What Is The LEEP? (Linquip Expert’s Estimated Price)

LEEP is the “Linquip Experts Estimated Price” for each device. It is calculated based on the incorporation of public and expert-submitted data. The LEEP’s accuracy depends on the amount of data we’ve received for each piece of equipment. Therefore, we highly recommend you suggest a more accurate price for this device by filling out the suggestion price form. This will make LEEP as accurate as possible.


What is the LEEP


For suggesting a price (LEEP) to a device:

  • Search for a device and go to its page.
  • Click on the “Suggest a Price” button to open the form.
  • In the first box, you need to enter the average price of the market which is, per unit and is based on the standard scope of supply.
  • If you have additional information about the whole package, that includes other factors such as delivery, transportation fee, EXW, insurance, FOB, installation, commissioning, etc.
  • Enter the price, and add them to the third box by explaining the reason for the difference in the price of the equipment and the full package.
  • Submit the form.
  • The LEEP for this device will be updated shortly after.


What is the LEEP1

Note that LEEP is not an appraisal or a manufacturer’s price. The final price may be impacted by several factors such as the scope of supply, Incoterms rules, and financial terms. We encourage buyers to send an inquiry via Linquip to the manufacturer or a nearby distributor to receive the final price.

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