic hot water
  • Sometimes has too low pressure
  • Fan Fault
  • Boiler Cycles Off Before Radiators are up to Temperature


Power Rate 12 – 32 kW
Guarantee Up to 7 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

Worcester, Vaillant, and Ideal all have a better reputation than Potterton. Engineers, on the other hand, give them excellent marks.

Potterton boilers, both old and new, are well-built and tend to last. At least, it was the widespread belief until they tried to produce cheaper boilers, which resulted in a guarantee reduction to only two years. And that doesn’t exactly inspire trust in a customer.


8. Glow Worm Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Glow Worm Boilers (Reference: glow-worm.co.uk)


Pros & Cons

  • Smart device control of heating and hot water
  • Adapts automatically to your energy needs
  • Internet weather compensation
  • Sometimes has low pressure
  • Flame detection fault


Power Rate 25 – 35 kW
Guarantee Up to 5 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

Glow-Worm is sometimes lumped in with other boiler brands like Vokera, Intergas, and Potterton as the “best of the rest.”

Glow-Worm is a low-cost boiler manufacturer. They’re frequently employed for low-cost renovations and rental houses.

They aren’t recognized for being as reliable as Vaillant, Worcester, Ideal, or Baxi in terms of reliability.

However, their boilers come with 2- and 5-year guarantees, making them cost-effective in the short run.


9. Vokera Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Vokera Boilers (Reference: vokera.co.uk)


Pros & Cons

  • A comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind
  • There is no need for a cistern or water tank
  • Programmable interface for ease of use
  • Lower premium design compared to some other brands
  • Short time of standard warranty


Power Rate 24 – 42 kW
Guarantee Up to 10 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

Vokera, a simple, economical option from a firm that specializes in home heating and renewable energy generation, rounds up our selection of the top boiler brands.

Vokera claims that its boilers are 99 percent dependable in the first two years after installation while lacking the reputation of Worcester, Viessmann, and even Glow Worm. The company’s warranties, on the other hand, extend from 5 to 10 years, so you know they’re confident in their goods.

Vokera offers a variety of combi and system boilers in various capacities. The ‘evolve C’ model is the most sophisticated, with five output possibilities ranging from 24 to 42kW.

The Evolve C includes a BeSmart internet-connected thermostat that supports OpenTherm, a communication standard that lets you modify the heat output from the thermostat controls. Because of this important feature, Evolve C can run at high efficiency and help save a lot of energy.


10. Intergas Boilers

Best Gas Boilers of 2022
Intergas Boilers (Reference: intergasheating.co.uk)


Pros Cons
Unique Heat exchanger with two functions.

The heat exchanger has a 10-year warranty and the components have a 5-year warranty.

There were hardly no stand-by losses.

Pump with high efficiency and EuP compatibility.

Control mechanism that is unique.

There are only four moving parts and 12 components in the boiler.

Lower premium design compared to some other brands

Short time of standard warranty



Power Rate 20 – 36 kW
Guarantee Up to 10 years
Mounting Wall-mounted


General Descriptions

Intergas is a lesser-known boiler brand that is surprisingly reliable and efficient, making it one of the top boiler brands available.

Intergas has created a boiler design with startlingly few moving parts — only four, in fact — throughout its 50-year history. This means that as time passes, fewer components will fail and require maintenance.

Because of Intergas’s patented 2-in-1 heat exchanger, this feat is achievable (typically, condensing boilers have two heat exchangers). Intergas boilers do not require a diverter valve, valve motor, auto air vent, or a secondary hot water plate heat exchanger due to their unique heat exchanger.

Intergas offers a variety of boilers ranging in size from 20 to 36 kW. The Xtreme, the company’s most recent addition to the lineup, is a sleek, user-friendly model with a flue gas heat recovery unit, which boosts the boiler’s high efficiency even further than most condensing boilers can. The Xclusive, Eco RF Smart Boiler, and Rapid series are among the company’s other models, all of which come with 3- to 10-year parts and labor warranties.

Intergas boilers are also 90% recyclable at the end of their lives, giving you a wonderful opportunity to reduce your carbon impact.


Considerations When Selecting a Gas Boiler

Like milk during the apocalypse, you want a boiler to be dependable, give the best value for money, and last a long time.

These are the areas where the greatest boiler brands excel at the end of the day.

A good warranty term is also a winning combo since you want to know that you won’t be left to deal with it on your own if anything goes wrong.

You will be left in the lurch if you choose a less expensive boiler brand.

  • To summarize, while compiling our top ten list, we took into account the following factors:
  • The manufacturer’s warranty duration
  • Customer reviews determine the brand’s overall reputation.
  • Reviews on TrustPilot
  • Awards and honors, such as the Which? Best Buy Awards
  • The quality of customer service
  • Their boilers are available in a variety of pricing ranges.
  • Ratings of efficiency

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