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Brick Manufacturers in USA & Globally 2023 – A comprehensive and research-based organization is provided by the concrete block and brick manufacturers market. The study provides information on the broad business trends that will affect how the market develops from 2023 to 2027. It provides information on the crucial business strategies in this market. The potential for market improvement, its advantages, consumer interest, and growth potential are all covered in the research. Future forecast, growth opportunities, important markets, and key players related to the worldwide Concrete Block and Brick Manufacturing market were all introduced in the study.

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Bricks have been used to create structures for countless years. This strong building material can be used in a variety of construction and civil engineering applications due to its high compressive strength. Bricks that had not been burned were the earliest types, and they naturally dried in the sun. Today, the majority of bricks are formed of clay in kilns that are large enough for industrial production. This article exclusively examines the producers of bricks used in masonry and construction to ensure clarity. We have created lists of brick manufacturers in the USA based on income and annual sales to aid in the search for a brick supplier.

For your convenience, Linquip conducted market research and developed a list of the most trusted names to help you choose businesses that promise on-time delivery and provide individualized care. To assist you in making the best choice possible, this extensive collection offers analytical information, testimonials, and ratings. Look over this list of brick manufacturers and suppliers to choose which one best serves the needs of your company.

Top Brick Manufacturers and Suppliers in the U.S.

The table below is a list of the companies that create the biggest bricks ever made. Brick producers can be found everywhere in the world. On the other hand, before making a purchase, the consumer must be aware of their unique needs. To save you time and effort, we have compiled a thorough list of the top brick manufacturers in the United States.

ManufacturerHeadquarterYear FoundedAnnual Sales ($ in Mil)
Acme BrickFort Worth, Texas1891751
General Shale, Inc.Johnson City, Tennessee1928300
Brampton Brick, Inc.Farmersburg, Indiana-125
Glen-Gery CorporationWyomissing, Pennsylvania1890125
Carolina Ceramics Brick CompanyColumbia, South Carolina1939114
Hebron Brick Supply CompanyFargo, North Dakota1904103
Endicott Clay Products Co.Fairbury, Nebraska-90
Triangle Brick CompanyDurham, North Carolina195960
Morin Brick CompanyAuburn, Maine-40
Palmetto Brick Co.Wallace, South Carolina191935

Acme Brick

The biggest brick factory in the United States is Acme Brick, which is situated in Fort Worth, Texas. They were established in 1891 and produce various clay brick formulations. Tile sealers, cleaners, and other installation supplies are all available, along with ceramic, marble, granite, and slate tiles. They sell equipment and materials for masonry work and have produced glass blocks for use as architectural embellishments.

General Shale, Inc.

General Shale, Inc. was established in 1928 and has its headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee. They produce concrete, stone, and brick blocks. They supply masonry supplies such as mortar, sand, crushed brick and rock, lintels and coverings, as well as custom brick sizes.

Brampton Brick, Inc.

The American headquarters of Brampton Brick, Inc. is located in Farmersburg, Indiana. They produce numerous varieties of clay and stone bricks. Also available are masonry veneers.

Glen-Gery Corporation

The Glen-Gery Corporation was established in 1890, and Wyomissing, Pennsylvania serves as its corporate headquarters. They produce a variety of bricks, including paving brick, thin brick, extruded brick, glazed brick, and bricks that have been molded or handmade. Additionally, they sell masonry components like mortar, drainage mats, weather-resistant barriers, and construction glue, as well as a range of prefabricated stone veneers.

Carolina Ceramics Brick Company

Carolina Ceramics Brick Company is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, and was established in 1939. They produce numerous varieties of pavement and architectural bricks. They provide custom-shaped bricks, carved brick sculptures, and panels.

Hebron Brick Supply Company

The Fargo, North Dakota-based Hebron Brick Supply Company was founded in 1904. They produce several kinds of thin, residential, and architectural bricks. They provide clay bricks in unique shapes and textures.

Endicott Clay Products Co.

The 1920 establishment of Endicott Clay Products Co. is located in Fairbury, Nebraska. They produce a variety of bricks, including thin and face bricks. Pavers and tiles are also available.

Triangle Brick Company

Brick producer Triangle Brick Company is situated in Durham, North Carolina. They were established in 1959 and produce a variety of clay bricks for both residential and commercial structures. They provide delivery and design services.

Morin Brick Company

Auburn, Maine is home to the Morin Brick Company. They produce pavement, extruded, and water-struck clay bricks. They provide specialized sizes and forms.

Palmetto Brick Co.

Palmetto Brick Co., headquartered in Wallace, South Carolina, was established in 1919. They produce both common and unique-shaped bricks. They provide steel and stone products, blocks, brick chips, keystones, mortar, sand, and masonry accessories.

Top Brick Manufacturers & Exporters all over the World

Bricks were first discovered in the Middle East and South Asia around 7500 BCE in a mud-built structure. A brick is a type of building material that is frequently rectangular and is constructed of sand, lime clay, and concrete. Bricks are frequently used in masonry construction to create elements such as walls, pavements, and other structures. We can base brick production on the types, sizes, and manufacturing processes of the bricks. Bricks can be divided into three categories based on how they are created: burnt bricks, non-fired bricks, and chemically made bricks. Here is a comprehensive list of the top brick manufacturers and exporters in the world to save you time and effort.

SupplierRanking of Export all over the WorldExport Value (USD in billions)


China is the world’s top brick exporter, with a yearly export value of roughly 37.2 million dollars. Brick still generates an estimated 7.51 billion dollars in annual sales, despite not being one of China’s major exports. Brick manufacturing and exporting date back to 3,000 years ago, when China was still forming. The country still uses and sells large quantities of bricks to other countries for construction.


As Spain ranks second in the world for brick exports, a lot of businesses are investing in brick manufacturing and exporting as new chances are opening up for the manufacturers. As a result, the country makes 16.3 million dollars from bricks each year.


Due to the rapid economic expansion we observe in India, the brick industry is expanding quickly, and as a result, India produces over 250 billion bricks annually to meet the expanding demand. The brick sector yearly brings 12.2 million dollars to the country.


In addition to their common usage in construction, bricks can be used for a variety of other things. In the majority of the world’s regions, bricks are still used in the construction of walls and pavement, although as of the 20th century, concrete blocks and other materials have largely replaced bricks in building construction. Bricks, particularly those with silica, are used in the crystal business to line the blast furnace. Visit here to explore more about brick manufacturing.

Brick’s inability to withstand strong forces like earthquakes has led to a decline in its use in construction over time. Because concrete materials are more popular today than bricks were in the 18th and 19th centuries, brick production and exportation are not currently on the upswing. Bricks are still produced in large quantities in some nations, like China, and exported elsewhere in the world. Linquip is your best choice if you’re seeking a firm that can offer you high-quality bricks that meet your expectations. Visit our website and contact Linquip’s Brick Experts for more details.

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