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    What is Hydrovane Compressors ? (Ultimate Guideline)

    Hydrovane compressors built by Hydrovane in the UK are famous for their durability, great performance and reliability. Hydrovane compressors can be used in a wide range of industries influencing the quality of our lives to a great extent. If you are curious to know more about Hydrovane compressors, Linquip is here to provide you with all the things you need to know about compressor. Now let’s dive deeper.

    What is HC?

    HC or Hydrovane Compressor is the system designed to provide dependable and consistent air supply. They have many advantages including:

    • Low noise level

    Hydrovane Compressors have the noise level as low as 60-70 dB(A) which is better than the most compressors on the market. You can set up the compressor right next to you and work without the noise and the distraction than other air compressors create.

    • Durability and long lifespan

    New Hydrovane Compressors have fewer moving parts which make maintenance a lot easier. The result of the correct maintaining and high-quality parts used to create such a system is a durable device with a long lifespan that can last for more than 10 years. Hydrovane compressors can operate for more than 100000 hours!

    • Maximize energy consumption

    Fewer components used inside Hydrovane compressors reduce the energy needed to maintain or replace parts.

    • High-quality air

    Oil carryover or OCO of Hydrovane air compressors is usually less than 3ppm, making the air it produces clean, dry, and pulse-free.

    Different Types of Hydrovane Compressors - Linquip

    Different parts and components

    Hydrovane Compressors are compact and easy to install. So you don’t have to worry about dealing with a giant device with a lot of different parts you need to constantly keep an eye on. With only 60-70dB (A), they are quiet and noiseless enough to run anywhere. These Hydrovane Compressors can minimize energy costs. There are only a few parts of the Hydrovane compressor that might in time need to be replaced and new technologies enable Hydrovane compressors to have fewer moving parts. And an oil-based coolant helps to avoid metal to metal contact. Some of the parts inside a Hydrovane compressor are coupling spider, impeller/motor coupling, drive coupling, compressor coupling, filter, air cleaner, V-belt, regulator, automatic drain value, base, tank, safety valve, isolation valve, motor controller, electric motor, in-tank check valve, first-stage and second-stage cylinder, belt guard, pressure gauge, equipment deck, unloader line, unloader valve, and pressure switch.

    Types of Hydrovane Compressors

    There are several designs and configurations available for Hydrovane compressors making it easy for the market to choose based on their own preferences. You can have a Hydrovane Compressor with integral air dryers, with filter, receivers or even with a different design in cabinets for better silencing.

    How does a Hydrovane Compressor works?

    The clean and dry compressed air is delivered through Hydrovane Compressors with automatic regulation in a consistent manner.

    Hydrovane compressor problems

    If you learn how to properly use and maintain your Hydrovane compressors, they will last a long time without any decrease in efficiency or extra repairing costs. Some Hydrovane compressor problems can be avoided easily when you do the right maintenance. Some of these are as follows:

    • Change the filters regularly

    Regular filter changes are a must for Hydrovane Compressors since it prevents dust or dirt piling up in the system and clogging the way. If the filter fills with dust and dirt, the pressure keeps changing and it can cause spending more money on the system than planned.

    • Regular service and maintenance checkups

    If you service your compressor at correct intervals, you shouldn’t have to worry much about running into a problem. An expert can easily detect problems at the early stages before they turn into disasters. Preventing a problem at early stages is less complicated, easier to handle and costs less.

    • Use the Hydrovane compressor manual

    If you want to make sure about the right maintenance, use the manual and follow all the steps described inside to ensure your system receives the necessary care and services.

    • Turn off the system when possible

    When the Hydrovane Compressor is not in use, turn it off to save energy. When the device is on but is not in use, it uses up to 40% of its fully loaded KW rating.

    • Consider buying the right size

    Too small or too big Hydrovane Compressors directly affect your desired outcome and the maintenance budget you set aside. Get the right size for your specific output needs.

    Hydrovane Compressors - Linquip

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    Hydrovane compressor Service

    Since compressors are often used for a long time during the day, they should be able to provide reliable performance at any desired moment without leaving you with a broken device that needs constant repair. So, you need to avoid downtime and delays as much as possible. Many users consider buying a second-hand or old Hydrovane compressor. While this might get them through tough times and even the system last for a long time, an important fact that affects their overall cost is overlooked here. The outcome is indeed important but a device that works efficiently, not only saves money in the long run, but it also saves energy. If you want a long-lasting device that is efficient and results in saving money in the long run, you need to consider the right maintenance and also regular checkups done by an expert.

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    What industries use Hydrovane air compressors?

    Hydrovane compressors are the right solution for a wide range of industries such as construction, farm and agriculture, food and beverage, automotive and garage, medical and dental, and many more businesses in need of such devices. It’s good to know that Hydrovane air compressors are very popular among customers since they have adopted the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and are up to standards creating overall customer satisfaction.

    That was everything you needed to know about Hydrovane Compressors gathered by Linquip. So, when you need a versatile and reliable performance, Hydrovane Compressors are the right device for you. If you have any comments or experience about them, feel free to share with us in the comment section.  And if you’re already dealing with one and need an expert to help you out, sign up to get the answers to each and every question you have.

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