Solenoid Valve Installation Costs: Main Factors in 2023 + PDF

Solenoid Valve Installation Costs

Solenoid Valve Installation Costs, Repair, and Maintenance in 2023 – The shift solenoids regulate the transmission fluid electrically. If one fails, your transmission may become unusable. Unfortunately, without knowing your vehicle’s make and model, it’s impossible to say if a solenoid can be replaced or if the entire pack needs to be replaced. This is because Various Manufacturers utilize either a sealed or a serviced solenoid pack.

What Is Transmission Solenoid Replacement?

The solenoid might fail on its own, in which case you’ll be left with a relatively low cost of parts. Even though there are few parts to repair, the procedure of removing and changing the solenoid can be time-consuming, so you may wind up paying a lot in labor. If you want to know more about them, visit this Linquip’s Post.

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You should be prepared in case all of the solenoids fail or need to be replaced at the same time. If the problem stays unreported or unaddressed for a long time, the expenses may rise as well, as more harm may have happened.

The average cost of a solenoid replacement is $600. The solenoid or solenoid pack costs between $50 and 350 dollars. The remainder is labor costs. In this case, you’ll typically spend $250 for 2-4 hours of your mechanic’s time. A fast pricing comparison of solenoid replacement cost estimates from trustworthy providers is shown in the table below:

Table 1 Pricing Comparison of Solenoid Replacement

Supplier Parts Labor
YourMechanic $60-$279 $165-$350
Midas $77-$486 $150-$450
Mr. Tire $45-$560 $228-$630
Walmart $13-$265 NA
Pep Boys $95-$570 $380-$690
Amazon $7-$456 NA

How Much Does Solenoid Valve Installation Cost?

The vehicle’s make and model will always be the most expensive aspect in replacing a shift solenoid. Because certain cars have a solid or sealed solenoid pack, this is the case. You’ll have to replace all of them if you want to repair a solenoid. And if you have a fancy automobile, this usually costs $200-$350 or more. A sealed pack is not present in other cars. As a result, only one solenoid in the pack has to be replaced. This might bring the expenses down to as little as $6 on average. As a result, the cost of replacing a solenoid varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle.

Solenoid Valve Installation & Replacement Price Factors

Solenoid replacement might be costly. It can also be reasonably priced. Pontiac and BMW vehicles, for example, make accessing the solenoids fairly simple. You could do it yourself for about $50 if you only need to replace one. Unfortunately, not all automobiles are so simple. On average, your mechanic should spend at least 2 hours on the work. Furthermore, the cost of parts for sealed solenoid packs might easily exceed $300.

Single or Sealed Solenoids

Whether you need a whole pack or not is the most expensive aspect of upgrading your solenoids. Many automobiles, for example, have sealed solenoid packs, as previously indicated. You must replace the entire pack if your car has a sealed pack. Depending on your car, this immediately raises the cost of the parts to $250-$600.

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Even if you don’t have a sealed pack, you may need to replace most or all of your solenoids at the same time. Because the same conditions that cause Solenoid A or B to malfunction also cause Solenoid C to malfunction. You might be able to locate an alternative for $15-$50 per solenoid if you just need to replace one. If you need to replace additional items, simply increase the cost.


Changing and gaining access to transmission Normally, replacing solenoids entails jacking up the automobile and removing the oil pan or valve body. The task takes at least 2 hours on average. It might take up to four days in some circumstances. The cost of labor varies depending on where you reside. At the time of writing this article, the national average was around $60.

Solenoid removal is simple in various autos. You’ll have to remove the valve body in certain cases to get to them. If you go to a national chain with a guarantee, such as Midas or Pep Boys, you should expect to pay between $99 and $200 for labor. You can estimate how much this should cost if you know the average cost of mechanic labor in your area. Otherwise, you’ll have to go out and get some estimates.

Make and Model

Several components of your repair are influenced by the make and model. It influences, for example, how difficult it is to reach the solenoids. It also influences whether you have a solenoid pack or a single solenoid. It can potentially affect the number of transmission solenoids in your car.

However, it has a greater impact on the cost per solenoid. Brands like Ford, Audi, and Dodge are more costly here. Budget brands like Pontiac, Toyota, and Honda are less expensive.

Finally, the popularity of  make and model influences pricing. Your technician will charge less to maintain your car if there are more of its make and model on the road. That’s because they’re more likely to already have the solenoids. Furthermore, they are more likely to have changed solenoids before and are aware of the time commitment.

Remanufactured and Aftermarket Options

When it comes to transmission solenoids, aftermarket or made-to-fit models nearly always save money. These are produced to the original manufacturer’s standards. They are, however, designed to fit as many automobiles as possible, reducing the risk to the manufacturer. This implies they might not be compatible with the solenoids in your car. However, the fit must be adequate.

You might alternatively go for reconditioned solenoids. These are damaged or used solenoids that have been rebuilt to factory specifications. Remanufacturing quality varies, and not every mechanic will utilize refurbished components. This can, however, be an excellent method to save money on a solenoid pack.

When to Get Transmission Solenoid Replacement

If your transmission solenoid fails, you’ll likely notice variations in-vehicle power, sudden bursts of speed, poor gas mileage, shifting difficulty, and other engine and gearbox troubles. The performance of your car is likely to be significantly impacted, and you may or may not be able to drive it until the problem is resolved. The check engine light will almost certainly illuminate, which might signal a variety of issues.

Any problem with your gearbox should be addressed as soon as possible, as it can make your car hazardous to drive and damage transmission and engine components that are extremely expensive to repair.

How to Save Money on Transmission Solenoid Replacement

You may change the solenoid yourself if you want, and many people do, but you should be aware of the hazards. You’ll be working with a lot of costly and potentially hazardous components, so be mindful of the dangers. It’s ideal if you have some expertise in repairing or maintaining transmissions before doing this.

However, there are other ways to save money, such as comparing labor or component prices from one machine to another. You may also look for the components yourself and obtain a better value than the mechanic.

Table 2 Sample Transmission Solenoid Replacement Costs

Model Labor Parts Total
Ford F-Series $195-$220 $380-$415 $575-$635
Chevrolet Silverado $240-$270 $400-$425 $640-$695
Ford Focus $195-$220 $380-$415 $575-$635
Toyota Camry $214-$255 $395-$425 $609-$680
Toyota Corolla $214-$255 $395-$425 $609-$680
Nissan Altima $190-$210 $350-$395 $540-$605
Honda CR-V $214-$255 $395-$425 $609-$680
Honda Civic $214-$255 $395-$425 $609-$680
Honda Accord $214-$255 $395-$425 $609-$680
Ford Fusion $195-$220 $380-$415 $575-$635

FAQs about Solenoid Valve Installation and Replacement Costs

It might be difficult to replace shift solenoids. As a result, you’re probably still stumped.

Can I Drive with A Bad Shift Solenoid?

You may be able to do so. However, you will likely be unable to drive in at least one gear. As a result, doing so might be risky.

Can You Replace a Shift Solenoid Yourself?

In most cases, the shift solenoid pack may be readily replaced. You will, however, require access to the transmission. Furthermore, if you must disassemble the valve body and then reassemble it, this might take some time. This link may help you to replace the valve yourselves.

How Long Should a Solenoid Last?

Shift solenoids may outlast the car itself. They could, on the other hand, endure a few years. One approach to guarantee that your solenoids survive as long as possible is to maintain your transmission and transmission fluid. Your driving circumstances, pace and environment, however, all play a part.

Is There a Fuse for Shift Solenoids?

Fuse protection is provided for all TCM and solenoid wiring. These may be found in the control module.


Depending on what has to be changed, replacing your solenoid might cost anywhere from $50 to $800. For example, if you replace one solenoid yourself, the expenditures will be negligible. If you have a mechanic replace the full pack, however, you should expect to pay between $350-$600 for the pack alone.

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