Top 10 Freight Forwarding Companies in USA in 2022

Freight Forwarding Companies

Top Freight Forwarding Companies in the USA – Freight forwarders are an important resource for the transportation sector. They use their reliable connections to find the best prices and routes for your shipments. Because of this, when you work with the biggest freight forwarders, you may have faith in the organization handling your package. These freight forwarders are the ones you can trust to get your shipment where it needs to be, regardless of whether you have strict deadlines or specific shipment requirements.

Freight forwarding services are available from a wide range of Suppliers and Companies, and Linquip has a comprehensive list of services for all OEM fleets. Vendors from Linquip can help you with this. To learn more about how to connect with a varied collection of Service Providers who consistently produce high-quality products, please contact Freight Forwarding Experts.

While some freight forwarding companies do their own transportation, their primary business is the management of how freight is moved, frequently using a variety of different modes of transportation. According to their engagement metrics, we will discuss the top freight forwarding companies in the USA in this post.

The reliability and expertise of the logistic companies you interact with are key factors in freight forwarding. A reputable freight forwarding business makes sure that your goods arrive at their destination on schedule and in good shape. Freight forwarders and you can establish a long-term collaboration through effective and timely delivery built on trust and transparency. The cherry on top is when you discover things at the lowest cost.

Linquip researched the market and compiled a list of the most reputable names to aid you in locating companies that guarantee on-time delivery and give personalized service. This comprehensive list provides analytical data, reviews, and ratings to help you make the best possible decision. Examine this list of freight forwarding companies to choose one that best fits your business’s requirements.

Top US Freight Forwarding Companies in the U.S

There are plenty of freight forwarding companies in the USA and choosing the correct one takes time and effort. The largest freight forwarders in the U.S. have many years of experience in the sector. Today, you can learn everything there is to know about the five biggest U.S. freight forwarder businesses, which have delivered essential freight to numerous businesses across the nation. Here is a thorough list of the best freight forwarding companies in the USA to help you save time and energy.

Table 1: Top Freight Forwarding Companies

CompanyHeadquarterYear FoundedRevenue
CSI Container Services InternationalQuincy2011$2 M
Satellite Specialized Transportation, Inc.Bend, OR1989$25 M
Manuport Logistics USA LLCMiami, Florida2016$1 M
LandstarJacksonville, FL1968-
Rain Logistics Co., Ltd.Montclair2004$6 M
Supply Chain WarehousesChicago, IL1925 $5 M
Shoreline Express Inc.Strongsville, OH1999$10 M
Great Luck Inc.Torrance, California2002$1 M
River Plate, Inc.California1992 $6 M
Alberta Ltd.Grande Prairie, California1981-

CSI Container Services International

CSI was established in 2011 and is based in Quincy, USA. The business is well-known in the shipping and forwarding sector. It offers a wide range of container transportation-related services, such as container sourcing and leasing, logistics consulting, and container modifications, among others. Additionally, it provides finance, insurance, shipping, and storage services for containers. The credibility and effectiveness of CSI’s service offerings are well-known.

Satellite Specialized Transportation, Inc.

A nationwide, full-service transportation business with 30 years of experience, Satellite Specialized Transportation, Inc. focuses on flatbed freight, oversized loads, Power Only, and LTL services. Their offices are in Bend, Medford, and Sedona, all in Oregon.

Manuport Logistics USA LLC

Manuport Logistics, a well-known brand in the US freight forwarding market, was established in 2016. The business has partners all around the world and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. By collaborating with significant domestic and international carriers, they guarantee prompt delivery of shipments and shipment tracking. In addition to comprehensive solutions including in-house customs, cargo insurance, warehousing and storage, tender, and procurement, among others, Manuport specializes in container logistics.


Landstar’s services in Jacksonville, Florida, include international air, ground, and sea transport as well as LTL, rail, short- and long-haul truckload, expedited, air, refrigerated, and specialized transportation services on a national level.

Rain Logistics Co., Ltd.

In the United States, Rain Logistics is based in Montclair. The organization, a reputable name in the freight and logistics sector, has direct agreements with all significant shipping carriers and businesses. They primarily provide intermodal transportation services as well as ocean and air freight services on a worldwide scale. With GPS tracking and EDI capabilities, the organization guarantees complete transparency throughout the delivery process.

Supply Chain Warehouses

Supply Chain Warehouses in Chicago, Illinois, provides both freight forwarding outside of their shipping area and third-party logistics. Additionally, they offer services for white glove furniture and equipment delivery, distribution, and warehousing.

Shoreline Express Inc.

Rail and air freight are both handled by Shoreline Express Inc.’s expertise in transportation, warehousing, and freight forwarding. Depending on the mode selected, their freight forwarding offers alternatives for temperature control, various container sizes, worldwide shipping, expedited service, and door-to-door delivery. Its headquarters are in Strongsville, Ohio.

Great Luck Inc.

Great Luck is an NVOCC with headquarters in Torrance, California, and was established in 2002. It is a division of Japan Trust Co. Ltd., a well-known freight forwarder in Japan. For quick freight delivery, the business has a strong network of partner warehouses and shipping firms. They move more than 10,000 TEUs annually just in the US. Finding the most efficient routes, smart scheduling, and affordable pricing are areas of expertise for Great Luck.

River Plate, Inc.

Canoga Park, California is home to River Plate, Inc. They offer warehousing and distribution, kitting, cross-docking, inventory management, pick and pack, labeling, and packaging services in addition to their expertise in product fulfillment and logistics management.

Alberta Ltd.

Alberta is a company based in Grande Prairie, California, in the United States. They have more than ten years of experience in shipping and logistics and work in the international freight forwarding industry. Along with its network of partners, the business offers services like transportation, cargo tracking, and storage. In all of their initiatives, they are renowned for their prompt transactions and competent approach.


Information on the most well-known freight forwarding firms is compiled on this page. Contact several Service Providers at Linquip if you want to make your own unique shortlist of freight forwarding companies. You can use this page to filter more than 300 American freight forwarders based on their certifications, locations, and other characteristics. Additionally, you may learn more about them.

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