The Best USA Thermocouple Manufacturers in 2022

thermocouple manufacturers

USA Thermocouple Manufacturers– Thermocouples are crucial parts for temperature measurement. It can be challenging to find the right type of thermocouple from reputable companies, so we created this guide to assist you in learning about the various types of thermocouples, their operating temperature range, and their sensitivity, as well as access to details on the top domestic US manufacturers of these devices, including the types they offer, sales revenue, and location.

Instruments that sense heat and regulate temperature are known as thermocouple assemblies, often known as thermocouples, temperature sensors, or temperature probes. Their operation is based on the Seebeck Effect, which theorizes that a voltage is always formed between two dissimilar metals and that this voltage fluctuates in response to variations in ambient temperature. They are made up of two linked, dissimilar metal wires.

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Thermocouples are available from a wide range of Suppliers and Companies, as well as manufacturers and distributors, and Linquip has a large selection of Thermocouples for Sale.

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Two different metal wires are linked together in a loop to gauge the temperature of an item. The loop has a voltmeter linked to it. The sensing and reference junctions are established by the two nodes at the intersection of the different wires. The voltage difference between the sensing and reference connections is proportional to the temperature difference between them.

Knowing the temperature of the reference junction is necessary to determine the temperature at the sensing junction. This may be achieved by cooling the reference junction to zero degrees C by submerging it in an ice bath. A more well-liked method is to use a separate temperature sensor to gauge the reference junction’s temperature. By using this technique, the sensing junction is exposed to harsh surroundings while the reference junction is kept inside the protection of the meter.

The usage of thermocouple assemblies is widespread in the industry, commerce, and residence. Water tanks, heat exchangers, plastic extrusion machines, parts washers, general heating equipment, ovens, kilns, water heaters, furnaces, pressure chambers, and thermostats are a few examples of the systems and gadgets that employ them.

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For your convenience, Linquip conducted market research and developed a list of the most trusted names to help you choose businesses that promise on-time delivery and provide individualized care. To assist you in making the best choice possible, this extensive collection offers analytical information, testimonials, and ratings. Look through this list of thermocouple manufacturers and suppliers to choose which one best suits the needs of your company.

Top Thermocouple Manufacturers & Suppliers in the U.S

The firms that make thermocouples in the United States are included in the table below, along with a summary of each company’s products and information on where each company is located. Table 1 provides more information on the company’s expected yearly sales and the year it was created.

CompanyHeadquarterYear FoundedSales (USD Mil)
Temperature Specialists Inc.Minnesota, United States19775-10
Wilcon IndustriesLake Elsinore, California, United States1972<1
Kelvin Technologies, Inc.Mississauga, ON2000-
Thermocouple Technology, LLCQuakertown, Pennsylvania, United States19851-5
Thermalogic® CorporationHudson, Massachusetts, United States1971-
MTI Industrial SensorsLewisville, Texas, United States1979<1
Thermal CorporationMadison, Alabama, United States19771-5
Ulanet™Bristol, Connecticut, United States1921-
Thermo Sensors CorporationGarland, Texas, United States19721-5
Nanmac CorporationFramingham, Massachusetts19565-10

Temperature Specialists Inc.

St. Francis, Minnesota-based Temperature Specialists Inc. specializes in producing thermocouple assemblies with wire diameters ranging from extremely small to big thermowell designs (.0005″). They also sell thermistors, thermowells, and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) in addition to thermocouples for measuring temperature.

Wilcon Industries

Base metal, noble metal, refractory metal-encased, and bare wire thermocouples are all manufactured by Wilcon Industries. The business is based in Lake Elsinore, California, and produces its goods here.

Kelvin Technologies, Inc.

thermocouple manufacturers
Kelvin Technologies, Inc. (Reference:

For all of your electrical heating, temperature control, and temperature sensing needs, Kelvin Technologies is a premium thermocouple producer, representative, and distributor. Our products are designed and created in-house to meet a variety of specifications, including greater temperatures and smaller profiles. At Kelvin Technologies, we all take pleasure in the caliber of the products and level of service we offer our clients, bringing more than 100 years of combined expertise to the table.

Thermocouple Technology, LLC

A wide range of temperature measuring products are available from Thermocouple Technology, LLC, including thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, transmitters, thermocouple wire, indicators, and controllers. Power generation, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, aircraft and aerospace, and steel industries all utilize their goods. The business is situated in Pennsylvania’s Quakertown.

Thermalogic® Corporation

thermocouple manufacturers
Thermalogic® Corporation (Reference:

Leading producer of electronic sensors and controls for temperature and humidity since 1971, Thermalogic. Here at Thermalogic, we collaborate with our clients to create long-lasting professional relationships. All of our items, including those with customized designs, have rapid turnaround periods and are rigorously tested before being delivered. At Thermalogic, we take great pleasure in our high-quality, durable products. To begin, get in touch with us today!

MTI Industrial Sensors

Single, dual, triplex, and multipoint thermocouple designs are available from MTI Industrial Sensors of Lewisville, Texas, along with a choice of sheath terminations, including heads made of aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, or explosion-proof materials.

Thermal Corporation

Refractory thermocouples made with inconel sheaths and insulation made of magnesium oxide are available from Thermal Corporation and can resist temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Since 1977, the Madison, Alabama-based business has produced all of its thermocouples.


They provide a variety of solutions and have over 81 years of successful manufacturing expertise. HVAC, process heating, food service, laboratory tank heating, industrial system control, and other sectors all use their thermostats. In order to achieve maximum client satisfaction, they work closely with them to be at the forefront of their business.

Thermo Sensors Corporation

Thermocouples have been produced by Thermo Sensors Corporation since 1972 for use in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. They have MGO (magnesium oxide) thermocouples, which can endure pressures of 60,000 psi and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. They are in the Texas city of Garland.

Nanmac Corporation

In 1956, the Framingham, Massachusetts-based Nanmac Corporation was founded with a primary focus on government research and military applications. Numerous of their thermocouples are currently employed in numerous industrial processes, including air pollution management, combustion, heat transfer research, and vehicle testing.


The top 10 domestic thermocouple manufacturers are given here, along with some useful details on thermocouple specs and operating concepts. Visit the Linquip platform, which offers a database of several commercial and industrial US firms, including many thermocouple manufacturers, for detailed information on many more industrial enterprises. If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with high-quality items that live up to your expectations, Linquip is your best option. For more information, visit our website and get in touch with Linquip’s Experts.

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