Top Air Compressor Suppliers & Manufacturers In The World

Top air compressor supplier & Manufacturer

This post contains a list of the top air compressor supplier & manufacturer in the US and around the world. The purpose of industrial air compressors is to compress air for industrial use; they operate using diesel engines, electric motors, or gasoline engines to convert the power.

Taking air from the atmosphere, an air compressor reduces its volume while raising its pressure simultaneously. Following compression, the air is either held in a tank or discharged into a pressure system, ready for use. The air compressor is used across many industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. As an example, some industrial air compressors simplify cleaning projects with air hoses and alternative cleaning systems, as well as provide air-powered energy for tools, machinery, and manufacturing processes.

Air compressors are used by construction companies to power air tools such as jackhammers, jacklegs, needle scalers, tuggers, and rock drills. Additionally, industrial air compressors are used to spray fields and ventilate silos in agricultural operations, run pneumatic machinery in manufacturing plants, operate laundry presses in dry cleaners, and perform different processes in food and beverage manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and more.

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Top American Air Compressor Suppliers & Manufacturers

Below is a list of the best air compressor suppliers and manufacturers based in the United States. Aside from the company name, the table also includes the company’s location, its founding year, and the number of employees.

Company NameLocationYear FoundedNumber of employees
SullairMichigan City, Indiana1965890
Gardner DenverNorth Carolina1859870
Quincy CompressorBay Minette, AL1920806
Brehob CorporationIndianapolis, IN1953161
Universal Air & Gas ProductsNorfolk, VA196251-200
Energy Machinery, Inc.Rockland, MA197140
Kinequip Inc.Buffalo, NY194635
Metro Air CompressorRoseville, MI197530
The Titus CompanyMorgantown, PA198624
Marcuse & Son, Inc.Fort Worth, TX1925<25


Sullair is a subsidiary of a prominent American aviation corporation (military industry). It has only recently begun producing air compressors, primarily screw compressors. The company has branches around the world. In the United States, it is second only to IR in the production of air compressors.

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Gardner Denver 

Gardner Denver began operating in 1859 and is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial air compressors. There are a variety of industrial air compressors available from Gardner Denver. The company manufactures rotary screw compressors, compressed air management systems, oil-free compressors, portable compressors, and air treatment equipment.

Quincy Compressor LLC 

Compressed air technology has been the focus of Quincy Compressor LLC in the United States since 1920. The company manufactures high-quality air compressors and vacuum pumps. The company’s products are extensively used in a variety of applications, including global manufacturing, medical and climate control systems, and in many other industries that require safe and reliable gas supplies.

Brehob Corporation 

Brehob Corporation, based in Indianapolis, IN, offers reciprocating, oilless, high pressure, centrifugal, and rotary screw air compressors and compressed air dryers for sale or rent. Brehob Corporation offers its customers a full line of industrial air compressor products, along with related equipment, and distributes several manufacturers. The company also provides repair services, which include emergency repairs. In addition, Brehob can install a complete system or provide you with replacement equipment as needed.

Universal Air & Gas Products 

Universal Air & Gas Products, based in Norfolk, VA, manufactures reciprocating air compressors that are designed for industrial, firefighting, low and high-pressure breathing applications. It also offers reciprocating air compressors for rental and for sale, as well as components.

Energy Machinery, Inc. 

The company Energy Machinery, Inc., based in Rockland, MA, manufactures low noise, pressure-lubricated, splash lubricated, air-cooled, and oil-free reciprocating air compressors. The company also offers used and rental machinery, spare parts, and machine service.

Kinequip Inc. 

The Buffalo, NY-based company Kinequip Inc offers simplex and duplex oil-free reciprocating compressors ranging from 1 to 15 horsepower, along with air compressor pumps. Besides piston and rotary screw compressors, it also offers rotary vane compressors, scroll compressors, and climate control compressors.

Metro Air Compressor

Among the compressors that Metro Air Compressor manufacturers are reciprocating air, oil-free, rotary screw, and centrifugal types. Based in Roseville, MI, the company also offers rental services, repair, maintenance, and installation.

The Titus Company 

Located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, The Titus Company offers centrifugal, reciprocating, rotary screw, oil-free, and pressure-lubricated air compressors. The company designs, builds, installs, maintains, and repairs compressed air and gas systems.

Marcuse & Son, Inc.

Marcuse & Son, Inc., located in Fort Worth, Texas, is a distributor of rotary, piston, and reciprocating air compressors. In addition, it provides parts and accessories.

Top Global Air Compressor Suppliers & Manufacturers 

Below is a list of the world’s top air compressor suppliers & manufacturers. The table also includes the name of the company, information about the company’s headquarters, and the number of its employees.

Company Name

Year Founded
Number of employees
Illinois Tool WorksUSA191245000
DoosanSouth Korea189641000
Atlas Copco
Ingersoll RandUSA187115900
ANEST IWATAJapan19261200
Graham CorporationUSA1936400
California Air Compressor CompanyUSA189751-200
Curtis-Toledo IncUSA1854150


Founded in 1847, Siemens is based in Munich, Germany. The multinational corporation is active in a number of industries, such as energy, healthcare, industry, and infrastructure. Compressors manufactured by Siemens are primarily used in oil, gas, and other processing industries.  


Established in 1892, General Electric employs 174000 people in 175 countries. The company has numerous products and services, such as aircraft engines, power generation, and industrial products and equipment. The air compressors manufactured by GE are used in a number of different applications, including petrochemicals, natural gas, refineries, pipelines, and GTL. 


The company produces compressors of excellent quality that are designed to run a variety of affordable tools and equipment used by homeowners and contractors alike. Compressors from the company weigh less than those made by its competitors. Additionally, the compressors run off of household outlets since they require low amperage. The pumps are oil-free, so maintenance is simple. A famous Bostitch product for home use is CAP1512-OF.

Illinois Tool Works (ITW)

Illinois Tool Works Inc. or ITW manufactures engineered fasteners, components, equipment, and consumable systems, as well as specialty products. Byron L. Smith founded it in 1912. The company, which is based in Glenview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, is home to nearly 45,000 employees in hundreds of businesses across 58 countries. ITW had more than 20,000 pending patent applications and unexpired patents around the world in 2011, including 2,900 U.S.


The company was founded in 1896 and operates in 38 countries. Compressors produced by Doosan range between 185 and 1600 CFM. The XHP750WCU-T4F and XHP1170 are two well-known industrial air compressors produced by Doosan.

Atlas Copco 

Atlas Copco is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial air compressors, established in 1873. Over 180 countries have operations for the company, which develops and manufactures high-quality compressors. It manufactures industrial air compressors as well as high-end air compressors such as dental compressors and workshop compressors. In addition to compressors, Atlas Copco offers mining and construction equipment, power tools, and assembly systems.


A long history of more than 100 years has been built up by KOBELCO’s compressor business since the turn of the century. In 1915, KOBELCO produced the first high-pressure piston machine, setting a new benchmark in the Japanese compressor industry. They continuously develop new compressor production plans to meet customer needs.

Ingersoll Rand 

A leading manufacturer of industrial air compressors, Ingersoll Rand was founded in 1871. There are several types of compressors offered by the company, including reciprocating, centrifugal, rotary screw, oil-free rotary screw, and oil-flooded rotary screw compressors. Aside from producing high-quality air compressors, the company also provides retail solutions, HVAC systems, commercial systems, and industrial refrigeration.


In 1834, Sulzer was established in Winterthur, Switzerland, as an engineering and manufacturing company. In addition to its operations in 150 countries worldwide, the company is a leader across the oil and gas, power, and water markets. Sulzer manufactures industrial compressors such as the XTA & XTAK submersible aerators, the OKI mixer aerator, the HSR turbocompressor, and the HST turbo-compressor.


It is one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors. Compressors of varying sizes, power, and tank styles are available. Two of its most popular models are the DWFP55126 and DWFP55130.


In 1919, it was originally a processing machine manufacturer but has since grown to become Germany’s largest and best-known manufacturer of air compressors. The processing technology is a focus of the company’s retail production based in Coburg, Bavaria, Germany, Gera, Thuringia, and Lyon, France.


A British company named CompAir primarily produces sliding vane air compressors (≤50 HP). As part of its plan to become a global air compressor company, CompAir has acquired successively the screw compressor divisions of Demag in Germany, as well as Leroi Air Compressor in the United States.


ANEST IWATA Corporation manufactures air compressors, coating equipment, vacuum pumps, and liquid application equipment. The company is based in Yokohama, Japan. Over the last 80 years, ANEST IWATA has been in the business of expanding its business internationally.


Fusheng was established in 1953 and has its headquarters in Taiwan. The company is one of China’s largest air compressor manufacturers. Fusheng is mainly known for manufacturing oil-free compressors, oil-lubricated compressors, air treatment equipment, and power generation equipment.


Founded in 1907, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN has its headquarters in Germany. It serves more than 100,000 users in more than 120 countries worldwide. Among BOGE’s products are industrial air compressors, compressed air accessories, and custom solutions.


The production of high-quality products makes this company easily recognizable among professionals. Products include fastening tools and power tools that feature the latest technologies. The company also produces staplers and fasteners besides compressors.

Graham Corporation

Graham Corporation manufactures air and gas compressors, speed changers, industrial high-speed drives, and gears. Manufacturing equipment for mechanical power transmission, packaging machinery, industrial process furnaces, ovens, pumps, air purification equipment, fans and blowers, and general industrial equipment, such as NEC and ball and roller bearings, is also part of their business.

California Air Compressor Company 

In addition to installing and renting a variety of pressures and voltages, California Air Compressor has an experienced design team. You can choose from rotary screw compressors, portable air compressors, reciprocating air compressors, and even customized ones. For complete system integration, there are also air dryers and air filtration units available.

Curtis-Toledo Inc.

Curtis-Toledo Inc. has designed and manufactured air compressor solutions for industry since 1854. Among the products they sell are screw compressors, portable air compressors, industrial air compressors, and reciprocating compressors. Their products are recognized as symbols of excellence & quality.


The company was founded in 1994, and it has its headquarters in Taiwan. It owns three manufacturing facilities, including one located in Shanghai. In addition to screw compressors, the company manufactures centrifugal compressors.


This article provides a list of the top American and global air compressor suppliers and manufacturers. We hope the information here is helpful for finding suppliers. Find out more by browsing the Air Compressors Suppliers and Companies. In Linquip, our Air Compressor Experts are available to answer all your questions regarding air compressors or their equipment.

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