Gasoline Generator Repair and Maintenance (2023 Guide)

gasoline generator repair

Gasoline Generator Repair- It is frequently necessary for gasoline generators to operate under hazardous conditions. This could reduce the generator’s capacity and cause problems. A problem can quickly impede operations, stop output, or harm machinery. Due to this, it is usually essential to handle any known repairs before deteriorated and worn-out parts result in failures. These generators are made to function effectively and deliver dependable electricity for many years in the future with the right care and maintenance.

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What is the Gasoline Generator Repair and Maintenance?

The need for generator-repair services is rising as more and more homeowners buy backup generators to power their houses in an emergency. Whole-house generators are simple to set up and forget about, but regular maintenance is required to make sure they will supply power for lighting, appliances, heating, cooling, and medical equipment when necessary.

Your home generator repair prices are probably going to be significantly higher—and wait times for service are probably going to be much longer—during a natural catastrophe or other emergencies, regardless of whether you have a whole-house (standby) generator or a portable type powered by gasoline or diesel. The easiest method to prevent repairs at a bad moment is to adhere to the manufacturer’s advice on regular maintenance. You don’t want to discover that your generator is malfunctioning in the middle of a blackout.

Gasoline Generator Repair
Gasoline Generator Repair (Reference:

When your electricity goes out, having a backup generator that is completely operating can be comforting. Making sure that peace of mind is always present involves keeping up with Gasoline Generator Installation, Gasoline Generator Maintenance, and Gasoline Generator Service & Repairs on Linquip.

In difficult situations, gasoline generators are commonly required. This can result in issues and lower the generator’s capacity. An issue might quickly disrupt operations, halt production, or damage equipment. As a result, it is typically imperative to manage any known repairs before worn-out and deteriorating parts fail. With the proper care and maintenance, gasoline generators are designed to operate efficiently and offer steady electricity for many years to come. You can find them with a lot of Gasoline Generator Services on Linquip.

Need a gasoline generator repaired? We continuously provide families and companies with quick, professional repair services to ensure that your standby generator is prepared to work in an emergency.

Common Causes of Gasoline Generator Failures

Fuel Failures

Generator repairs are frequently required due to fuel issues. The pollution from the fuel tank itself is the cause of a lot of fuel failures. Algae, bacteria, and sediments can reduce performance and clog fuel lines when they are drawn into the system.

Coolant System

Heat sensors in the generator will turn it off if there are coolant leaks or when the reservoir level drops below permitted levels. Coolant leaks can have a variety of potential sources, such as leaking engine cylinder gaskets, damaged cylinder heads, and faulty sleeves.

Bad Belts

Regular use can cause belts to deteriorate. They might also have to wear due to elderly age. Belts that are worn, dry, or cracked are readily apparent and should be replaced before they break.

Faulty Wiring

The wiring may rust, fray, or even become cut over time. Wiring damage requires urgent repair, which shouldn’t be put off. Low voltage warnings, broken gauges, and tripped breakers are examples of symptoms of poor wiring.

Burnt Parts

During generator operation, electrical parts, motors, circuit boards, transfer coils, and other parts may be exposed to extremely high temperatures. High-temperature exposure can harm these parts and cause issues.

Battery Failure

To maintain optimal dependability, batteries should be replaced every two to three years. Beyond the 3-year mark, replacement is not advised since this could lead to an unexpected failure.

Importance of Regular Gasoline Generator Maintenance

Regular maintenance assists in finding small issues before they become serious interruptions. It is usually essential to follow the equipment manufacturer’s suggested maintenance regimen. This schedule is merely a suggestion; it is not binding. You will need to undertake repairs and part replacements more frequently as the generator ages.

gasoline generator repair
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It is advisable to schedule a repair call by a skilled expert if the generator is in heavy use, is located in a moist or dusty environment, or exhibits indicators of faults. To prevent warranty voiding and safeguard your system from crucial component failure, repairs should be carried out as soon as possible.

It’s essential to restart generators as soon as possible after a failure. We advise you to get in touch with an experienced technician if your generator has to be repaired.

How Much Does a Gasoline Generator Repair Cost?

The majority of generator repairs typically cost $200. Repair expenses range from $150 to $600 for a permanent, whole-home generator with a power output of 7 to 30 kilowatts (enough for, on the low end, one or two appliances and, on the high end, a large house). Smaller portable generators typically cost between $50 and $150 to fix.

Costs of Preventive Maintenance

Depending on the type of generator you have, below is what you’ll need to maintain it.

Whole-house Types

It’s a good idea to have a service agreement with a qualified generator technician for an annual tune-up (including chores like filter changes and system inspection) to ensure that a standby generator will run efficiently when necessary. They will turn on the generator, look for issues with dependability and safety, and test the transfer switch and voltage output (which turns on power during an outage). Cost each year: $150–300.

Portable Types

These are less expensive to maintain and repair, but to ensure reliability, they still need to be powered on and run for at least 15 minutes once a month. After the number of operating hours recommended by the manufacturer, the oil and fuel levels should be checked, and the oil and air filters should be changed. It’s important to test the battery and starter system. A portable generator’s routine maintenance typically costs $50 to $150.

Costs of Common Generator Repairs

Battery failure, low coolant level or temperature, leaks, incorrect system settings, the air in the fuel supply system, and circuit overloads that trip breaker and blow fuses are among the most frequent generator repair problems.

Whole-house generator repair costs

Natural gas or propane-powered systems that are permanently installed often last 20 years, while the majority of major manufacturers’ warranties only last 2 to 5 years. Expect to pay $60-75 per hour for a generator technician’s time to repair or replace a damaged item, or $50-150 per hour for a certified electrician, whether the part is covered by warranty or not.

If properly maintained, standby generators rarely completely fail, however, some components don’t survive as long as a system is designed to. The following components, for which labor is not included in the price:

  • Alternator, $150–500. This changes the engine’s mechanical energy from mechanical to electrical.
  • Voltage regulator, $50–400. A safety feature that regulates the voltage coming from the alternator terminals.
  • Stator, $600–2,500. A magnet-containing wire coil in the engine produces alternating current (AC).
  • Transfer switch, $500–1,500. A device that links electrical current from a generator to the house’s wiring. Transfer systems detect utility power outages and activate and deactivate the generator as necessary.
  • Battery, $30–70. Required to operate the backup generator system’s starter and other electronic components.

Portable Generator Repair Costs

A complete tune-up of a mobile gas- or diesel-powered generator by a qualified technician will cost $50 to $150. The following components (prices do not include labor) need to be replaced regularly:

  • Voltage regulator, $15–40
  • Oil filter, about $15
  • Air filter, $7–10
  • Fuel filter, $8–15
  • Coil, $300–1,500
  • Spark plug, $2.50–9

How to Save Money

Repairing and maintaining generators may grow pricey. Here are some suggestions for lowering service costs:

Register for a yearly maintenance contract. A house generator service contract with a nearby expert can help guarantee that the system will turn on instantly and function effectively in the event of an outage. The majority of experts arrange services at periods of the year when inclement weather is least likely to result in disruption. Regular maintenance performed by a qualified technician will help support warranty claims.

Hire an expert in home generators. Commercial generator repair specialists often charge significantly higher hourly rates than those who focus on household generator repairs. Commercial generators include those utilized for industrial power generation and public utilities.

FAQs About Gasoline Generator Repair and Maintenance

1. How Can I Replace My Old Gasoline?

For the manufacturer’s suggestions, consult your manual. Some machines only need to be drained and primed with fresh fuel, but other manufacturers specify that the generator should receive a more thorough service that includes replacing worn-out lines and filters as well as cleaning the carburetor and tank.

2. How Much Does Servicing a Generator Cost?

A regular assessment and maintenance visit for a whole-house generator would typically cost $150 to $300 under a service contract offered by an experienced home generator provider. A portable generator’s routine maintenance typically costs $50 to $150.

3. What Sort of Gasoline Needs to Be Used?

Most gasoline-powered versions should be used with unleaded fuel; see your manual to be sure (at least 87 octane). Before refueling, shut off the engine and allow it to cool. Never fill up your tank while the car is moving.

4. What is the Price of Repairing a Generator?

A certified electrician would generally charge between $50 and $150 per hour for their work, plus the price of any replacement parts, to diagnose and repair your generator. Common repairs often cost $200.

5. Are Generator Repairs Worthwhile?

When a built-in generator is still quite fresh, repairs are frequently the most economical option. But if the cost of repairing a standby generator exceeds a few thousand dollars, replacement may be more cost-effective—especially if the system is 18 years or older. Installing a new generator might cost anywhere from $12,000 and $27,000.

6. Do I Need to Drain the Gas from My Generator Before Storing It?

When storing your generator for an extended period, especially if you intend to store it indoors, it is usually a good idea to remove the gasoline. It’s never a good idea to keep flammable items inside your house.


Checking the engine oil before turning on your generator is usually a smart idea. Some generators may be supplied dry, while others might have a little quantity of oil in the tank from a bench test, or they might have a full tank. Any engine that has been run on a dry oil tank will seize up, leaving you with a 50-pound brick that is only useful as a paperweight for the biggest desk in the world. The routine maintenance of your generator should include checking and changing the oil.

For more information, you can use the complete list of Linquip’s Gasoline Generator Service Providers to meet all your requirements or contact our Gasoline Generator Experts.


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