Top 10 Machine Shops in Tampa in 2023 (Clear Guide)

Machine Shops in Tampa

Top Machine Shops in Tampa – The third-most populous state in the US is Florida. The third-largest city in the state is Tampa. Publix Super Markets is the largest firm with its headquarters in the Tampa Bay area. The most well-known organizations with corporate headquarters in the region include Tech Data, Outback Steakhouse, and Raymond James Financial.

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Avionics, defense, and marine electronics, financial services, business and information services, manufacturing, particularly microelectronics and medical devices, port and maritime, marine sciences, and tourism are among the key businesses in the Tampa Bay metropolitan region. More than 62,000 people work for more than 2,800 manufacturing companies in the region. Between 2009 and 2018, manufacturing employment expanded by more than 13%, while average yearly salaries increased by 25%.

Florida’s greatest tonnage port, Port Tampa Bay, is currently the seventh-largest in the US. Nearly half of all seaborne trade that moves through the state is handled by it. According to size, this article lists Tampa, Florida’s top machine shops.

Linquip researched the market and compiled a list of the most reputable names to aid you in locating companies that guarantee on-time delivery and give personalized service. This comprehensive list provides analytical data, reviews, and ratings to help you make the best possible decision. Examine this list of top machine shops in Tampa to choose one that best fits your business’s requirements.

Top Machine Shops in Tampa, Florida

The top machine shops in Tampa are listed in the table below.

Table 1: Top Machine Shops in Tampa

CompanyYear FoundedNo. of EmployeesAnnual Revenue
Tampa Brass & Aluminum Corp.1957100-199$25 - 50 Mil
RJN Machine, Inc.197510-49$100 - 250 Mil
Xometry Inc.2013500-999>$200 Mil
Tampa Bay198110-50$5 - 10 Mil
Vulcan Machine, Inc.197810-49$5 - 10 Mil
Pawlus Gear Co.198610-50$1 - 5 Mil
Interlake Stamping195710-49$5 - 10 Mil
Anchor Machine & Fabrication, Inc.199010-100-
Global Friction Products, Inc.1996<50$1 - 5 Mil
Cornertech, Inc.2005<10-

Tampa Brass & Aluminum Corp.

The company Tampa Brass & Aluminum Corp. produces CNC-machined components. They have three- and four-axis CNC turning and milling capabilities and focus on castings and forgings. Nonferrous sand, permanent mold castings, wood, and metal patterns are some of their offerings.

RJN Machine, Inc.

Custom-made machined parts are produced by RJN Machine, Inc. for the food, medical, electronics, and packaging industries. They offer services for production drilling, tapping, welding, assembling, fabrication, CNC milling, and turning.

Xometry, Inc.

Leading suppliers of metal stamping, CNC machining services, and other things include Xometry, Inc. Custom metal stampings are made by the company from a variety of materials, including copper, brass, stainless steel, and steel alloys. With competitive lead times, it provides manufacturing volumes of over a million pieces and maintains strict tolerances.

Tampa Bay

Precision machining is the area of expertise for Tampa Bay Machining, a machine shop serving the aerospace and defense sectors. They provide services for CNC milling, lapping, turning, assembly, and metal cutting.

Vulcan Machine, Inc.

Custom component and part manufacturers include Vulcan Machine, Inc. They are capable of precision machining, robotic MIG and TIG welding, inspection, fabrication, CNC 3, 4, and 5-axis milling, 3D machining, precision CNC turning, and Swiss turning.

Pawlus Gear Co.

Pawlus Gear Co. produces machined components and assemblies on demand. There are many products available, including bevel, spur, helical, planetary, internal, and worm gears as well as sprockets, pulleys, and splines. CNC machining, milling, turning, gear cutting, assembling, broaching, drilling, knurling, prototyping, lapping, straightening, sharpening, and welding are among their capabilities.

Interlake Stamping

A machine shop with a focus on metal stamping is called Interlake Stamping. Cold rolled steel, nickel-based alloys, stainless steel, copper and copper alloys, aluminum, and phenolic are among the materials they work with. They offer services for assembling, finishing, heat treatment, tapping, riveting, tapping, brazing, staking, and riveting.

Anchor Machine & Fabrication, Inc.

Precision CNC machining services are provided by Anchor Machine & Fabrication, Inc. for the hydraulics, heavy equipment, construction, and agricultural industries. They can turn components up to 15.7 inches in diameter and work with plastic and rare alloys. Broaching, turning, milling, boring, and threading are some of the operations they perform. Additional services include shaft straightening, surface grinding, painting, and metal polishing. Their maximum production run is 50,000 units. Appropriate for applications involving augers, couplings, bearings, pumps, gearboxes, drum dryers, and rotary feeder valves.

Global Friction Products, Inc.

For the building, maritime, and mining industries, Global Friction Products, Inc. produces brake and clutch band assemblies on a custom basis. Rigid molded, molded arced slabs, key lock and drilled blocks, grooved molded and flat circles, flat sheets, lining kits, expander tube style blocks, brass keeper strips, brass bolts, and rivets are some of their products. They also have machining and MIG (GMAW) and TIG (GTAW) welding capabilities.

Cornertech, Inc.

Precision CNC manufacturer Cornertech, Inc. provides metal and plastic components for a variety of markets, including robotics, defense, maritime, aerospace, automotive, mining, and other automation-related industries. They work with a variety of materials, including polycarbonate, delrin, acetal, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel. They are capable of media blasting, 5-axis machining, and tight tolerances.


The largest machine shops in Tampa, Florida, according to employee count, are listed above. We sincerely hope that this information has aided in your supplier search. Visit Linquip, which provides details on other comparable items, to find out more about these businesses or to create your own unique shortlist of vendors.

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