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types of thermostat

A Good Look at Types of Thermostats

There are different types of thermostats that are categorized based on their working principle or whether they can be programmed …

types of multimeters

A Brief Look at Types of Multimeters

There are different types of multimeters on the market categorized based on their characteristics. A multimeter is an essential measurement …

types of spectrophotometers

A Quick Look at Types of Spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers are instruments that measure and analyze the spectrum of samples. There are different types of spectrophotometers out there depending …

Heat Pump Reversing Valve generator transfer switch installation cost

What Is a Heat Pump Reversing Valve?

Heat pump reversing valve is a component of the heat pump that makes it different from a standard air conditioner. …

parts of hvac system

HVAC System Components Made Easy

Do we need to know about HVAC system components? Well, HVAC systems are intended not only to adjust the thermal …

rooftop HVAC economizer

HVAC Economizer 101: A Basic Introduction

An important device that significantly lowers the costs of air conditioning is the HVAC economizer. Despite being an effective agent …