Linquip Smart RFQ Suggestion System

Linquip is an industrial platform that helps suppliers build and develop relationships with customers looking for potential business opportunities. On Linquip, end-users seeking sourcing suppliers submit numerous qualified RFQs every day in different categories.


What is the Linquip Smart RFQ Suggestion System?

Once a qualified RFQ is submitted, the Linquip Smart RFQ Suggestion System starts sending the RFQ to the related suppliers that mostly match that RFQ. Below you can learn how a supplier can prepare its account to receive related RFQs.


Who can get RFQ suggestions on Linquip?

All the registered companies on Linquip have the chance to get RFQ suggestions. Make sure you have created a company account on Linquip. If you need help creating a company account, you can ask our support team anytime.


How to prepare your account to get related RFQs?

To get RFQs that match your company, our Smart RFQ Suggestion System requires some basic information about your company. Make sure you have filled all of these fields in your account:

  1. Add your categories. The more you select the exact category, the higher related RFQs will be suggested and will be sent to you. For example, if your company has Ball Valve and Check Valve products, it’s better to select each of them separately, rather than just selecting Valve alone.

Once you have completed all these items, the Smart RFQ Suggestion System will start sending new submitted RFQs to you.

What’s the limit to getting RFQ suggestions?

All company accounts that filled their basic information, will get RFQ suggestions according to their location and selected categories. However, accessing the buyer’s contact information is limited to 5 contacts. You can unlock an RFQ to get access to the buyer’s information such as their full name, and email address, and be able to send a quote or write them a message. So the free company accounts:

  • can view submitted RFQs specifications

  • can unlock up to 5 buyer contacts information to get their email address, full name, and their company details

  • will be notified about the new RFQs each 7 days

Upgrade to the Linquip Smart RFQ Suggestion System

By upgrading your account to the Growth plan or higher:

  • You will have unlimited access to all buyers’ contact information

  • You will get instant notifications as soon as a qualified RFQ is submitted

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