Top 14 Machine Shops in Maine in 2023: Practical Guide

Machine Shops in Maine

Top Machine Shops in Maine – The GSP for Maine in 2017 was $61.4 billion. Over the past few decades, some of Maine’s top trades have changed. Previously, the state was well-known for its paper-making industry, agriculture, and shipbuilding. While these sectors have shrunk, Maine’s tourism and technology sectors have expanded. Consequently, the state is shifting from producing products to offering services. Agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding, healthcare, tourism, mining, and manufacturing are currently Maine’s largest industries. According to size, this article ranks the top machine shops in Maine.

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To help you find businesses that promise on-time delivery and provide individualized service, Linquip conducted market research and developed a list of the most reliable names. This extensive list offers analytical information, testimonials, and ratings to assist you in making the best choice. Look over this list of top machine shops in Maine and select the one that most closely matches your company’s needs.

Top Machine Shops in Maine

This table contains information on the top machine shops in Maine.

Table 1: Top Machine Shops in Maine

CompanyYear FoundedNo. of EmployeesRevenue
Maine Machine Products Co.1956<50$27 M
Masters Machine Company1957100-199$50 M
Maine Parts & Machine1985150$13 M
Knox Machine Company197750-99$25 M
C & C Machine Shop1974-<$5 M
O’Brien Consolidated Industries, Inc.196650$5 M
PTE Precision Machining197250<$5 M
Peterson’s Machine Shop194610<$5 M
Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC190650<$5 M
Pioneer Machine Inc.1953200<$5 M
D & G Machine Products Inc.1967<50$19 M
Mountain Machine Works198210-49$5 M
McKenney Machine & Tool Co.198030$25.7 M
Precision Manufacturing198150$6 M

Maine Machine Products Co.

About– Maine Machine Products Company is an industry leader in high-tolerance precision machined parts and assemblies for a range of sectors, including semiconductors, aerospace, and defense.

They serve the defense, aerospace, oil & gas, and other high-tech businesses and have more than 60 CNC machines and a Class 1,000 hard wall cleanroom. They uphold strict standards for quality control, are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D, and take pleasure in having a productive and orderly workplace. They currently work two shifts, both of which are manned by highly skilled and quality-oriented workers.

Masters Machine Company

A small business accredited custom producer of fasteners, wire and cable connectors, metal and plastic spacers, dowel rods, and pins is Masters Machine Company.

Maine Parts & Machine

About– Bill Kelton, the current president, purchased Maine Parts and Machine in 1985. Josh Kelton, the son of Bill and Deborah Kelton, is the vice president of technology. Deborah acts as the treasurer. The Kelton family is proud of the company’s continued expansion and its employment of over thirty people.

Maine Parts and Machine manufactures the finest bespoke parts, tools, and components that precisely fit the needs of the clients using cutting-edge machinery and years of experience. Regardless of whether your components are made of high-temperature alloy, plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, or steel,

Knox Machine Company

Precision machined components and mechanical sub-assemblies are made to order by Knox Machine Company for the defense, communications, oil and gas, aviation, aerospace, power generation, and plastics industries. The small company-certified manufacturer offers services for turning, horizontal and vertical milling, as well as CNC conventional and precision machining.

C & C Machine Shop

Since 1987, C & C Machine Shop has offered high-quality and reasonably priced fabrication, milling, and machining services. They can work on equipment of various sizes thanks to the 12,000-square-foot machining facility. Their areas of expertise include general machining, fabrication, engine rebuilding, and machine maintenance. Many of the clients come to them with issues they’re unable to name.

O’Brien Consolidated Industries, Inc.

Swiss screw machine items are produced by the woman-owned company O’Brien Consolidated Industries, Inc. They specialize in steel rule dies and arch punches and provide CNC machine work services.

PTE Precision Machining

About– PTE Precision Machining is dedicated to providing final products that satisfy or even surpass the expectations of the clients. They will put in the effort necessary to meet the job’s requirements. They deal with industry standards like Military Standards (MIL-STD), ASME, ASTM, SAE, ANSI, and UNS in addition to the fundamental drawing elements (Unified Numbering System).

PTE is proud to be able to handle your CNC machining requirements for prototypes or small- to medium-scale projects. On their computerized mills and lathes, which are industry-standard, the skilled machinists take satisfaction in producing high-quality parts. They will produce high-quality parts that meet or exceed your requirements for precision, quality, and turnaround time, whether your task calls for the use of a standard material like stainless steel, alloy steels, or aluminum, or a specialized material like inconel, hastelloy, or plastic.

Peterson’s Machine Shop

About– Since 1946, the Peterson Family has produced high-quality fishing gear in Lewiston, Maine. In the fall of 1946, they created the first version of the D-10 Down-Easter Rod Holder. Originally, it was intended to provide fishermen with a “third hand” as they rowed their canoe or rowboat.

Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC

A small company-accredited provider of CNC machining services, Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC works with materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, bronze, and specialty alloys. They can machine items up to 14 inches in diameter. There are services for milling, boring, turning, blasting, and peening.

Pioneer Machine Inc.

About–  It has been a pleasure for me to follow Pioneer Machine’s history and success stories for more than 30 years, from its modest beginning in a garage to the present day’s cutting-edge and effective machine shop. Pioneer Machine has been used by Zimba Company on a range of projects.

A fully equipped machine and welding shop with multiple qualified welders is called Pioneer Machine Inc. Another crucial service that strengthens the machining and hydraulic skills is welding. They offer MIG, TIG, stick, silver soldering, brazing, and plasma cutting in-house.

D & G Machine Products Inc.

Through active employee participation and ongoing improvement, they are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction. Their emphasis on quality guarantees that the goods and services they provide meet or surpass consumer expectations. D&G Machine Products is a company that has registered for AS9100D ISO 9001:2015. The production process is when quality control is most important, and it is ingrained in the corporate culture.

Mountain Machine Works

About–  Since 1982, Mountain Machine Works has helped satisfied clients overcome challenging machining challenges. Bruce R. Tisdale, the company’s founder, founded MMW as a small task machine shop based on his proficiency in problem-solving and depth of industry expertise.

The expert staff at Mountain Machine Works has more than 35 years of practical experience in fabrication, in-place machining, and machining. They provide reasonable and competitive pricing, centralized project management, timely delivery, and work that is above par in terms of quality and innovation.

McKenney Machine & Tool Co.

About– The Quality Assurance Manager is always accessible to answer your questions since they realize how important it is to know where your purchase is in the process. They offer complete traceability of every material used as well as a formal quality control procedure.

With over 40 years of expertise, McKenney Machine & Tool Co. is a full-service precision machine shop dedicated to creating high-quality machined parts that are tailored to the needs of their clients. Their on-time delivery performance is unmatched in the industry, and the quality assurance system ensures that parts are within tolerance.

Precision Manufacturing

About– The aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical markets are served by Precision Manufacturing Solutions Inc. (“PMSI”), a full engineering and contract production center of excellence.

Modern tools and proprietary production techniques enable PMSI to set the standard for component quality, accuracy, and lead time. Performance is optimized because of the ability to produce components with tolerances as small as 0.0002.


The top machine shops in Maine with diversity-ownership certifications are listed above. We hope that this information has you in your supplier search. Visit Linquip, which provides details on other comparable items, to find out more about these businesses or to create your own unique shortlist of vendors.

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