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Top Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA- Hydraulic systems rely on force and fluid to function. They function when a force, such as pressure, is applied to a fluid, causing energy to be transferred from one place to another. Regulator valves in these systems control the fluid, which is usually an oil, either directly or automatically. Tubes and hoses are used to distribute fluid. Hydraulic systems have a lot of power.

Hydraulic equipment and systems are usually high-powered and heavy-duty nowadays. They are, nonetheless, extremely adaptable. Hydraulic presses, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic lifts are examples of common hydraulic equipment.

Material handling, roofing, construction, masonry, aviation, automobile, and manufacturing are all industries that use modern hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic equipment is employed with components such as lifts, bulldozers, and cranes in material handling, construction, roofing, and masonry. Hydraulic equipment is utilized for power transmission and braking applications in the automobile and aviation sectors, respectively. Finally, hydraulic equipment aids in assembly and automated processes in production.

Actuators, filters, accumulators, tubes, and valves are only a few of the supplies needed by hydraulic equipment. Accessories such as seals, connectors, and fittings hold them together. Manufacturers build hydraulic equipment and hydraulic supplies from materials that perform well under pressure to ensure that their systems work safely and effectively. Rubber, stainless steel, woven wire, brass, cast iron, and other materials are among them. Hydraulic equipment, unlike non-hydraulic equipment that performs comparable functions, requires few or no mechanical levers and gears. Another reason they’re so popular is because of this.

Please read the sections below to learn more about top hydraulic equipment manufacturers and suppliers. They give information on a variety of hydraulic components. Contact one of the comparable manufacturers mentioned in the sections below to obtain one of these components. All of Industrial Linquip’s Suppliers & Companies are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

What Are Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers?

Because hydraulic equipment is such a vast area, there are many types of hydraulic equipment manufacturers and suppliers as well. Hydraulic equipment providers offer paired customers with hydraulic equipment including hoses, cylinders, pumps, accumulators, and other hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic manufacturers make these items in a number of ways, with testing, inspection, and other value-added operations ensuring acceptable functioning capabilities. As a result, any firm that manufactures hydraulic equipment items, components, or complete systems will be referred to as a hydraulic equipment provider in this article.

With that in mind, let’s look at the top hydraulic equipment manufacturers in the United States and throughout the world.

Top Hydraulic Equipment Suppliers in the USA

The top hydraulic equipment manufacturers in the United States are shown in Table 1 below, ranked by yearly sales in USD. Below are the headquarters location, number of workers, firm type, yearly revenue, and brief company profiles.

Table 1: Top Hydraulic Equipment Suppliers in the USA

CompanyHeadquartersAnnual Revenue
Accumulators, Inc.Houston, TX7.8
Oil-Air ProductsPlymouth, MN21.66
Anchor Fluid PowerOhio, United States22.6
Guenther Supply, Inc.Du Lac, WI6.00
McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc.East Longmeadow, Massachusetts18.27
Barksdale Control ProductsLos Angeles, CA25.7
CCS Dual Snapnorth of Los Angeles in Chatsworth, California31.4
Concentric HydraulicsROCKFORD, ILLINOIS-
Daman ProductsIndiana, United States23.75
Foster ManufacturingBohemia, NY14.08

Accumulators, Inc.

Bladder Accumulators, Diaphragm Accumulators, Piston Accumulators, and Accessories are manufactured by Accumulators, Inc. in the United States. They are also introduced as ACC Inc., Accu Might.

Oil-Air Products

Oil-Air Products, situated in Plymouth, Minnesota, is a distributor of fluid power technologies such as cartridge valves, hoses, hydraulic cylinders, custom manifolds, pneumatics, pumps, power units, and more. Oil-Air can construct and troubleshoot systems, as well as create unique components and provide long-term technical support. They work with over 30 leading hydraulic equipment manufacturers and service a variety of industrial sectors.

Anchor Fluid Power

Anchor Fluid Power manufactures and distributes high-quality hydraulic flanges, weld couplings, split flange adapters, ball valves, and inline valves.

Guenther Supply, Inc.

Guenther Supply, Inc., based in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, is a distributor of hydraulic, heating, plumbing, refrigeration, and other industrial pipes, tubing, valves, and fittings. Customers can buy and install equipment from a single source thanks to their in-stock inventory and specialized services like custom valve and hose assembly and press tool rentals. They have a fleet of vehicles and provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assure on-time delivery.

McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc.

McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc. is a supplier of flexible hydraulic/pneumatic hose, fittings, and fluid handling components to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, fuel, government, municipal, aerospace, and OEM sectors. Their in-house fabrication department can handle all of the activities required to guarantee that hoses are developed and tested to ensure they will operate in any hydraulic/pneumatic system. They are situated in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

Barksdale Control Products

Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches, Valves, Electronic Pressure Switches, Pressure Transducers, Temperature Switches, and Level Control Products are among the products offered by this company. They are also known as Barksdale, Barksdale GMBH, Crane Co.

CCS Dual Snap

Pressure, flow, and temperature switches for aircraft, airborne, and industrial applications are manufactured by this company. They are also introduced as Custom Control Sensors, CCS, Dual Snap.

Concentric Hydraulics

Oil pumps, gasoline pumps, water pumps, and hydraulic systems are all available from Concentric which is also known as Barnes, Haldex, Barnes-Haldex, Concentric AB.

Daman Products

Daman Products manufactures manifolds, adapters, subplates, and cover plates that comply with all ISO and NFPA requirements.

Foster Manufacturing

Foster Manufacturing develops cushioned clamping, rapid coupling, and support systems.

Top Global Hydraulic Equipment Suppliers

According to the worldwide metal hydraulic equipment market trend study, the top global hydraulic equipment providers are listed in Table 2. International revenues have been converted to USD using current exchange rates. In the next area, you’ll find further information including the suppliers’ headquarters, the year it was created, yearly sales, and brief company descriptions.

Table 2: Top Global Hydraulic Equipment Suppliers

SupplierHeadquartersYear Founded
Siemens AGMunich, Germany1847
Robert BoschStuttgart, Germany1886
Tokyo, Japan1921
Eaton CorporationBloomfield, New Jersey1911
Emerson Electric Co.St. Louis, Missouri1890
Kawasaki Heavy IndustriesMinato City, Tokyo, Japan1896
Parker HannifinCleveland, Ohio1917
Wipro EnterprisesBangalore, India2010
Daikin IndustriesOsaka, Japan1924
Weber-HydraulikGüglingen, Germany1939

Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a worldwide conglomerate with experience in automation, power generation and transmission, infrastructure, driving technology, healthcare, and a variety of other fields. Siemens sells a range of valves, actuators, hydraulic presses, and associated services such as hydraulic clearance optimization and efficiency improvements, and is a global stalwart in practically every sector, including hydraulics. Munich, Germany is where their worldwide headquarters are located.

Robert Bosch

Robert Bosch is a global engineering and technology business founded in Gerlingen, Germany, that focuses on hardware, consumer products, industrial technology, energy, and building technology, among other things. Their Bosch Rexroth subsidiary specializes in industrial hydraulics, linear motion actuators, assembly technologies, and other automation tools, with a large inventory of accumulators, valves, cylinders, actuators, and other components.


Komatsu is a global manufacturer of mining, forestry, utility, and industrial machinery for the military, construction, and a variety of other industries. Komatsu is a manufacturer of hydraulic systems and components for excavators, rock breakers, and other industrial heavy gear, as well as the cylinders, pumps, filters, and other components required to make heavy-duty goods. The company’s headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan.

Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation is a global provider of power management, electromechanical equipment, and associated products. They have the greatest inventory of basic hydraulic cylinders and can create bespoke hydraulic designs to meet specific client needs. They are based in Beachwood, Ohio, and produce hydraulic equipment for a variety of applications including residential, healthcare, utilities, mining, construction, aerospace, and many more.

Emerson Electric Co.

Emerson Electric Co. is a provider of engineering services and a producer of industrial, commercial, and consumer products for a variety of system-based applications. They make hydraulic actuators in a variety of designs, including rack and pinion, helical slot, scotch yoke, and linear, that can withstand harsh conditions. They also supply cylinders, grippers, jacks, and other industrial equipment for building heavy-duty hydraulic systems that may be used in control-based applications. Their headquarters is in Ferguson, Missouri.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a global manufacturer of motorcycles, industrial robots, turbines, aerospace equipment, heavy equipment, and related items with its headquarters in Tokyo. They provide a comprehensive range of hydraulic equipment for conventional and specialized applications, as well as pumps, motors, valves, and other fluid-based machinery components.

Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin is a global control technology and motion component producer and distributor serving a variety of industrial sectors. Parker manufactures the most industrial hydraulic cylinders in the world and distributes them through more than 13,000 sites across the world. Their hydraulic range comprises actuators, grippers, accumulators, stages, pumps, and almost every component needed to complete a hydraulic system in addition to cylinders. Mayfield Heights, Ohio is where they are based.

Wipro Enterprises

Wipro Enterprises, based in Bangalore, India, is divided into two divisions: Wipro Infrastructure Engineering and Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, with the former specializing in hydraulic, aerospace, water treatment, additive manufacturing, and automation components, and the latter in consumer care and lighting. With over 1 million cylinders shipped each year, Wipro’s hydraulic products are marketed to major OEMs all over the world. They supply hydraulic equipment to the trucking, agricultural, utilities, construction, forestry, mining, and other heavy-duty sectors across the world.

Daikin Industries

Daikin Industries is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures air conditioners, air filtration systems, chemicals, military systems, oil hydraulics, medical equipment, electronics, and other products. They concentrate on energy efficiency in their hydraulic units and offer a wide range of pump types, stack valves, control valves, positioning motors, oil coolers, and related accessories ready for global delivery.


Weber-Hydraulik, a global producer of hydraulic equipment and systems, including cylinders, control systems, actuators, valves, and bespoke solutions, is based in Germany. Their hydraulics inventory is applicable to standard, custom, small, and big applications in a variety of sectors, including material handling, construction, rescue equipment, agriculture, municipal, and other markets. They live in the German town of Güglingen.


This article detailed the top hydraulic equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We hope you found this information useful in your supplier search. Visit Industrial Hydraulic Equipment to discover more about these manufacturers or to create your own unique list of suppliers. We have over 5200 hydraulic equipment suppliers listed.

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