Top Bearing Suppliers in USA & Worldwide in 2023

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Bearing Suppliers & Manufacturers in USA & Worldwide (2023)– The main purposes of bearings, which are mechanical parts used in the construction of machines, are to manage weights, give limited motion between two machine elements, and assist the intended relative motion by lowering frictional forces. This directory of the top bearing producers, who make some of the greatest bearings in the world, includes radial, roller, thrust, pillar block, and ball bearing producers.

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Top 10 Bearing Suppliers in the world in 2023

The top 10 bearing suppliers in the world in 2023 are SKF Sweden, INA Germany, FAG Germany, NSK Japan Ltd, TIMKEN USA INC, NACHI Corporation, NTN Japan Corporation, NMB Japan, KOYO Japan, and TORRINGTON USA. They account for about 75% of the market, with Chinese companies making up the remaining 20% and the remaining 9%. Japan has five of the top ten bearing enterprises, followed by Sweden with one, Germany with two, and the United States with two. Japan is highly competitive in the bearings sector, with Sweden’s SKF (SKF) holding the largest global market share.

The middle- and high-end bearing industries were essentially monopolized by the top 10 bearing organizations in the world. The three primary regions in the globe where bearings are consumed are Asia, Europe, and North America. Asia is the largest consumer of bearings, accounting for roughly 50% of global consumption, followed by Europe and North America at 25% and 20%, respectively.

SKF Bearings, a Swedish company, sells the most bearings in the world, with net sales of $9.53 billion and a gross profit of $2.71 billion. With $1.3 billion in revenue and $0.75 billion in net profits, FAG Bearings is the second-largest sales firm in the bearing industry.

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CompanyHeadquarterAnnual Sales (USD Mil)No. of Employees
SKF bearingsSweden950042,602
TIMKEN BearingsUSA400017,000
NSK BearingsJapan700030,500
NTN BearingsJapan450024,600
INA BearingsGermany13800-
IKO BearingsJapan-2700
NACHI BearingsJapan1500-

SKF Bearings

A leading international provider of solutions for rotating machinery is the Swedish SKF Group. The Gothenburg, Sweden-based SKF Group is a global innovator and producer of bearings. Make things move longer, cleaner, and more safely to reduce friction.

They work to be as effective, productive, and sustainable as they can be in achieving the vision of a linked world of dependable rotation.

Rolling bearings, bearing units, bearing housings, lubrication systems, seals, condition monitoring, and drive and motion control products are all provided by the Swedish SKF Group, a market leader in terms of technology. It should be underlined that to ensure the excellent quality of its bearings, SKF depends on more than 80% of the steel produced in Sweden. In order to achieve the maximum degree of manufacturing efficiency, SKF also develops and maintains all crucial equipment! Their main products are:

  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearings
  • Needle roller bearings
  • Cylindrical roller thrust bearings
  • Self-aligning ball bearings


A German business that specializes in the creation of rolling bearings is called FAG Bearings Group. High-quality rolling bearings, joint bearings, sliding bearings, and linear motion products are made by companies with the names INA and FAG. Using FAG and INA technology, it provides close to 40,000 common items for more than 60 industrial sectors and several significant automotive applications. FAG offers the world’s broadest selection of products in the rolling bearing industry.

With a focus on consumers and good quality, many items in the automotive powertrain industry have significant independent innovation potential. One of the most famous providers in the automobile industry and a market leader in rolling bearings and linear motion equipment is the German Schaeffler Group.

People who work in the bearing importation sector are aware that SKF, FAG, TIMKEN, and other European and American trademarks are universally recognized emblems of high-quality bearings. Their main products are:

  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearings
  • Needle roller bearings

TIMKEN Bearings

Because of its knowledge in metallurgy, power transmission, and friction management, TIMKEN is a well-known brand name in the United States. They serve a wide range of clients and industries globally by applying their innovative problem-solving talents to the most demanding applications.

For over a century, TIMKEN has been a market leader in the production of bearings. On land, at sea, or in space, you may find its high-quality bearings, steel alloys, and associated goods and services.

As long as the equipment is in use and electricity is being sent, TIMKEN technology and products may be observed. More than 230 distinct bearings and 26,000 tapered roller bearings of various sizes are produced by TIMKEN bearings. Worldwide, these bearings are in use.

One of the purest steel in the world is TIMKEN steel. Due to its extensive manufacture of tapered roller bearings, it has long been a leader in the world’s manufacturing industry. TIMKEN bearings, whether they are used in an aviation engine shaft steel, a hub assembly for a family automobile, or a roller coaster bearing repair service, are believed to improve the efficiency of all types of machinery.

Notably, TIMKEN bearings delivered the world’s most significant tapered roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing product combination solution for CITIC Heavy Industries’ LGMS5725 slag vertical mill. Their main products are Single row tapered roller bearings, Double row tapered roller bearings and four-row tapered roller bearings.

NSK Bearings

The Nippon Steel Bearing Co., Ltd. was founded in the Nagano Prefecture hamlet of Nakatsu in 1916. It is the first bearing company in Japan. It specializes in the design and production of bearings and has significantly aided in the development of machinery, equipment, and technology. Beyond Japan, NSK has achieved success in postures, now holding the top spot globally.

bearing suppliers
NSK Japan Ltd (Reference:

The first ball bearings were made around the globe by Nippon NSK in Japan in 1916. Since then, the business has taken the lead in developing strategies in Japan. NSK currently offers a large selection of bearings and sells them all over the world. NSK Bearings have significantly advanced mechanical engineering and aided the growth of several industries. The company is a leading provider of bearings globally and holds a considerable market position in Japan. NSK increased the scope of its bearing industry by diversifying into:

  • automotive products
  • precision machinery and parts
  • mechatronic products

Since the early 1960s, when NSK established its first foreign sales office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States, the company has grown its global footprint by opening additional offices.

NSK built a production plant outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the 1970s. Later, it built other factories in North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia. The largest bearing manufacturer in the UK, UPI, which is best known for its RHP brand, was bought by NSK in the 1990s. A stronger market position for NSK across Europe resulted from increased manufacturing and sales presence in every European country.

Throughout the middle of the 1990s, NSK aggressively developed its business in Asia. NSK is continually enhancing its organizational structure to perform local R&D, sales, and technical services, particularly in areas that are rapidly emerging, like China.

The firm declares that it is dedicated to stepping up its business-wide efforts to ensure that all actions throughout the whole organization are carried out by the corporation’s social obligations and in complete accordance with established laws and regulations.

By using the potential of its global network, NSK seeks to further enhance its R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, and Management capabilities. NSK Seiko bearings, NTN bearings, KOYO bearings, etc. are examples of Japanese bearing manufacturers. Japanese bearing quality is based on variables such as lifespan, precision, speed, and noise. Their main products are:

  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearings
  • Needle roller bearings

NTN Bearings

A well-known brand around the world is NTN bearing. In Japan, the NTN bearing is produced. NTN is one of the principal producers of precision equipment worldwide. The Bearing Company is headquartered in Osaka City’s West District and was established in Japan in 1918. In Japan, it has 25 sales offices and 11 production facilities.

bearing suppliers
NTN Bearings (Reference:

Additionally, there are two research institutions, 48 international commercial offices, 20 wholly-owned industrial facilities, and three research institutes. Since 2018, Suzuki Yassin has served as the chair (Suzuki Yassin). Japan’s NTN Co., Ltd. is the fifth-largest bearing manufacturer in terms of market share worldwide.

One of the three biggest bearing companies in Japan is NTN, one of the world’s most accurate machinery manufacturers. In 1971, it started doing business in China. NNTN bearings lead the industry with their nanometer-level accuracy. It has been used in the manufacture of orbiting satellites, aircraft, trains, cars, paper-making machinery, office supplies, and food processing equipment.

The firm uses high-precision production and testing methods to keep NTN bearings accurate to 0.01 microns. Everything is there, from necessary domestic appliances that require great performance and affordability to the demanding workplace. If an aerospace rocket employs its bearing function, the extreme working conditions have no limits as of yet. The main products of them include:

  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearings
  • Needle roller bearings

INA Bearings

A subsidiary of the Schaeffler Group, the Germany INA Bearing Company manufactures INA bearings. The German INA Bearing Company, the world’s top supplier of rolling bearings and a well-known automotive partner, has dedicated itself from its founding to product enhancement to satisfy customer requests and offer high-quality guarantees. The company, which started as a needle roller bearing manufacturer in 1892, has developed into a global leader in the industry and has since expanded into a variety of other products.

The duties of INA include the design and production of rolling bearings, sliding bearings, linear motion systems, and auto engine components on a global scale. In the automobile industry, engines, gearboxes, and chassis are usually referred to by the INA brand.

The marketing strategies for heavy industry, consumer products in production machinery, power transmission, and iron are advised by the industrial manufacturing sections of INA and FAG.

Their main products are Needle roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, Track rollers, backup rollers, cam rollers, etc.

KOYO Bearings

Koyo (Koyo Seiko co., LTD), a Japanese manufacturer of research and development-oriented functional items with 6557 workers, was founded in 1921.

Projects undertaken by Japan’s Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. include bearings, automobile steering, meters, instruments, patterned constant speed universal joints, oil seals, mechanical, industrial heat treatment furnaces, electronic controllers, and more. In recent years, the company has significantly improved the overseas automobile redirector; it now has production facilities in Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea, and China, among other locations. As a result, it is now the largest car steering system manufacturer in Japan and the second-largest in the entire world.

Tens of thousands of different KOYO bearing series are produced by Japan’s KOYO Seiko strains, which offer relevant aerospace science and technology, computer components, motors, high-speed trains, MRT trains, industrial machinery, CNC lathes, high-precision machines, cars, motorcycles, the steel industry, and other important components as one of the best options.

IKO Bearings

With a history spanning more than 50 years, it is the oldest and most seasoned manufacturer of needle roller bearings in Japan. It is a seasoned bearing manufacturer with a background spanning nearly 50 years, and it specializes in the production of needle roller bearings and linear guides. It enjoys a stellar reputation among customers all around the world.

Needles and guide rails make up the majority of IKO’s products. IKO needle bearing’s tiny size and lightweight mechanical design are made possible by its internal structure.

The guide rail bearings’ supporting high-precision needle roller bearings increase the accuracy. They are produced using cutting-edge machinery and tools. The products’ quality is assessed utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. The goods continue to perform and be of the highest caliber.

The heavy-duty four-row cylindrical roller guides made by IKO Kafa are well-known and often used in machine tools and other industries. At this time, the IKO brand has developed into a global marketing network to deliver on the promise of rapid and simple service for clients.

Manufacturing Locations Japan

NACHI Bearings

NACHI has developed into one of the most well-known bearing firms in Japan. The firm has advanced the development of machine knowledge ever since its founding in 1928. Today, the company produces electrical and mechanical components and basic facilities in quantity for a variety of industries.

To promote complicated research and development, NACHI aims to “connect numerous talents to increase skills,” building on the focus competencies of handling materials, machine processing, accessories, and systems. NACHI manufactures high-quality products that range from basic components to finished products. High-quality NACHI products include special steel, cutting tools, bearings, hydraulic installations, and robotic systems.

Their main products are:

  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings, Machine tools, etc.


There are more than 100,000 different types of bearings available, although the bearing business has only been in existence for 100 years. This is because it is vital to the lives and economy of many countries throughout the world.

The unassuming bearings, known as the “joints of high-end items,” are said to be a sign of a nation’s industrial power. China’s middle and low-end methods outperform their international competitors in terms of production and sales, but they lag far behind when it comes to high-end bearings. However, thanks to persistent research and development, China has recently achieved important strides in high-end bearings.

Their main products are metric ball bearings, metric ball bearings, mechanical assemblies, mechanical assemblies, automotive machines, turbo bearings, and automotive turbo bearings.

Manufacturing Location: Japan

Top Bearing Suppliers in the U.S

When doing business with the federal, state, or local governments or municipalities, it is crucial to identify diverse bearing suppliers who are often small, disadvantaged enterprises. Many contract awards include provisions demanding that supplier providers, like bearings, meet predetermined diversity criteria.

The bearing vendors listed below meet the requirements for certifications and operations/ownership credentials so they may be taken into account during supplier selection when purchasing from a variety of providers is required.

ManufacturerHeadquarterYear FoundedAnnual Sales (USD Mil)
Alinabal Inc.Milford, CT196050-100
MRC BearingsLansdale, PA1907-
OILES AmericaPlymouth, MI1939-
Kaydon BearingsMuskegon, MI1941-
Bearing Service Co.Pittsburg, PA193325-50
FRANTZ Manufacturing Co.Sterling, IL1909-
LinTechMonrovia, CA19705-10
American Roller BearingsHickory, NC191150-100
Hirschmann Engineering USA, Inc.Schaumburg, IL19925-10
Baldor Electric CompanyFort Smith, AR1920>250

Alinabal Inc.

Spherical bearings, rod ends, and molded bearing assemblies are all provided by Alinabal Inc., a company with headquarters in Milford, Connecticut.

MRC Bearings

Ball bearings, pillow block bearings, and bearing assemblies are all offered by MRC Bearings. They are in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

OILES America

OILES America, based in Plymouth, Michigan, sells multi-layered and self-lubricating bearings in addition to metallic and plastic bearings.

Kaydon Bearings

Kaydon Bearings, situated in Muskegon, Michigan, provides unique bearing solutions in addition to thin-section bearings and slewing ring bearings.

Bearing Service Co.

The Pennsylvania-based Bearing Service Co. makes its ball, radial, roller, and thrust bearings. They also provide customized, low-volume bearings and can work to reproduce out-of-date bearings. They have seven branch sites around the United States, including its main office in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

FRANTZ Manufacturing Co.

The Sterling, Illinois-based FRANTZ Manufacturing Co. specializes in bearing goods, such as high temperature and sprocketed conveyor rollers and spacers, for material handling equipment including conveyors and transfer plates.


Along with other positioning and motion control solutions, LinTech offers round rail linear bearings in both standard and custom configurations. The business is based in the Californian city of Monrovia and produces its goods here.

American Roller Bearings

A complete variety of ball bearings, cylindrical, tapered, and spherical roller bearings, thrust bearings, and specialized bearing solutions are all available at American Roller Bearings in Hickory, North Carolina.

Hirschmann Engineering USA, Inc.

Spherical bearings and heavy-duty rod end bearings are two products made by Hirschmann Engineering USA, Inc. They also provide solutions for applications that don’t require maintenance, including lightweight aluminum-titanium bearings. They are based in Schaumberg, Illinois, and provide rotary tables and other motion control equipment.

Baldor Electric Company

Mounted ball bearings, mounted tapered roller bearings, mounted spherical roller bearings, as well as a selection of plain bearings, are all offered by Baldor Electric Company, an operational division of ABB, Inc. The corporate office is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and the area is well-known for its producers of AC and DC motors and drives parts.


Three different categories of international and domestic suppliers and producers of bearings are given above. Visit Thomas Supplier Discovery, which houses a directory of commercial and industrial suppliers, including Bearings Suppliers, for full information on US manufacturers. If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with high-quality products that live up to your expectations, Linquip is your best option. For more information, visit our website and get in touch with Linquip’s Bearing Experts.

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