Top Foam Rubber Suppliers in USA & Worldwide (2023 Update)

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Foam Rubber Suppliers & Manufacturers in USA & Worldwide (2023) – In the current world, foam is a substance that is utilized in countless items, including fasteners, toys, furniture, vehicles, and insulation. But what is foam? A collection of tiny bubbles that are caught in a liquid or a solid to form a sponge-like air-filled matrix is how it is technically defined. There are several varieties of foam, which is not surprising given the vagueness of this concept. The following are some instances of foam kinds utilized in the industry:

  • Polyether foam
  • Polyester foam
  • Ethafoam
  • Volara
  • Closed-cell sponge rubber
  • Open-cell sponge rubber
  • Cellulose
  • Scrubber foams
  • Spray foam

and more.

The desired mechanical features and standards determine the kind of foam that is utilized in a certain application. Polyurethane and polyethylene foam are the two most widely used types of foam in business, and you can find them in a wide variety of products including mattresses, foam board, furniture, packaging, electronics, insulation, and much more. Due to the fact that these two foams are essential components utilized in several sectors, there is a considerable probability that a person always has some variation of them in their home along with other sorts.

Read our articles on the many types of foam used in industry and all about closed-cell spray foam to learn more about these materials.


What are Foam Services/Suppliers?


The formation of gas bubbles in a liquid/solid combination is the common objective of all foam types, notwithstanding the variations in how they are made. Each foam is created with a specific purpose in mind and will vary significantly in terms of density, thermal characteristics, and stiffness depending on the raw ingredients utilized. To create a variety of foam kinds, raw ingredients like polyol, polyisocyanates, water, additives, surfactants, and more are utilized.

These ingredients are poured into mixing tanks where they undergo chemical reactions before being poured onto a conveyor or moving surface to create the raw stock for foam. Each form of foam has a unique process, although all are typically simple and guided by the needed material parameters.

Foam distributors can either distribute different foam kinds made by other manufacturers or offer foam created by their own firm. In either scenario, foam suppliers and manufacturers will offer material specifications, including stock forms and wholesale choices, as well as density, operating temperatures, stiffness, etc. We will now explore the top foam rubber suppliers and manufacturers.

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Top Foam Rubber Suppliers in the USA


The top foam rubber suppliers in the USA are listed in Table 1 below, ordered by yearly sales. Where information was unavailable on the Linquip Platform, dashes are shown. Below are further facts about each firm, such as its headquarters, number of workers, founding year, and succinct corporate profiles.

SupplierHeadquarterYear FoundedAnnual Sales (USD Mil)
American Excelsior CompanyArlington, TX188850-100
FlextechSaint Louis Park, MN199210-25
American Foam ProductsPainesville, OH19785-10
Heubach CorporationGarland, TX19935-10
Wisconsin Foam ProductsMadison, WI19855-10
Design Converting, Inc.Grand Rapids, MI19951-5
Luxaire Cushion CompanyNewton Falls, OH19471-5
Thrust IndustriesEvansville, IN19681-5


American Excelsior Company


Manufacturer of packaging, cushioning, engineered foam, erosion control methods, engineered wood fibers, and specialty foam products is American Excelsior Company. Their headquarters are in Arlington, Texas, and they have 8 distribution locations and 5 production facilities spread across Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, and Washington.



A foam fabricator and producer of tailored foam solutions, Flextech is situated in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. Flextech offers compression molding, encapsulation molding, vacuum forming, laminating, skiving, die-cutting, and other services to the medical, industrial, and personal protection industries.


American Foam Products

Custom foam solutions are produced by American Foam Products in Painesville, Ohio, for the North American market. They can call, design, develop, draft, and deliver unique foam goods employing their skilled team of engineers, who also specialize in quick prototyping, custom packaging solutions, foam cutting, and foam bonding.


Heubach Corporation

With over 25 years of expertise producing foam, CNC cutting, water jet cutting, laminating, die-cutting, rotary cutting, material skiving, heat thermoforming, slitting materials, heat bonding, and assembly, Heubach Corporation is a pioneer in flexible material production. Their foam comes in a variety of forms and can be constructed from polyurethane, polyether, polyester, polyethylene, polystyrene, and other materials. Their main office is in Garland, Texas.


Wisconsin Foam Products

The custom producer of OEM flexible foam solutions is Wisconsin Foam Products of Madison, WI. They serve the medical, defense, HVAC, maritime, automotive, and other sectors by using foams to make packaging, seats, bedding, cushioning, filtration, sealing, insulation, acoustic dampers, absorbers, components, and more.


Design Converting, Inc.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Design Converting, Inc. produces parts made of foam, plastic, rubber, paper, and other thin/soft materials. They are ISO certified and offer high-quality die-cut and CAD-designed components for the automotive, appliance, construction, furniture, electronics, packaging, OEM, and other sectors.


Luxaire Cushion Company

Custom manufacturers of rigid, semi-rigid, open-cell and outdoor foam include the Luxaire Cushion Company. Each order is cut to order, and every piece is checked visually for quality. Their main office is located in Newton Falls, Ohio.


Thrust Industries

With more than 35 years of expertise, Thrust Industries is a specialized die-cutting producer of foam, rubber, plastic, adhesive, and fiber components. They use their 20,000-square-foot factory in Evansville, Indiana to make parts for automotive, retail, medical, electronic, appliance, and telecommunications applications.


Top Foam Rubber Suppliers all over the World

The major international suppliers of polyurethane foam are shown in Table 2 below. The next section also includes brief profiles of each firm and further information, such as foam kinds provided, company headquarters, year of founding, expected sales*, and more. Where information was lacking, there were dashes.

CompanyHeadquarterYear FoundedSales (USD Mil)
Mitsui ChemicalsJapan1997>250


Global leader in solutions based on polyurethane and polycarbonate is Covestro, a German corporation. They are a subsidiary of the Bayer corporation and provide a range of raw ingredients required for the production of foam as well as high-performance plastics, elastomers, foams, and more. They have their main office in Leverkusen, Germany.



One of the biggest chemical producers in the world, BASF is a global German corporation that also produces chemicals, plastics, foams, performance goods, catalysts, agricultural products, biotechnology, and energy solutions. Both unfinished and completed foam products are available in BASF’s foam product catalog, making it a one-stop shop for the majority of foam-based applications. Their base of operations is in Ludwigshafen, Germany.


Mitsui Chemicals

A Japanese chemical firm called Mitsui Chemicals provides raw ingredients for polymers and performance-based products to customers in China, Europe, Japan, and the USA. Their brand name foam alternatives are divided by industry and material properties, and their products are utilized in autos, household appliances, packaging, healthcare, construction, agriculture, and other industries. Their main office is in Minato City, Japan.



130 firms and 13 business divisions in the petrochemical, chloralkali, specialty, and engineering areas make up the worldwide chemical manufacturing conglomerate Tosoh. Their products are employed in almost every industry, and their chemicals and foams are available in a variety of formulations for both specialized and all-purpose applications. Their corporate office is in Tokyo, Japan.



Recticel is a global leader in automotive polymer goods for Europe, the USA, and Asia. It also produces flexible foam, insulation, bedding, and other products. They have 81 facilities and offices spread across 27 nations that supply flexible foams and other crucial plastic products to B2B customers all over the world. Their main office is in Brussels, Belgium.



Based in Luxembourg, Armacell is a leading global producer of flexible insulation, industrial foam, and other products. They manufacture more than 5 million cubic meters of insulation per year for specialized, high-performance, and lightweight applications, and they are a prominent supplier of tailored foams to 100 nations.



Located in Wilmington, Delaware, DowDupont is a global chemical business that was recently divided into the Dow, Dupont, and Corteva firms. The Dow business serves transportation, construction, chemical processing, consumer goods, healthcare, and many other industries with specialized polyurethane solutions including energy-efficient foam, industrial adhesives, automobile foam, mattress foams, and more.



For renowned businesses like GE, BMW, and Unilever, Huntsman is a US-based global maker of chemical goods, polyurethanes, performance materials, adhesives, and more. In May 2020, Huntsman established its Building Solutions business, which offers premium spray foam insulation and associated products for both residential and commercial applications. Their main office is in The Woodlands, Texas.



The leading manufacturer of comfort-based goods and raw materials for OEMs, fabricators, and retailers is FXI of Radnor, Pennsylvania. They are one of the most cutting-edge producers of foam solutions, offering products for bedding, furniture, transportation, consumers, healthcare, and technological applications.



Over 200 different types of foam are produced, developed, and fabricated by FoamPartner for a variety of applications and unique solutions. FoamPartner provides unique formulations for acoustic, automotive, thermal, technical, packaging, and other applications in addition to its primary focus on polyurethane foams. Their main office is in Rochester Hills, Michigan.



The leading foam producers and suppliers in the USA and throughout the world were included in this article. We really hope that this information has you in your supplier search. Please feel free to visit the Linquip platform, which has a number of foam rubber suppliers listed, to find out more about these businesses or to create your own unique list of providers. If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with high-quality products that live up to your expectations, Linquip is your best option.


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