Concise Guide to Generator Transfer Switch Installation Cost in 2022

generator transfer switch installation cost

If you are planning to purchase a generator, there is a middle agent that connects your circuit breaker in the electrical panel to the generator called the transfer switch. The question that follows is to know how much the generator transfer switch installation costs.

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You will read in this article about generator transfer switch installation cost, as well as an overview of other factors that correspond to the final cost of installing a generator. You can also go to our platform to browse through different options for generators and parts.

Average Generator Transfer Switch Installation Cost

For residential applications, an electrician will spend three to four hours to install the transfer switch for which they would charge from about $200 to $500. However, the overall generator transfer switch installation cost includes both materials and labor. The average of these costs for generator switches are between $400 and $2,000.

Generator Transfer Switch Installation Cost 2

There are two different types of transfer switches: manual and automatic. For portable generators, the ideal choice is to use manual transfer switches, which means in case of power outages, the switch must be manually flipped. Automatic transfer switches, on the other hand, turn on the generator automatically during a power outage, making them the best choice for standby generators.

The average generator transfer switch installation cost for manual transfer switches ranges from about $400 to $1,300. This includes all the costs of materials and labor. For automatic transfer switches, the average generator transfer switch installation cost is something between $600 and $2,000.

Cost of Generator Transfer Switches

Now, let us break down the costs further based on the type of transfer switches, excluding the installation labor costs. On average, a manual transfer switch costs between $200 and $800, and an automatic switch costs between $400 and $2,000.

Generator Transfer Switch Installation Cost
A schematic diagram of a generator transfer switch (Reference:

Note that transfer switch amps must either match the main breaker in the electrical panel, or an electrician should size the power switches based on the power requirements.

Generator Transfer Switch Cost
Amps Manual Automatic
30 Amp $150 – $500
100 Amp $200 – $700 $350 – $1,000
200 Amp $450 – $1,000 $700 – $1,450
400 Amp $1,650 – $2,700

Generator Installation Costs

Now let us take a look at other cost factors for installing generators in order to get a sense of significance of generator transfer switch installation cost compared to other cost factors.

Standby Generator Installation Costs

The cost to install a standup generator depends on various factors such as size, fuel source, distance from the electrical panel and gas meter, and amount of wiring and gas plumbing.

Generator Transfer Switch Installation Cost - standby generator

For residential standby generators that do not require complex installs, the average cost of generator installation without the generator itself ranges from $3k to $5k. However, for longer distances or powers above 20 kW which require complex installs, the cost would start at about $5k to more than $12k on average.

There are costs that you may not necessarily pay for such as liquid propane tanks when you use a natural gas generator, but a breakdown of standby generator installation cost factors is listed below for a better understanding of possible costs:

  • Permits : $80 – $450
  • Electrician labor charges (per hour) : $40 – $100
  • Generator transfer switch installation : $400 – $2,000
  • Electrical wiring (per foot) : $6 – $8
  • Gas line (per foot) : $12 – $25
  • Concrete pad : $150 – $400
  • Propane tank : $400 – $1,800

Note that complex generator installations may require higher labor and material costs.

Portable Generator Installation Costs


Generator Transfer Switch Installation Cost portable generator generator transfer switch installation cost


The average cost to install a portable generator is $400 to $1,300 without the generator itself. However, if you want to directly plug appliance into the generator and needed heavy-duty extension cords for it, some extra costs might incur. The cost factors are listed as follows:

  • Transfer switch : $200 to $800
  • Electrical work : $200 to $500
  • Heavy-duty extensions cords: $30 – $200
  • Wheel kit : $30 – $300
  • Generator cover : $20 – $165

Click here to see a video on installing generator transfer switches.

Do I Have to Hire a Professional to Install the Generator Transfer Switch?

If you have the necessary experience working with electronics and are comfortable with the process, you can install a generator transfer switch yourself.

Generator Transfer Switch Installation Cost
Installation of a transfer switch for portable generator (Reference:

Does a Transfer Switch Work with Portable Generators?

In case of a power outage, the best, safest, and most convenient way to supply your home with electrical power is by installing a manual transfer switch for a generator. However, it needs to be installed well in advance of the outage. A manual transfer switch is the best choice for connecting a portable generator for backup power at home.

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  2. I set the Go Power transfer switch to switch between an inverter and an external power force( Shore or Gennie). I wired one of my outlets( and the battery bowl) to only turn on when using external power to avoid creating a” circle” where my battery/ inverter feeds the bowl. I added a 15 amp/ 250v panel fuse to cover the line feeding my charging socket. It works veritably well.

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