Top Pallet Racks Manufacturers in the USA

Pallet Racks Manufacturers

Top Pallet Racks Manufacturers – Pallet racks are storage systems made out of frames and beams that are specifically intended for loading, sorting, and storing cargo pallets. Pallets, which are merely wooden or plastic bases, are frequently used in the transportation and distribution of goods. Products can be stored more efficiently if they have a consistent base size and shape.

Pallet rack storage systems are the best, safest, and most efficient way to store and organize pallets in warehouses and distribution facilities, even tiny ones. This space-saving material handling system makes the most of vertical space and can save a significant amount of time. This post reviews the top pallet rack manufacturers in the United States, as well as the country’s top diversity-owned pallet rack suppliers.

Pallet racks consider pallet size and enable palletized items to be stacked horizontally and vertically for optimal storage capability. Within warehouses and loading docks, forklifts are frequently utilized to transport and lift pallets. Pallets can be stored on high reaching racks depending on the ceiling height of a facility and the availability of forklift trucks. How stored things are stored will be influenced by the intended accessibility.

Push-back racks are one of the most popular types of pallet racking systems because they organize by depth, minimizing the amount of aisle space required. The rack’s rails are slightly slanted, allowing gravity to assist in moving pallet loads and lowering the energy required for loading and unloading. Other pallet racking system designs will vary depending on the size and shape of the pallets. Horizontal supports are utilized in cantilever racks for pallet storage, allowing for the storage of big objects without any vertical impediments.

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There are crucial safety concerns to follow due to the nature of the activity and the normally high and heavy loads on pallets. The load weight of a given item and the accompanying needed structural strength of its support shelves are both significant factors to consider. Overcrowding racks or using defective or broken pallets might have severe consequences. Safety of workers working around storage rack systems, as well as protection against damage to goods, are significant considerations in warehouse racking. Rails and columns should be securely fastened and constructed of materials that can withstand the weight of heavy loads.

To boost the strength of the rack and prevent goods from falling down, additional safety precautions such as wire mesh decking or grids across the racks can be used. Rolling racks can be made by adding rollers to the racks, which makes loading and unloading even easier. Pallet racks can be bought new or secondhand. Used racks are a less expensive option, and they are more than enough for many conventional pallet load sizes. However, for places or loads that require special dimensions or standards, it may be essential to manufacture bespoke pallet racks.

There are many options to consider, and each business has its own business strategy. Rather than thinking about which pallet racks provider to use, concentrate on selecting the right equipment and on-demand personnel for your needs. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of the top pallet racks manufacturers and suppliers here.

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Top Pallet Racks Manufacturers in the USA

The top pallet rack manufacturers are shown in this table. Additional information on each business’s headquarters location, as well as summaries of company activities, are provided below.

Table 1: Top Pallet Racks Manufacturers in the USA

ManufacturerLocationYear FoundedNo. of Employees
Prologis EssentialsSan Francisco, California1997 1000-5000
Steel King Industries, Inc.Stevens Point, WI1970350
Frazier IndustrialLong Valley, NJ 1949750
Unarco Material HandlingEast Springfield, Tennessee1995750
Murata Machinery USACharlotte, NC1935900
Hannibal IndustriesLos Angeles, California1985500
Ridg-U-Rak®, North East, PA1942300
Advance Storage ProductsHuntington Beach, California1958350
Elite Storage SolutionsSt, Monroe, GA1998 250
Speedrack Products Group, Ltd.Sparta, MI1989 200
Rack BuildersQuincy, Illinois2009 150

Prologis Essentials

The Prologis Essentials Marketplace is a digital resource available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a desktop or mobile device. Prologis Essentials sells automated storage and retrieval units, carts and containers, conveyors, elevators, cranes, shelving, racks, partitioning, and workstations, among other things. Prologis Essentials is a company situated in Cromwell, Connecticut that provides project management, installation, and maintenance.

Customers may browse and order items such as lighting and material handling equipment, as well as service and maintenance plans, on the site. They never lose sight of the significance of maintaining a personal connection with clients, but they are always on the lookout for technological solutions that will help them succeed in the twenty-first century.

Steel King Industries, Inc.

Roll-form and structural pallet racks, gravity flow and push back storage systems, drive-in racks, automation integration, multi-level pick modules, cantilever racks, portable racks, and bespoke shipping racks are all available from Steel King. A complete array of guard rail and rack protection solutions is also available. More than 200 standard Quick Ship goods and a full engineering team.

Frazier Industrial

Frazier Industrial’s storage rack products, which include high-density storage racks, adjustable racks, pallet racks, stock racks, drive-in and push-back racks, cantilever and gravity flow racks, and more, are made entirely of hot-rolled structural steel. Their goods and services have benefited several industries, including construction, warehousing, pharmaceuticals, and government. Join the revolution in storage!

Unarco Material Handling

For your warehouse or distribution center, Unarco Material Handling offers a variety of retail, project management, rack protection, and pallet rack solutions, including carton flow, drive-in, push back, pallet flow, cantilever, mezzanines, and rack maintenance services.

Murata Machinery USA

Murata Machinery USA, based in North Carolina, was formed in 1967 and specialized in developing and producing automated material handling storage and retrieval systems, as well as picking and sorting software. Turning, clean room, fabrication, and textile services are all areas of competence.

Hannibal Industries

For almost 30 years, Hannibal Industries has provided rack and tube services. Hybrid, push back, cantilever, case flow, double-wide, pallet flow, roll-formed, structural, and drive-in pallet racks are available, as well as safety accessories such as backstops, side column and end row protectors and guards, and bollards.

Ridg-U-Rak®, Inc.

Ridg-U-Rak annually manufactures over 100 million pounds of pallet rack, high-density storage rack, and specialty rack systems. Ridg-U-Rak is a customer-focused, full-service pallet rack manufacturer with over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. They provide engineering, design, project management, and installation services to satisfy your pallet rack demands on time and within budget.

Advance Storage Products

Structured and pushed rack systems are manufactured by Advance Storage Products. They place a premium on unrivaled quality, dependability, and on-time delivery. They provide best-in-class industry solutions that make the most of the clients’ space via great execution, implementation, and design. Their collaborative approach guarantees that your project receives the greatest engineering, project management, and customer service possible, ensuring that it is delivered on time, every time, at a fair price. Advance Storage Products…reliability you can count on…on time, every time.

Elite Storage Solutions

Elite Storage Solutions provides storage racks and systems to sectors such as food and beverage, cold storage, pharmaceuticals, retail, and e-commerce, as well as automation solutions such as multi-level pick systems and robotic palletizers.

Speedrack Products Group, Ltd.

Speedrack Products Group is still one of the few storage rack manufacturers that can supply seamless tubing for columns, beams, horizontals, and diagonal bracing. Their tubular racks, in particular, allow them to provide their clients better strength per pound of steel and greater resistance to damage than open form portions. Give them a call right now!

Rack Builders

Rack Builders, based in Quincy, Illinois, manufactures and installs selective, drive-through, double-deep, and push-back pallet racks, as well as provides design, engineering, and welding services.

Top Diversity Ownership Pallet Racks Manufacturers in the USA

This chart lists the top different pallet rack manufacturers. Ownership Certification is a type of diversity certification for businesses. This certification is generally non-industry specific, although it does require that the minority or group owns, operates, and controls at least 51 percent of the firm. Additional information about each business’s headquarters location, as well as descriptions of corporate operations, are provided below.

Table 2: Top Diversity Ownership Pallet Racks Manufacturers in the USA

CompanyHeadquarterYear FoundedAnnual Revenue
A Plus WarehouseBeverly, MA1996 53 M
QMH - Quality Material Handling, Inc.Rancho Cucamonga, California19915.00 M
Southland Equipment Service, Inc.COLUMBIA, South Carolina19713.0 M
Meyer Material Handling Products, Inc.Indianapolis, IN19744.89 M
Jesco Industries, Inc.South Plainfield, NJ19326.8 M
B & C Industrial Products, Inc.Garrett, IN199624.9 M
BMH Equipment Inc.Sacramento, California19823.90 M
Conveyor & Storage Solutions, Inc.San Diego19925.30 M
Engineered Handling Systems Inc.Charlotte, NC19885 M
Vistamation, Inc.Las Vegas, Nevada2001 6 M

A Plus Warehouse

A Plus Warehouse Equipment & Supply is a small firm in Lynn, Massachusetts that specializes in delivering safe warehouse equipment and storage solutions for a range of sectors, needs, and styles. The business offers reasonable pricing and has over 20 years of expertise in the field.

QMH – Quality Material Handling, Inc.

QMH – Quality Material Handling, Inc. began as a modest home-based operation run by a husband and woman partnership. This minority and the woman-owned firm continues to deliver excellent warehouse solutions such as pallet racking and shelving systems, mezzanines, dock and warehouse equipment, and yard ramps after 30 years and many accolades.

Southland Equipment Service, Inc.

Southland Equipment Service, Inc. is a woman-owned company that specializes in warehouse forklift maintenance and rentals but also sells shelving, conveyors, cantilevers, pallet lifts, drum trucks, pallet racks, and pick rack systems.

Meyer Material Handling Products, Inc.

Meyer Material Handling Products, Inc. has been designing, building, manufacturing, and installing storage systems and solutions since 1974. Pallet racks, cantilever racks, wire decks, decking containers, and other warehouse storage components are available from this woman-owned company.

Jesco Industries, Inc.

Jesco Industries, Inc., a certified historically underused (HUB) and a woman-owned small business venture, was formed in 1932. Jesco offers small and big warehouse solutions, as well as a comprehensive range of pallet storage units, shelves, and cabinets, as well as pallet rack doors and guards.

B & C Industrial Products, Inc.

B & C Industrial Products, Inc. is a small firm that casts warehouse equipment and distributes material handling solutions including pallet racking systems. Conveyors, modular offices, mezzanines, workstations, and hoists are among the other products available.

BMH Equipment Inc.

Since 1982, BMH Equipment Inc. has distributed warehousing systems and goods. BMH, a small firm based in Sacramento, California, provides a variety of transportable shelving solutions, including structural, push-back, roll-formed, and hybrid pallet racks.

Conveyor & Storage Solutions, Inc.

Conveyor & Storage Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive warehouse solutions as well as material handling and storage advisory services. This minority-owned small business is situated in California and offers old pallet racks as well.

Engineered Handling Systems Inc.

Automated storage and retrieval units, conveyors, carts and containers, cranes, elevators, shelving, racks, partitioning, and workstations are among the products offered by Engineered Handling Systems Inc. EHS is a Cromwell, Connecticut-based small business that also offers project management, installation, and maintenance services.

Vistamation, Inc.

Vistamation, Inc. has a broad range of industrial and material handling equipment (over 100,000 items). It’s a tiny, women-owned firm that sells vertical lift modules, dock equipment, industrial carousels and lifts, mezzanines, shelving, and carts in addition to pallet rack systems.


The top pallet racks manufacturers in the United States are listed above. We hope you found this information useful in your business search. To learn more about these companies and other pallet rack suppliers, such as used pallet racks, rolled form pallet racks, selective pallet racks, or pallets, as well as pallet rack assembly and installation, and repair services, or to create your own custom shortlist of suppliers, go to Linquip Warehouse Racking Suppliers or contact our Experts on Linquip.

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