Top Manufacturing Warehouses in 2023: A Clear Guide

Manufacturing Warehouses

Top Manufacturing Warehouses in 2023 – Because they are used to store raw materials and completed items, warehouses are critical components of any industrial process. To function at optimal efficiency, warehouse operations require careful planning and great attention to detail. When building up and managing their warehouse, warehouse managers should follow a few best practices to guarantee that their business operates smoothly and effectively.

Due to strong market performance from the world’s leading warehouse firms in 2020, market demand for warehouse services and solutions is on the increase. What is the size of the global warehouse market? By 2023, the worldwide warehouse sector market would have grown to more than USD 265 billion. The major variables influencing this increasing growth rate are growing automation and demand for smart warehouses. Expect demand for services provided by the list of distribution centers featured on this list to continue to rise as e-Commerce sales of tangible items continue to soar.

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Warehouse Industry Stats and Trends

  • What is the size of the warehousing market? By 2023, the worldwide warehouse sector market would have grown to more than USD 265 billion.
  • By 2023, the global warehousing industry market would have grown at a CAGR of 6%.
  • Increased demand for smart warehouses and the expansion of automation in the sector are the two key factors influencing growth.
  • The number of private warehouses is increasing: in 2018, there were 18,182 private warehouses, up from 15,203 in 2008.
  • Warehouses were roughly 65,000 square feet on average in 2000, rising to about 181,370 square feet in 2017.
  • In 2016, the average square footage of distribution centers was 539,000 square feet, rising to 473,400 square feet in 2017 and 672,080 square feet in 2018.
  • Because of the improving economy, more warehouses and distribution hubs are investing in automation and robots.

Top 10 Manufacturing Warehouses in the World

What are the world’s top Manufacturing Warehouses in 2023? The following is a comprehensive list of the top ten manufacturing warehouses.

Table 1: Top Manufacturing Warehouses in the World

CompanyHeadquarterYear FoundedNo. of Employees
DHL Supply Chain North AmericaWesterville, Ohio2005146,000
XPO LogisticsGreenwich, Connecticut1987100,000
Ryder Supply Chain Solutions
Miami, Florida193339,900
Brentwood, Tennessee200241,837
NFI LogisticsCherry Hill, New Jersey193215,000
AmericoldAtlanta, Georgia190316,300
FedEx Supply ChainCranberry Township, PA189811,000
Lineage LogisticsNovi, Michigan189817,000
Kenco Logistic Services LLC (KLS)Chattanooga, Tennessee19505000
Penske LogisticsChattanooga, Tennessee196936,000

DHL Supply Chain North America

DHL Supply Chain is the world’s largest warehouse company, with 430 locations around the world. Their tailored, integrated logistics solutions combine value-added and management services with traditional fulfillment and distribution to increase efficiency, improve quality, and generate a competitive edge. DHL Supply Chain North America (Exel) is based in Westerville, Ohio, and has a warehouse space of 121 square feet (millions). With over 146,000 supply chain personnel, the DHL supply chain is present in more than 55 countries and territories.

XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics is an international transportation and contract logistics firm headquartered in the United States that handles supply chains for 50,000 customers, including 69 Fortune 100 companies. It has roughly 100,000 workers and operates in 30 countries. XPO Logistics has a warehouse space of 90 square feet (millions of square feet). XPO Logistics also owns and runs approximately 400 warehouses, making it one of the world’s largest warehousing corporations by 2021.

Ryder Supply Chain Solutions

Ryder Supply Chain Solutions optimizes logistics networks by offering warehousing, transportation management, specialized transportation, e-commerce fulfillment, and last-mile delivery as part of a fully integrated solution. Ryder Supply Chain Solutions manages 304 total warehouses and has 54.4 square feet (millions) of warehouse space, making it one of the greatest warehouse firms in the world.


GEODIS is a global transportation and logistics leader that assists customers in their everyday operations by assisting them in overcoming logistical challenges. Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport are all areas where GEODIS excels. GEODIS has 50 million square feet of warehouse space and now maintains 176 warehouses across the world.

NFI Logistics

NFI Logistics is a renowned international third-party logistics firm that serves Fortune 100 organizations as well as small enterprises. Regardless of the sector, they take pleasure in providing entirely tailored supply chain solutions. NFI Logistics now runs 134 warehouses globally and has 49.6 square feet (millions) of warehouse space.


Americold, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, is a significant temperature-controlled warehouse and shipping corporation. It is in the industry of contemporary commercialized temperature-controlled warehousing for perishable commodities storage, which is one type of food preservation. Americold has 37 million square feet of warehouse space and maintains 140 warehouses throughout the world.

FedEx Supply Chain

In the United States and Canada, FedEx Supply Chain is a significant third-party logistics company. It caters to a wide range of sectors, including technology and electronics, retail and e-commerce, consumer and industrial products, and healthcare. FedEx Supply Chain runs 127 warehouses globally and has 35.4 square feet (millions) of warehouse space.

Lineage Logistics

Bay Grove, LLC owns Lineage Logistics, a worldwide warehouse, and logistics firm. It has over 200 sites in North America, Europe, and Asia, making it the world’s largest refrigerated warehousing corporation. Lineage Logistics presently runs 192 warehouses globally and has 31 square feet (millions) of warehouse space.

Kenco Logistic Services LLC (KLS)

Kenco is a privately held logistics firm situated in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Distribution and fulfillment, transportation management, material handling services, and warehouse real estate management are all areas where Kenco excels. The firm is notable for being America’s largest woman-owned third-party logistics provider. Kenco has 26 million square feet of warehouse space and now runs 90 warehouses across the world.

Penske Logistics

To suit your logistics needs, Penske offers innovative logistics services and solutions based on a results-oriented strategy and vast industry expertise. Penske has 24.9 million square feet of warehouse space and now manages 79 warehouses across the world.

Top Manufacturing Warehouses in the US

The main manufacturing warehouses in the United States are shown in Table 2. Companies are ranked according to their expected annual revenue. The table also includes the company’s headquarters city and nation, as well as the year it was created. Annual income estimates are provided in billions or millions of dollars.

Table 2: Top Manufacturing Warehouses in the US

CompanyLocationYear FoundedAnnual Revenue
Prologis EssentialsSan Francisco, California1997$682.14 million
Daily 3PL & FulfillmentSan Bernardino, CA-9.9 M
NORESS CorporationSouthbridge, MA1987-
Daily ManufacturingSan Bernardino, CA1979 49.9 M
Metro-Pack, Inc.Newburgh, NY19844.9 M
KMX InternationalHamburg, Pennsylvania19649.9 M
Quality Service Group, LLCSparta, TN20014.9 M
Supreme Transportation Group
Forest Park, GA2017-
Mayer Alloys CorporationFerndale, MI19819.9 M
American Supply Co.Philadelphia, PA19981 M
Land Mark Industries, Inc.Dearborn, MI20004.9 M

Prologis Essentials

Prologis Essentials is the only comprehensive solutions supplier with the know-how to improve your warehouse now and the foresight to future-proof it. With 2.5 percent of global gross domestic product moving via their distribution facilities, they play a critical role in the global economy. Amazon, DHL, Home Depot, and Pepsi are just a few of the well-known clients who rely on the company’s facilities and services.

They don’t just lease space, though. They’ve helped thousands of clients develop productive and profitable businesses over the course of over four decades in business. They’ve learned more about their daily struggles and the services that could help them save time and money. Their innovation provides you a distinct competitive edge at a scale that propels growth and allows small and medium enterprises to create value. They are the world’s largest logistics real estate firm.

Daily 3PL & Fulfillment

Cross-docking, storage, distribution, inventory, order, and logistics management are all examples of warehouse services. Assembly, consultation, inspection, kitting, labeling, packing, recalls, returns processing, training, and pick and pack are some of the other services that may be given. Above-ground, dry, heated, liquid, refrigerated, and subterranean storage options are all suitable. The aerospace, agricultural, automotive, biomedical, construction, electrical, food processing, HVAC, marine, mining, train, transportation, and wastewater sectors are among the industries that it serves. Orders for blankets are accepted.

NORESS Corporation

Cross-docking, logistics/inventory/order management, distribution, and storage are all warehousing services. Assembly, kitting, inspection, labeling, packing, pick/pack, and training are among the other services provided. Equipment, furniture, machinery, artwork, and office documents are among the items handled by warehouse and distribution services. Advertising, automotive, electronics, communication, consumer goods, cosmetics, construction, food and beverage, and material handling sectors are among the industries served.

Daily Manufacturing

Beauty, dairy, food processing, domestic, personal care, pharmaceutical, sport, and fitness sectors all employ contract packaging services. Bagging, bottle filling, kitting, heat sealing, private labeling, and heat shrinking are some of the processes used. Beverages, cleansers, chemicals, cosmetics, lotions, deodorizers, detergents, gels, hand sanitizers, serums, and sprays are among the items on offer. Bottles, cartons, cans, jars, pouches, tubes, and various types of packaging and containers are available. Secondary services include assembly, barcoding, embossing, graphic design, reverse engineering, screen printing, warehousing, and supply chain management. Prototypes and small-to-large-scale manufacturing runs are available.

Metro-Pack, Inc.

Rack and bulk storage options, a computerized inventory and location system, and comprehensive receiving paperwork are all included in warehouse and distribution services. Bulk and pick-and-pack orders are available, as well as local and international shipments, same-day shipping, shipping confirmation, and online tracking.

KMX International

For client freight, warehousing services are available. Up to 200,000 square feet of space is available. Rail services are accessible to all destinations. For cargo safety, all warehouses have heaters, sprinklers, smoke alarms, and electrical security systems.

Quality Service Group, LLC

It provides warehouse and distribution services that are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Cross-dock processing, repackaging, off-site containment, and logistics operations are among the services offered. There are other services for assembly, bar coding, kitting, rework, packaging, liaison assistance, quality engineering help, ISO/TS consulting, training, and implementation support.

Supreme Transportation Group

Services include warehousing, storage, and distribution. Long and short-term storage, pick and pack, order fulfillment, shipment consolidation, re-packing and palletizing, and cross-docking are all examples of services. Services such as transportation and freight fulfillment are also accessible.

Mayer Alloys Corporation

Services for warehousing and distribution of various items and parts. Consolidation or deconsolidation, incoming or outbound management, unit or bulk distribution, and storage are all capabilities. Truck and commercial vehicle parking places are also accessible outside. Ammunition, automobiles, plumbing, radiation, wire cloth, figurines, jewelry, bait, and tackle are among the sectors served. JIT (just-in-time) delivery.

American Supply Co.

Bonded storage, pick & pack, break bulk, repackaging & labeling services, and computerized inventory control are among the warehouse and distribution services available.

Land Mark Industries, Inc.

Services for custom warehousing and distribution. Manual and automated packaging, container assembly, and labeling are among the capabilities. Automotive, material handling, aviation, medical, and precision machining are among the industries served. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


The top manufacturing warehouses on this list are all high-performing supply chains that are benefiting from improved market expansion and higher revenue growth. Expect demand for warehouse services and solutions to continue to rise as long as trends like e-Commerce sales of physical items continue to grow.

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