A Clear Guide to Top Warehouse Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers

Warehouse Lighting Manufacturers

Warehouse Lighting Manufacturers – You need names you can trust when it comes to commercial, residential, and industrial lighting solutions. Linquip is dedicated to assembling a large assortment of lighting solutions from the industry’s finest lighting manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for solutions for a building project or a more energy-efficient lighting solution for your own home or workplace, we have a solution for you.

A few guidelines must be followed by the products. The quality of a product is decided by how well the application was created, as well as how long a solution will work for the consumer’s advantage. The strength and quality of the materials utilized to produce the solution determine its durability. Before we add a brand to our inventory, we look at its performance as well. Every choice we offer has been made by brands known for high-quality, high-performing products, from lumen output to power consumption to the strength of the casing against outside influences.

Of course, the fact that we cater to a wide range of budgets has an impact on the light manufacturer brands we offer. We have options for any need, whether you need a heavy-duty solution for a greater budget or a smaller, but still reliable, solution for a lower budget. Please contact a member of our team if you have any questions while shopping for any of these well-known brands. We’d be happy to assist you further in determining the best lighting solution for your needs.

Linquip.com‘s brands are suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential lighting applications. Large volumes of industrial warehouse lights can be purchased and delivered to any place. Service providers can provide a flexible delivery system that ensures that all industrial warehouse light orders are delivered on time. They also beat the industry’s average delivery time. They also provide customized industrial warehouse lighting fixtures based on requested dimensions and design.

For your business lighting installation or retrofit, you can buy industrial warehouse lighting fixtures and a variety of other lighting items. Each of the industrial warehouse lighting fixtures, you see, is outfitted with a motion-sensing technology for automatic detection. Bright lighting, correct colors, a suitable temperature tone, and a high brightness capacity are all provided by the CRI of the LED bulbs utilized. High bay, low bay, and area light fixtures are all options for industrial warehouse lighting.


Warehouse Lighting Manufacturers
Heavy Duty Industrial Warehouse Light Fixture (Reference: vst-lighting.com)

Linquip has a large directory of warehouse lighting suppliers and manufacturers. Contact our Lighting Experts to explore and identify top warehouse lighting manufacturers with rollover adverts and thorough product descriptions. Find lighting companies that can design, build, and manufacture warehouse lighting systems to your specifications. After that, contact the warehouse lighting companies using the simple request for quote form. A website link, a company profile, locations, phone numbers, product videos, and product information are all available for each company. Customer reviews, as well as new product articles, are available. If you’re looking for warehouse lighting system manufacturers, warehouse lighting components, used warehouse lighting, or custom warehouse lighting of any kind, this is the place to go.

There are many options to consider, and each business has its own business strategy. Rather than worrying about which lighting supplier to choose, concentrate on selecting the right equipment and on-demand staff for your needs. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of the top warehouse lighting manufacturers we recommend for your lighting needs.

To find out more about Warehouse Lighting, please visit our Warehouse Lighting for Sale pages, where you can also request a quote.

Top Warehouse Lighting Suppliers in the U.S.A

If you’re looking for warehouse lighting systems, used warehouse lighting, warehouse lighting components, or bespoke warehouse lighting of any kind, here is the list for you.

Table 1: Top Warehouse Lighting Suppliers

SupplierLocationAnnual RevenueNo. of Employees
Prologis EssentialsSan Francisco, California$682.14 million1000-5000
Arbor Material Handling, Inc.WILLOW GROVE, PA10 - 24.9 M100-199
CleanLife EnergyCleveland, OH3.97 M15
SylvaniaWilmington, Massachusetts250 M500-999
1st Source LightingAuburn, CA4.9 M10-49
Specialty Lighting LLCFallston, NC24.9 M200-499
Auburn Armature, Inc.Auburn, NY99.9 M100-199
Marshall DC LightingPhoenix, AZ1 M1-9
Defense & Aerospace Business SolutionsAuburn, WA-10-49
The Rowland CompanyPhiladelphia, PA9.9 M10-49
Ultravision LED SolutionsDallas, TX4.9 M10-49

Prologis Essentials

LED lighting from Prologis Essentials is hard to go wrong with. They pay all upfront expenditures in exchange for LED lighting that is 60% to 80% more efficient than conventional lighting. Stage, theater, and warehouse lights, as well as light fixtures and bulbs, are manufactured by this company. Under cabinet lighting, down lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting are just some of the lighting options.

They make the first day go quickly. LEDs are installed promptly and without causing any disruption to your business by their lighting partners. You’ll have a brighter work environment, increased productivity, no maintenance, and lower energy expenditures as a result. You keep 100% of the savings from lower energy usage, and you only pay them one penny per square foot for the next five years. There are no extra obligations if your lease expires within five years and you opt not to renew it.

Arbor Material Handling, Inc.

This is a warehouse and material handling equipment distributor. Pallet jacks, tow tractors, forklifts, and order pickers are examples of material handling equipment. Conveyors, carousels, and automated vehicles are examples of automated material handling systems. Also provided are racking, dock equipment, mezzanines, offices, elevators, and forklift batteries. In addition, it provides forklift repair and maintenance, as well as training and battery services.

CleanLife Energy

This company makes LED lights for commercial, OEM equipment, hotels, signs, retail displays, backlit mirror components, walk-in coolers, food and beverage, parking garages, warehouses, parking, and billboards, among other applications. LED drivers, neon, vapor-tight fixtures, and floodlights are among the products available.


This is a lighting company that specializes in warehouse lighting. Cold storage, emergency zones, hazmat storage, loading docks, shipping and receiving, equipment maintenance, stockrooms, paperwork stands and computer terminals within storage aisles, fixed racks, mobile racks on wheels or rails, high rise racks (decks up to 100 feet high), and open floor storage are all examples of specific areas (rackless). High (over 25 ft. off the floor), medium (18 to 25 ft. from the floor), and low (less than 18 ft. off the floor) bay lighting are all options.

1st Source Lighting

Warehouse lighting, including dome and bay lights, is manufactured by this company. Ultra-induction, T5 HO, or T8 bulbs are required for these fixtures. Light fixtures can be made to order. Compliant with the ARRA. Listed by UL® and CUL®. The lights come with a 5-year warranty. Made in the United States of America.

Specialty Lighting LLC

Manufacturer of stage, theater, and warehouse lighting, including light fixtures and bulbs. There are several types of lighting available, including under cabinet lighting, task lighting, down lighting, and accent lighting. Strip, sideline, stack, flanged, and swivel light fixtures with electrical ratings up to 120 V are available in element, recess, or surface mount, stack, strip, sideline, flanged, and swivel designs. Incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LED lamps are examples of lamp types. UL® and cUL®US certifications are available for lighting items.

Auburn Armature, Inc.

Track fixture lights for outdoor, architectural, decorative, warehouses, office or retail spaces, elevators, stairwells, conference rooms, schools, and many other applications are available from this distributor. High bay, wet location, induction, severe temperature, and LED, fluorescent, halogen, HID, incandescent, and utility lighting are some of the other varieties. Dust, moisture, and weather resistance, as well as being explosion-proof and consuming less energy, are all features. They provide warehousing, testing, training, inspection, repair, and field services.

Marshall DC Lighting

Emergency backup systems, broadcasting, traffic surveillance, computer, telephone, battery or equipment control rooms, public utility, electrical substations, cleanroom, offsite trailers, warehouse, and food processing plants are all applications for LED light fixtures. Fluorescent, troffer, radial, metallic, non-metallic, canopy, pendant style, explosion, vapor, or vandal-proof, wall, flush, or ceiling mounted, bi-directional, grow lamp, and spotlights are some of the different types.

Operating temperatures, beam angles, life spans, input voltages, and power ratings are all available. Explosion-proof, hazardous, moist, and corrosive-resistant situations are all possible. Some of the lights are CE and CSA-approved. The product is UL listed. Made in the United States of America. The warranty is for three years.

Defense & Aerospace Business Solutions

Ultraviolet fluorescent lamp manufacturer. Viruses, mold, bacteria, and spores are all killed by this product. The lamp has a 222 nm UV output, a 20 or 40 W lamp power, and a 10,000-hour lifespan. There are a variety of mounting options available. Hospitals, clinics, warehouses, food production, nursing homes, and sanitation applications all benefit from this product.

The Rowland Company

Shipyards, indoor stadiums, amusement parks, warehouses, steel and paper industries are all served by this lighting distributor. Wall-mounted horn and strobe lights are available. The typical lifetime of heat-sink LED floodlights is 100,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs with a power rating of up to 100 W are available for status lights. The entertainment, mining, marine, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, power generating, water or wastewater treatment, and oil and gas industries are among the industries served.

Ultravision LED Solutions

Turnkey system integrator for high bay lighting, both circular and linear. Power ranges from 80 to 300 W, input voltage ranges from 120 to 480 V, lumen output ranges from 11,200 to 42,000 lm-lumen, and the working temperature ranges from -20 to 45 degrees C. Corrosion-resistant coatings, thermal transfer fin types, suspension eyelets, dimmable or motion sensor alternatives, and sealed housing that protects against airborne contaminants, moisture, and dust are just a few of the features. Retrofit or project management, research, engineering, and funding are among the services offered. Warehouse, distribution center, institutional setting, and retail uses are all possible. The product is CE-certified. Compliant with the RoHS directive. A 5-year warranty is included. 

Top Warehouse Lighting Manufacturers and Providers

Below is a list of the top warehouse lighting manufacturers and providers in the United States.

Table 2: Top Warehouse Lighting Manufacturers in the US

ManufacturerHeadquarterYear FoundedAnnual Revenue
CitraAnn Arbor, MI20134.9 M
Merrimac Industrial SalesHaverhill, MA197824.9 M
Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc.Pinellas Park, FL19969.9 M
Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)Waterford, MI19809.9 M
Touchplate Technologies, Inc.Fort Wayne, IN19464.9 M
SmartRay Inc.Markham, ON20004.9 M
PrimeLightsFlorence, TX-249.9 M
Consolidated Electrical DistributorsIrving, TX1957500 M


Manufacturer and distributor of antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral lighting products. Motion sensors for automated shut-off are available, as well as drop or hard lid ceiling and wall mounting choices. Office buildings, retail and grocery stores, gyms, malls, warehouses, data centers, auto dealerships, and commercial applications are all good candidates. The greenhouse, healthcare, hotel, and healthcare industries are all served by this company.

Merrimac Industrial Sales

Pharmaceutical, defense, textile, plastic, medical, wastewater treatment, food and beverage sectors are among the industries that use LED lighting fixtures. There are LED fixtures that are vapor resistant, canopy, modular or big area, portable work, round low and linear high bay LED fixtures available. Indoor lighting is offered in the form of a wrap, down, architectural troffers, and disk lights.

There are floodlights, barn lights, area lights, post lights, security lights, gooseneck lights, and retrofit outdoor lights available. Hotels, schools, hospitals, airports, warehouses, parking garages, and retail businesses are all good candidates. Design, engineering, and contract manufacturing are examples of secondary services. Serves ITAR-registered individuals.

Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc.

Temporary LED work lights for utility, warehouse, vehicle, freight, and emergency applications are manufactured here. Combination, floor, and magnetic portable lights are among the products available. There are flood and spot lights available. Different ratings are available, including 1800 lm, 6000 lm, 9000 lm, and 12000 lm. Tripod and floor support, multi-fin heat sinks, vertically and horizontally independent adjustable heads, and magnetic base mounts are among the features that differ per model. Weather, water, and dust are not a problem for lamps. Aerospace, construction, defense, automotive, transportation, electricity, and energy are among the industries served. There is a one-year warranty available.

Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

This is a manufacturer company of remote outdoor warehouse lighting, both conventional and custom. There are LED cabinet lights with a magnetic reed switch available. It can also be utilized in compact spaces and for camping. NFPA standards are met. There is a one-year warranty available.

Touchplate Technologies, Inc.

LED high bay lights for commercial and industrial applications are manufactured by this company. The power output ranges from 100 to 240 watts. Isolated drives and a diecast aluminum enclosure are among the features. On request, several combinations and accessories are available.

SmartRay Inc.

LED lighting solutions and bulbs for the industrial, commercial, residential, and decorative markets. Ceiling, Christmas, chandelier, garage, outdoor patio, and parking illumination are all examples of lighting.


Farm, auto shop, parking garage, gymnasium, retail, restaurant, marina, security, office, warehouse and manufacturing, hazardous location, emergency exit, food safety, gymnasium, and building applications are all of the conditions of using LED lights and fixtures of this manufacturer.

Consolidated Electrical Distributors Northwest

This is a warehouse lighting distributor. Different features, colors, and materials are available. Fluorescent, quartz, halogen, HID, incandescent, LED, specialty, automotive, miniature, photo, sealed beam, projection, display, and stage


Lighting has a significant impact on the efficiency and safety of a warehouse or industrial site. These situations necessitate lighting that is both reliable and efficient, as well as sturdy enough to resist harsh operating conditions. This is exactly what the lighting fixtures for industrial warehouses provide. They provide great lighting for huge places with high ceilings and can withstand the harshest conditions. The best industrial warehouse lights produce high-quality light that increases production while also improving safety. They also provide an excellent return on investment. LED lights are ideal in industrial warehouse lighting when all of these factors are considered.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your warehouse lighting needs if you’re looking for an industrial or commercial warehouse lighting solution. If you’re looking for an easy way to increase warehouse labor to meet demand, look no further than Linquip. We have a user-friendly platform that allows you to quickly staff workers without having to go through the hiring process. Visit the Linquip Warehouse Suppliers to learn more about these companies and others in the Warehouse Lighting industry.

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