All You Need to Know About The Linquip Advertising Solution

Here are the three types of ads you can have on Linquip.


1. Sponsored Brand

Ensure your brand is top of mind when customers are browsing and discovering companies in the Linquip Directory.


1.1. You can advertise your company in the equipment directory, so the Linquip AI tool suggests your company and introduces your equipment whenever someone searches for any equipment related to your company’s product.
1.2. If your company is a supplier o a service provider it will be shown in the related list in the suppliers/service providers category.
1.3. Your company can be advertised in the company directory. In this case, whenever users or visitors search for your related industry in the company directory, your company’s profile will be at a high position in our list.
1.4. Your company will be shown on the left side of the feed and experts pages.

2. Sponsored product

Make sure your products are easily discoverable whenever customers are looking for solutions.



2.1 Linquip will present your advertised products at the top of the products list in the related field or category.
2.2. Your product can be shown in the sidebar as users enter different pages.

3. Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts appear directly in the Linquip feed of professions you want to reach, and come in multiple formats including video, images, or articles.




You can post any content about your company or product and add media to Linquip’s feed, In this package, we will promote your post to get more views and impressions.

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