Top 20 Measuring Instruments Supplier in 2023

Measuring Instruments Supplier in 2022

Measuring Instruments Supplier in 2023 – A tool used to measure a physical amount is called a measuring instrument. Measurement is the process of gathering and comparing physical quantities of actual things and events in the physical sciences, quality control, and engineering. The process of measuring yields a number associating the subject under study and the referenced unit of measurement, and established standard objects and occurrences are employed as units. These numerical relationships are achieved by the use of measuring devices and formally defined test procedures. Every measuring device has different levels of instrument error and measurement uncertainty. These tools might be anything from standard tools like stopwatches and rulers to electron microscopes and particle accelerators. Modern measuring instrument development makes extensive use of virtual instrumentation. This post will provide information on top-rated measuring instrument suppliers.

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Basics of Measuring Instrument

How Do You Measure?

Comparing the measurement target with the reference item allows one to determine the size. According to their measurement objective, technique, and precision, measuring equipment used as reference objects span a wide range of items. It is easy to determine if the manufacturer complies with the necessary requirements by accurately measuring the measurements (within tolerance). So, the fundamental need to determine whether the product was created correctly is a precise measurement.

How Important Measurement Is?

The cornerstone of production is accurate dimension measurement. All processes—from material acquisition to processing, assembly, and quality inspection—are evaluated using the same standards by generating items that fulfill the design and assure their quality.

The manufacturing quality cannot be assured if measuring work is not done at any step. Mixed-in substandard goods will not only result in a low yield but also in complaints from customers. In other words, accurate measurements must be made throughout the whole production process.

All participating manufacturers must have measurement technology and maintain and operate measuring equipment correctly in order to ensure accurate measurement. The foundation of quality management is measurement management. Measurement management has become standardized as a measurement management system in recent years (ISO10012).

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Measuring Instruments Supplier in 2022
The importance of measurement (Reference:

What Available Measurement Techniques Are There?

Direct measurement and indirect measurement are the two categories of size measurement techniques.

  • Direct measurement: often known as an absolute measurement, is a technique for measuring the target directly using tools like vernier calipers, centimeters, or three-dimensional measuring devices. Within the scale range of the measuring device, this measurement technique may conduct a wide variety of measures, but it may result in inaccurate readings if the scale is interpreted incorrectly.
  • Indirect measurement: It involves utilizing a standard tool, such as a block gauge or ring gauge, to determine the size of the target item by determining the distance between it and the target using a measuring tool, such as a dial gauge. It is also known as comparison measuring since it is a technique for comparing items to a standard size. The standard is simple to measure since its size and shape are set, but its measurement range is constrained.

Top Measuring Instruments Suppliers

Listed below are the top Measuring Instruments Suppliers. Each company’s information includes its headquarters, sales, year of foundation, and the type of business. US million dollars are used to measure annual sales. Following the table are summaries of each company.

Company nameHeadquartersYear foundedType of BusinessAnnual sale
Xylem, Inc.Rye Brook, NY1976Manufacturer$5.20 Bil
Siemens Process InstrumentationHarleysville, PA1847ManufacturerNA
Ryan Herco Flow Solutions (HQ)Burbank, CA1948Distributor$370 Mil
Endress+HauserGreenwood, IN1953Manufacturer$2.60 Bil
Rockwell AutomationMilwaukee, WI1903Manufacturer$6.99 Bil
Badger MeterMilwaukee, WI1905Manufacturer, Distributor$505.2 Mil
FastenalWinona, MN1967Distributor$6.01 Bil
Cole-ParmerVernon Hills, IL1955Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer$209.3 Mil
Siemens CorporationWashington, DC1847Service Company, Manufacturer$77.97 Bil
Honeywell InternationalMorristown, NJ1920Manufacturer$34.45 Bil
MKS Instruments, Inc.Andover, MA1961Manufacturer$2.95 Bil
AMETEK U.S. GaugeHorsham, PA1904Manufacturer$5.5 Bil
HDT GlobalSolon, OH1937Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer$222.9 Mil
Bruker Nano SurfacesTucson, AZ1960Manufacturer$2,41 Bil
F.W. Webb Company Thermoplastic Piping Div.Methuen, MA1866Distributor$1 Bil


Xylem, Inc.

Godwin Pumps maintains a fleet of 6,000 portable pumps and 3,200 pieces of related equipment for service in construction, dewatering, drinking water supply, water/wastewater bypasses, and mining. The company has home offices on two continents, 32 U.S. rental branches, and a network of more than 400 distributor locations worldwide. The completely automatic self-priming Godwin Dri-Prime pump and its accessories are among the goods we produce, rent, and sell.

Siemens Process Instrumentation

For improved plant productivity and improved product quality, Siemens Process Instrumentation offers cutting-edge measuring solutions for flow, temperature, pressure, level, weighing, and valve positions. And because we are aware that every second matters in the process sector, we provide top-notch engineering, testing, and production services right from our 183,000 square foot, cutting-edge manufacturing site in North America. You continue to produce; why should we? Siemens offers same-day shipment and service, which is accessible around-the-clock, 365 days a year, together with the instruments you want and the dependability you require.

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions (HQ)

Distributor of tools and materials for handling flow and fluids. Pumps, storage tanks, treatment systems, filters, heaters, mixers, pipelines, tubes, and valves are all examples of fluid handling equipment. Products for flow measurement are available, including pressure and temperature gauges, indicators, switches, meters, sensors, level controllers, and meters. There are tools for chamfering, deburring, flaring, cutting pipe and tubing, and hose and tube fittings are also available. Additionally, custom-manufactures fume hoods, neutralization tanks, pump lift control panels, and waste pumping stations. Serves the construction, specialized chemical, beverage, food, life support, aquatic, microelectronic, metal and surface finishing, life science, and water and wastewater industries. Items in stock are offered. Pump repair, export, and material identification services are offered around-the-clock. Same-day delivery.


Manufacturer of measuring devices, software, and system components with ISO 9001:2015/IEC17025 certification. There are instruments for measuring batch, flow, level, gas, pressure, and temperature, as well as flowmeters, thermowells, analyzers, sensors, monitors, transmitters, photometers, and flow cells. Software for the terminal, data, documents, energy, measurement and calibration are available. Data managers and loggers, barriers, gateways, modems, surge arresters, and portable communicators are just a few examples of the systems goods that are available. Among the capabilities are engineering, commissioning, training, repairing, calibrating, and maintenance. Serves the utilities, chemical, water & wastewater, food and beverage, oil and gas, maritime, power, and energy sectors.

Rockwell Automation

Manufacturer of information, control, and power systems. Circuit and load protection, industrial computers and operator interfaces, connection devices, drives and motors, energy monitoring, input/output modules, lighting control, motion control, networks, and communications, power supplies, programmable controllers, pushbuttons and signaling devices, relays and timers, safety products, sensors and switches, signal conditioners, information solutions, and services are just a few examples of the goods and technologies that are available today. Brands include FactoryTalk and Allen-Bradley.

Badger Meter

Water utilities, municipalities, as well as commercial and industrial clients throughout the world are served by Badger Meter, a global innovation in flow measurement, control, and communication systems. The company’s products are renowned for their precision, long-lasting durability, and capacity to provide and communicate useful and fast measurement data. They are used to measure fluids such as water, oil, chemicals, and other substances.


Industrial supply distributor with a focus on threaded fasteners and accessories. The product line includes nuts, bolts, screws, sockets, washers, anchors, pins, and studs. Power tools, cutting tools, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment are examples of further items. Other goods are used in the engineering, manufacturing, plumbing, and electric sectors. There is an option for product customization. Additional services include tool maintenance, gag calibration, mechanical testing, and CAD layout creation.


Manufacturer of supplies and equipment for laboratories. Accumulators, industrial batteries, adapters, baths, charts, clamps, and meters are among the available goods. The scientific and engineering communities are served.

Siemens Corporation

Manufacturer of industrial goods for lighting, transportation systems, health care, information and communication, and water technology with operations worldwide. Products used in building technology include those for fire protection, HVAC, building automation, and control systems. Energy and automation systems are available, including cellular wireless modules, motion control systems, power distribution systems, drives, electric motors, CNC/machine tools, and traffic management systems. Urban mobility, interurban mobility, and logistics are all included in transportation systems. Products used in healthcare include laboratory tests, hearing aids, and diagnostic imaging and treatment. Aquatic and recreational, industrial, laboratory, and municipal water technology systems. There are various software packages available. Services include business research, financial solutions, IT solutions, and government solutions. Application management, business intelligence, computer technologies, consulting, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, outsourcing, human resource management, procurement, security services, product life cycle management, RFID solutions, supply chain management, and system integration are some of the IT solutions and services available today. IT services and solutions have ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Honeywell International

Material handling and automation equipment producer. Palletizers, conveyors, tracking, and sorting systems are examples of products. There are also available printers, readers, barcode scanners, accelerometers, handheld computers, load cells, and switches. Software for managing warehouses is available. Additional services are provided, including engineering, consulting, training, maintenance, and repair. It is a service provider for the healthcare, retail, aerospace, e-commerce, defense, transportation, and logistics sectors.

MKS Instruments, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of industrial & pressure transducers, capacitance manometers, pressure switches, pressure control subsystems, power supplies, gas analyzers, control systems, RF & DC power generators, accessories for power sources, impedance matching networks, vacuum valves, stainless steel components, mass flow controllers, vacuum gages & transducers, readouts & accessories, flow measurement & control power supplies, and remote plasma systems. Stainless steel fittings, filter housing heaters, filter housings, pressure measurement & calibration tools, ozone generators, flow controllers, process monitoring software, and specialized biopharmaceutical goods are examples of biopharmaceutical products. Services offered include CAD designing, NIST traceable calibration, repair, field services, and training. Technical support is also available around-the-clock by phone. Compliant with ISO 14001:2004, ISO/IEC 90003:2004, and OHSAS 18001:1999.


Manufacturer of thermometers, diaphragm seals, pressure and temperature gauges, and thermowells. Available in a range of styles, dimensions, materials, pressures, and temperatures. There are also other goods available for gage protection, including rubber gage boots, tire pressure gauges, and cooling components. Serves the industries of oil and gas, mining, power generation, HVAC and refrigeration, water and wastewater treatment, and OEM manufacturing. Provide a one-year warranty.

HDT Global

Manufacturer of expeditionary and emergency response products and parts in standard and bespoke forms. Shelters, heaters, power generators, environmental control units (ECUs), military vehicles, CBRN air filtration, collective protection systems, perimeter protection systems, robotic items, heaters, trailers, and customized products are among the products available. Several types of shelters include air supported, deployable fast assembly, and expeditionary folding frame shelter systems. Manipulating arms, medical robots, submersible robots, material handling robots, and vehicle robots are examples of robotic goods. Engineering skills include design and analysis, fast prototyping, application engineering, assembly, testing, validation, and installation. There are options for contract manufacturing, expeditionary infrastructure deployment, maintenance, on-site fieldwork, and training. The markets covered include defense, municipal, state, and federal governments, industry, and commerce.

Bruker Nano Surfaces

Equipment maker for surface measuring and industrial imaging. Multiphoton, confocal, and live-cell resolution fluorescence microscopes are among the available products. There are also surface and dimensional analysis tools like atomic force and 3D optical microscopes, tribometers and mechanical testers, 2D and 3D stylus profilers, and optical coordinate measurement machines (CMM). Various specs, abilities, operating modes, and technologies are available. Provides AFM probes as well. In both research and production contexts, appropriate for a variety of applications and industries. Offers training, webinar, and support program services.

F.W. Webb Company Thermoplastic Piping Div.

Distributor of pipe-valves-fittings, HVAC, LP, gas, and biotech full packages, among other industrial plastics goods. Fittings, tubing, valves, tanks, pumps, flowmeters, process and level controllers, gauges, filters, strainers, mixers, chart recorders, hoses, pipe hangers, blowers, and plastic cutting tools and accessories are a few examples of industrial plastics items. Adaptors, tees, unions, joints, clamps, inserts, and uniserts are some examples of fitting types. Ball, needle, diaphragm, check, and solenoid valves are some of the several types of valves. Injectors, chemical metering, variable speed, and automated sump pumps are among the several kinds of pumps. pH, conductivity, pressure, and temperature meters are among the several types. Nylon, PVC, PVDF, polypropylene, and polyethylene are examples of materials. Dairy, food processing, chemical, petrochemical, maritime, instrumentation, agricultural, and wastewater treatment are among the sectors covered.

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