Advantages of Renewable Energy: A Brief on Some of the Most Undeniable Ones

Advantages of renewable energy - Linquip

We, humans, our industries, and generally our living still rely on fossil fuels. But their need for a long time to be replenished and their destructive effects on our environment and Planet Earth such as a wide range of pollution they bring to our lives from climate changes to the health-threatening particles they produce and other dramatic dangers they cause, make us think of a healthier and non-wrecking replacement.

In the last decades, the application of renewable energy has been welcomed around the world. But why? Why is renewable energy important? What advantages of renewable energy have led us to reconsider the resources we supply energy from? In the following sections, you will read some of the most important advantages of enumerated for renewable energy sources. Linquip has gathered a huge and most detailed set of information on this topic so that you can easily get acquainted with the benefits of using renewable energies.

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Advantages of renewable energy - Linquip

What Is Renewable energy?

To understand why many countries and governments have resorted to the use of renewables, it is best to define them and give a brief history of their use. Renewable energy or what is commonly referred to as clean or green energy is a kind of energy that is collected from renewable resources which are naturally and rapidly replenished and refilled. For example, wind and sunlight are always blowing and shining even if they are not always accessible to us.

The renewables have been used many ages ago. Heating, lighting, and transportation are the most common purposes that the renewables were used for. Sun has got the Earth warm from the very beginning of its existence and later on, humans used it to set fire. Wind provided enough energy to propel the giant ships and powered the windmills. But during the last fifty decades, humans, by discovering other sources of energy supply such as oil and coal, have been using up them without any consideration to their dirtiness, harmfulness and the hidden cost they have incurred in the human lives.

Because of the dirtiness and destructiveness, non-renewables have brought to our lives and environment the Planet Earth, many countries have decided to follow some of their ancestors’ way of living and use clean and renewable energies that do less harm to our lives. In the following sections, we are going to focus on some of the most essential and undeniable advantages of renewable energy and how they made our lives change.

The Most Essential Advantages of Renewable Energy

Dirty or non-renewable energies are only available for a limited period of time in history and regardless of the time they take to be replenished, their amounts are negligible compared to renewables. Thus, there should be some undeniable advantages in using renewables making them a priority for harnessing.

Some of the renewable energies include the light and warmth of the sun, breezing wind, geothermal, hydrogen energy, tidal and wave, and biomass energy. There are numerous disadvantages of renewables such as that we cannot store what we collect from them for over a long period of time. But, in this article, we will focus only on the benefits of clean or green energies. In the following, we provide you with a list of the advantages of renewable energy:

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Advantages of renewable energy - Linquip

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  1. Renewables Are Safe

The first benefit of renewables is that their collection methods and use processes are safer than non-renewables. Threats such as the explosion of a nuclear power plant or toxic particle contamination from firing a coal plant do not happen in the process of using renewables.

  1. Renewables Are the Abundant form of energies

Just pay attention to the continuity of natural renewable energies. The energies existed before our existence. The energies that sustained life on this planet and still provide us with all we need to live. Sun shines all day and it is wonderful to know that one day of sunlight energy is enough for the use of one year but we are not capable of collecting all this amount of energy at the moment. The wind is always out there and it is a constant resource of energy. Tidal energy will be available as long as the moon exists and the waves occur as long as the tidal and wind energies renew. This is the endless reproduction mechanism of renewables.

Advantages of renewable energy - Linquip

  1. Renewables Are Clean

Renewables are a type of energy more nature friendly. They are a clean approach to powering our planet. Some of the renewables like bioenergy, by removing greenhouse gases and waste, provide a great solution to have a cleaner environment. Pollutions like particulate contamination caused by burning coal or any kind of supplying energy that leads to getting our planet warmer or damaging the Ozon Layer will be omitted by using renewables.

  1. Renewables Can Be Collected from the Infrastructures Serving Other Purposes

We can collect renewables from multiple infrastructures that are meant to serve other purposes. For example, we built dams on rivers maybe to collect water for drought or water shortage situations. By setting some equipment and using different technologies we can use the hydropower of the water behind the dams. The flow of water can run turbines generating electricity. So, the use of renewables can lead to cost-savings.

  1. Renewables Will Become Cheaper

As harnessing renewable energies is based on technology, their price will be cheaper. They are not fuel. We do not burn waves or wind to extract energy. Oil, gas, and coal are products that are sold to be consumed. Technology, over time, becomes cheaper and more accessible as their production and installation methods get refined. The price of using non-renewables is always relatively consistent while renewables will be cheaper day by day.

Although there are more benefits in using renewables, we just mention 5 important and undeniable advantages of renewable energy that can be generalized to all of them.


In this article, we tried to provide you with the most to-the-point information about the advantages of renewable energy. The advantages of renewables show us that switching from fossil fuels to renewables and developing technologies for extracting power from them is urgent for the generations to come. Pollutions such as global warming, many types of contamination, or Carbon emission are all threats.

No matter how we interpret the reasons, they all can put our lives and all the creatures’ living on this planet into the danger of extinction. It is time to plan for it. Our sources for non-renewables are limited and the future generation will be threatened. Anyway, if you have any opinions about this topic or have any experience in using renewable energy, share them with us on the comments. Besides, if you have any questions on this topic, our experts in Linquip are ready to answer your questions. Hope you enjoyed this brief article on the advantages of renewables.

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