Top 22 Boilers Suppliers and Manufacturers in the World in 2022

Top Boilers Suppliers and Manufacturers

In this article, we review some of the top boilers suppliers and manufacturers and explain why they have such a great reputation.

In a boiler, water or another liquid is heated under pressure to generate steam or hot liquid. There are many types of boilers for both residential and commercial uses, with classifications based on their heating method, fuel type, and even axis (vertical or horizontal).

It is the responsibility of the professional to assist individuals in need of boilers. You need a reputable and reliable Boilers Supplier and Company for a high-quality boiler. These manufacturers and suppliers are plentiful, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one. You can browse the companies listed here if you don’t know where to start.

Top Global Boilers Suppliers and Manufacturers

Following is a list of the ten largest boiler manufacturers arranged by the number of employees. Each company has been provided a brief summary in addition to information on their headquarters.

HeadquartersYear foundedNumber of employees
Viessmann BoilersGermany191712750
Worcester BoschUK1962+2000
Ideal Boilers
Hurst Boiler and Welding CompanyUSA1967450
IBurnham Commercial
Indeck Power Equipment Co.USA1960117
Alpha BoilersUK196651-200
Sussman Electric BoilersUSA191789
AERCO InternationalUSA194925-100
Unilux Advanced ManufacturingUSA197967
Sigma ThermalUSA200759
Sioux CorporationUSA193250
Power MechanicalUSA198540
Thermal SolutionsUSA200234
PB Heat LLCUSA200325
Electro-Steam Generator Corp.USA195222
Parker Boiler Co.USA194612
The Stutz Co.USA19217

Viessmann Boilers

It is important for you to know that Viessmann is Europe’s largest boiler manufacturer; without this brand, no list of best boilers would be complete. Viessmann boilers have won a Which Best Buy boilers award due to their ruthless boiler efficiency, as well as their tendency to last longer than the competition.


Residential and commercial customers receive heating and cooling, air quality, and control products from the company, based in Richardson, Texas. In addition to air conditioners and thermostats, Lennox offers air purifiers and heat pumps to control the temperature of your home.


The quality of Baxi boilers is on a par with Worcester Bosch and Ideal. Despite the venerable British manufacturer’s long heritage, Its products are significantly less expensive than those from these top-of-the-line brands.

A Baxi boiler is available in a range of versions, including regular, system, and combi. With such a wide range of models, it is likely that you will need expert advice prior to purchasing.


Fulton has provided long-lasting and reliable heat transfer systems since 1949. It has built its reputation on the highest quality boilers and the highest level of customer satisfaction. In addition to that, they also provide several energy-efficient solutions that can be used to optimize renewable energy. They have a variety of products, including steam boilers, hydronic boilers, thermal fluid heaters, Invictus heat pumps, temperature control units, and other equipment.

By using the latest technology, Fulton creates innovative and precision-made boilers. They also produce high-pressure boilers that are capable of producing 6 million BTU per hour. Since the products are made from high-quality materials, they have a number of excellent features, like dual-fuel capability and linkage-less modulation.

Worcester Bosch 

Many people consider Worcester Bosch to be one of the best boiler brands on the market today. Its boilers are known for being well-built, efficient, and reliable, and the long warranties prove the company’s faith in its products. By contrast with traditional warranties, Worcester’s guarantee ensures that the manufacturer will always repair any malfunctioning device. It’s no surprise Worcester Bosch is considered one of the leading aftercare companies. The company offers boilers in different sizes, shapes, and fuel types.

Ideal Boilers

The Ideal Boilers Company is a century-old, reputable British manufacturer which has seen exceptional growth in the last decade. The company now sells over 10,000 units a year and offers three types of boilers – a combi, a system, and a heat-only boiler.

Combi and system boilers from the company are excellent choices for smaller homes due to their compact size and high efficiency. For homes with fewer bathrooms and showers, combis are the perfect solution, while their counterparts for households with high hot water demands may be more suitable.

Hurst Boiler and Welding Company

Since 1967, Hurst Boiler and Welding Company, Inc. has designed, engineered, and serviced solid fuel and solid waste boilers, biomass boilers, gas, coal, and oil-fired boilers. Hurst manufactures a wide range of boiler room products as well, including blowdown separator surge tanks and pressurized feedwater tanks.

In addition to packaged boilers – from 6 to 2,000 horsepower – and pressures up to 450 PSI, Hurst offers fire-tube, water-tube, and feedwater equipment for all heating and process applications. These include schools, dry cleaners, hospitals, universities, the military, and all commercial/industrial applications. The company also manufactures engineered boilers and boiler systems, along with biomass boiler systems and integrated boiler controls and accessories based on PLCs.

Slant/Fin Boilers & Baseboard

As a Greenvale, NY-based company, Slant/Fin Boilers & Baseboard provides electric, gas, gas-fired, and oil-fired boilers along with baseboard heaters.

Burnham Commercial

Since 1873, Burnham Corporation has been producing steam and hot water boilers for commercial and industrial use under the name Burnham Commercial. Boilers and boiler systems produced by the company include compact-packaged boilers or firetube boilers, gas- or oil-fired boilers or a combination of both, solid-fuel-fired boilers, and energy-efficient low NOx boilers. Burnham also offers shockproof boilers and steam accessories.

Indeck Power Equipment

Located in Wheeling, IL, Indeck Power Equipment offers steam boilers and high-temperature hot water generators for sale, rent, or lease, as well as custom boiler systems. In addition, it offers boiler parts and accessories.

Alpha Boilers

Alpha boilers are an affordable option that is ideal for landlords. They offer some features, such as a warranty that lasts for seven years and a heat exchanger made of stainless steel.

Although Alpha’s boilers are cheaper than some of their top-tier competitors, they are also highly reliable and efficient. Customers also praise their after-sales support.

Sussman Electric Boilers

Currently, Sussman Electric Boilers provides a variety of industrial, commercial, and specialized industries with electric steam boilers, electric hot water boilers, laboratory steam boilers, high-pressure boilers, and electric humidification boilers. They build and test their products in accordance with ASME boiler codes for their products made from carbon and stainless steel.

AERCO International

Founded in 1949, AERCO International, Inc. manufactures commercial condensing boilers and water heaters that are cost-effective and dependable. This company offers products and services to a variety of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, education, government and military, industrial, office buildings, multifamily housing, and more. With the AERCO system-design approach, they can provide building solutions that are customer-specific, provide outstanding building performance at a lower operating cost and ensure uptime reliability.

Unilux advanced manufacturing

Founded in 1979, Unilux Advanced Manufacturing, LLC has specialized in high-end boilers. Water-tube and fire-tube boilers have been designed, refined, and perfected by the company by building them for customers who think not about projects but about decades.

A wide variety of boilers has been created by the company since its inception, including high-pressure steam boilers, low-pressure steam boilers, boilers for hot water, and compact “VZ” boilers. A particular benefit of high-pressure boilers is that they can withstand demands of up to 900 PSI, which makes them ideal for use in central heating, autoclaves, injection processes, plant distribution systems,  and other applications.

Unilux ensures that they use only ASME-compliant materials when manufacturing their products. In addition, their products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee maximum performance and customer satisfaction.

Sigma Thermal

Based in Marietta, Georgia, the company provides a variety of steam generation technologies, including high-pressure steam generators for oil deodorization, indirect steam generators, heaters, and thermal fluid systems. Additionally, the company offers turnkey design, installation, and maintenance, as well as retrofits and parts.

Sioux Corporation

Based in Beresford, South Dakota, Sioux Corporation manufactures low-pressure boilers, pressure washers, steam cleaners, ready mixed concrete boilers, chillers, and heaters, as well as specialty products.  

Power Mechanical 

With over 100 portable boilers available 24/7, Power Mechanical has been distributing and renting boilers since 1985. In the beginning, the company served the Tidewater region of Virginia as a mechanical contractor. The founders, Rick and Sonja Reuter, reshaped the company to specialize in steam and hot water boilers based on their previous experience in the boiler business. It has since grown to become one of the top boiler equipment suppliers in the United States.

Thermal Solutions 

Thermal Solutions Products, LLC is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and specializes in the design of copper-finned boilers and water heaters. As a result, it is the most advanced copper-finned water heater on the market today. Aside from its real-life serviceability, the Evolution has an outstanding heat exchanger, advanced combustion design that is simple, time-saving controls, and efficiency of up to 97%.

PB Heat LLC 

As a provider of residential and commercial boilers, PB Heat offers both gas and oil boilers and combination boilers that use both gas and oil. Boiler systems and water heaters are also available from this company, which is based in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

Electro-Steam Generator

Electro-Steam Generator Corp. was founded in Rancocas, NJ, providing custom steam generators and electric boilers to commercial and industrial customers. The company’s clients include food processing companies, beverage producers, and packaging firms.

Parker Boiler 

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Parker Boiler manufactures condensing boilers, steam boilers, and hot water boilers. Parker Boiler Co. manufactures water heaters, boilers, and burners for commercial and residential uses. Steam boilers from this company are available both indoors and outdoors and can run on a variety of fuels, including atmospheric gas, propane, oil, or a combination. According to the manufacturer, this unit produces full steam in ten minutes after startup.

A variety of sizes and heating capacity hot water boilers are also available. The manufacturer of these boilers has specialized in designing flexible, bent water tubes for nearly 100 years.

Stutz Co. 

The Stutz Co. is based in Chicago, IL, and provides boilers for metal finishing applications. Aside from metal finishing machinery, it also offers plating tanks and barrels, chemicals, coating systems, filter systems, and coating systems.


When you live in an area experiencing extreme temperature drops, the cold weather conditions can be very unpleasant. Therefore, there must be a solution to make this situation better. One possible solution is a boiler. 

If you are a boiler professional, people will consider you first. Therefore, it’s better if you can provide them with a boiler. This can only be done with the help of a reliable boiler manufacturer or supplier. This partnership lets you offer boilers of the highest quality to your customers.

You are fortunate to have a wide selection of manufacturers as well as suppliers of these products. The list above includes 22 manufacturers and suppliers. For those just starting their search for manufacturers or suppliers, these 22 are a good point. Their name is already well known in the industry, and they have loyal fan bases. You will surely be in good hands if you choose any of them.

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