Top Check Valve Manufacturers in the USA

check valve manufacturers

Top Check Valve Manufacturers in the USA – Check valves are used in almost every plumbing or fluid transfer application, whether it’s industrial, commercial or home. They are important, if unnoticed, elements of daily existence. Check valves are used in the routine operations of sewage, medical, water treatment, power generation, chemical processing, chromatography, pharmaceutical, hydropower, agriculture, petrochemical, and food and beverage processing facilities to avoid backflow. Check valves are not only desirable but often mandated by law to maintain the safety of water, gas, and pressure applications since they prevent product malfunction and do not need to be observed while in operation.

They assist in the start and stop of liquid flow in the home. They’re used in everything from water heaters to faucets, indoor plumbing, dishwashers, as well as more complicated equipment like mixers, blenders, metering pumps, and flowmeters. Systems inside nuclear power plants, aircraft hydraulic systems (vibration temperatures and corrosive materials), chemical plants, spacecraft, and launch vehicle systems (propulsion propellant control, reaction control, altitude control), and gas stream control systems are all monitored by industrial check valves (gas mixing prevention).

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A list of the best check valve manufacturers has been compiled. All you have to do is browse over their basic information, go over their products, and pick the ones that will help you reach your objectives. For more information on how we can meet your individual needs, contact our Check Valve Experts. You can also look through our Industrial Equipment Suppliers and Companies to see if they fit your needs.

Top Industrial Check Valve Manufacturers

Below is a list of the top Industrial Check Valve Manufacturers in the United States. All revenue statistics are in million of dollar and are based on publicly available financial information from businesses.

Table 1: Top Industrial Check Valve Manufacturers

CompanyLocationYear FoundedAnnual SalesNumber of Employees
Check-All Valve ManufacturingWest Des Moines, IA19582050
Swagelok CompanyCleveland, Ohio1947500 4,800
Anderson Brass CompanyHartsville, SC1931 15.7787
Parker HannifinCleveland, Ohio191714.35 billion100
Conval, Inc.Enfield, CT1967 --
Powell ValvesCincinnati, OH18463.128
AquatrolElburn, IL19479.64 34
PR Valves, LLCSouth Houston, TX20024.9-

Check-All Valve Manufacturing Company

Check valves made by them are designed with the client in mind. They believe in consistently providing outstanding products and services. They can match your every need, whether you’re seeking small or huge valves. Its mission is to provide each customer with good prices and service.

Swagelok Company

Check valves composed of aluminum, carbon, brass, and stainless steel & alloys are customs manufactured by an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Lift and poppet check valves are two types of check valves. Valves with face seal glands and nuts, butt welds, tube fittings, and stubs are offered in diameters ranging from 6 mm to 12.5 mm. ASME-approved, METI/KHK-certified, and TUV-certified.

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Anderson Brass Company

ABCO Anderson Brass Company, founded in 1931, is a family-owned enterprise. The KantleakTM valve series includes brass ball valves, three-way ball valves, and actuated valves. Needle valves, manifold valves, selector valves, plug and drain valves. Other specialty valves are also available.

Parker Hannifin

Check valves constructed of 316 stainless steel, bronze, and brass for non-return, pressure, cryogenic, and inline applications. Operating pressure ranges from 725 to 15,000 psi. Forged body construction, poppets, and spring-assisted closures are among the features that differ from each model. Fill system, backflow preventer, dual fuel turbine, test panel, lubrication skid, injection system, storage, transport, and water treatment applications are all possible with this product. Chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, power, microelectronics, research, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and mining industries are among the industries that it serves.

Conval, Inc.

Conval manufactures ClampsealTM forged globe stop, check, and stop check valves in Y-, angle, and T-patterns for harsh service. Over 12,000 configurations are available in 1/2″ to 4″ diameters for ASME pressure classes up to 4500#. Interchangeable parts and in-line serviceability are important aspects.

Powell Valves

Powell has been producing high-quality goods since 1846. Wafer check valves are among the high-temperature, high-pressure forged steel valves they offer. These valves come in diameters ranging from 12″ to 4″ and can be threaded or flanged, making them perfect for tight spaces.


Aquatrol manufactures National Board Certified Safety valves that are interchangeable with complete array trimming, seating, and other accessible options in their 63rd year of manufacturing ASME safety valves. They have developed specialty goods in industry-leading product turn-times by working directly with manufacturers. They’re excited to announce the launch of two new valve lines, with more to follow!

PR Valves, LLC

Check valves in forged steel, chrome molly, cast steel, Monel®, stainless steel, Hastelloy® B & C, cast iron, bronze, ductile iron, brass, and PVC are available from a stocking distributor. Actuation systems include electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic. Flange-ups, coatings, conversions, hydro tests, packing adjustments, and trim alterations are examples of modifications.

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Top U.S. Check Valve Suppliers

The top U.S. Check Valve Suppliers are listed below.

Table 2: Top U.S. Check Valve Suppliers

SupplierHeadquarterYear FoundedAnnual RevenueNumber of Employees
SVF Flow ControlsLa Palma, CA19822450
Thermoplastic Valves, Inc.Emmaus, PA1986510
Hayward Flow ControlClemmons, NC19235-
Champion Valves Inc.Wilmington, NC2003 150
Circle Valve Technologies Inc.Harleysville, PA19861.310
Guenther Supply, Inc.Fond Du Lac, WI19462450
Coast PneumaticsAnaheim, CA197616.627
Allied Supply Company, Inc.Huntsville, AL1963550

SVF Flow Controls

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. For the refining and petrochemical sectors, they manufacture standard and custom forged, swing, and flanged check valves. Stainless steel, carbon steel, and ductile iron are used. Manually actuated EPDM seats, fusion bonded epoxy coatings, spring-loaded double aluminum bronze discs, covers, bolted bonnets, and decreased ports are among the features that differ per model. Check valves made of ductile iron can be used in both vertical and horizontal pipelines. ANSI, ASTM, API, and ASME requirements are all met. REACH and RoHS compliant. FM, FDA, and NSF certifications are all available. The product is UL listed.

Thermoplastic Valves, Inc.

Low-pressure ball check valves consisting of thermoplastic, fiberglass, ethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and stainless steel materials are manufactured. Available in sizes ranging from 1 to 10 in. and working pressures ranging from 42 to 150 psi. Appropriate for use in water. Mines, transportation, fertilizers, oil, irrigation, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors are served.

Hayward Flow Control

Check valves constructed of CPVC, PVC, and PP materials that are corrosion resistant. True union, spring-loaded, y-check, swing, and wafer check valves are examples. Available in a variety of sizes and body styles, including threaded, socket, and flanged. Silicone-free lubricant is used to assemble the valves. There are also CAD/BIM drawings available. Water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage, chemical processing, water parks, swimming pools, aquarium, aquaculture, pharmaceutical, zoo service, pulp and paper, landfill service, maritime, metal finishing and plating applications are all possible with this product.

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Champion Valves Inc.

Champion Valves keeps a big stock of finished check valves on hand as well as providing excellent customer service. They are a full-service supplier with the capabilities to meet the most demanding applications, with on-site engineering and test assistance. Their objective is to be the go-to brand for satisfying the market’s demand for low-cost, high-quality check valves delivered on time and with great customer care.

Circle Valve Technologies Inc.

Check valves, plug valves, needle valves, diaphragm valves, actuated valves, solenoid valves, pressure regulators, cryogenic valves, ball valves, relief valves, industrial gas controllers, chemical, medicinal, electricity, maritime, and oil & gas processing are among the markets served.

Guenther Supply, Inc.

Wafer quiet, industrial swing, pivot, butterfly, diaphragm, in-line adjustable spring, Y-pattern, utility swing, and ball check valves are available from this distributor. The following materials were used: 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze, cast iron, forged steel, polypropylene, ductile iron, PVC, and CPVC. PTFE flanged, seats/seals, pressed, threaded, and soldered ends, welded seats with renewable seat rings, and bolted and threaded bonnets are just a few of the features. Emergency services are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coast Pneumatics

Coast Pneumatics stocks approximately 500,000 pneumatic parts. Check valves, which allow media to flow in just one way, are among their products. Bi-directional check valves, polypropylene check valves, tiny check valves, integrated fitting check valves, and metal check valves are among the options available.

Allied Supply Company, Inc.

Ball, gate, butterfly, globe, and check valves are available from this distributor. The petrochemical, industrial, and marine industries are all supplied, made in the United States of America.


We’ve included some national check valve providers and manufacturers above. Each of the companies is a monster in its fields. They are the best in terms of customer service. They employ a variety of industry-specific marketing strategies. We hope that our list of industrial check valve suppliers helps you choose the best option for your company! Linquip Check Valve Companies’ database of commercial and industrial suppliers has a complete list of US and international manufacturers (more than 650 suppliers), including valve providers not mentioned above.

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