Top 10 Gear Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA in 2022

Gear Manufacturers

Top Gear Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA- For thousands of years, people have been making gear. The first known instances of gears date from China in the 4th century BCE. Gears are an important part of a variety of devices. They may be found in almost every mechanical device with rotating components.

A gear is a toothed mechanical transmission device that allows motion and power to be transferred between machine components. In this post, we’ll look at main suppliers by yearly revenue, all of whom have headquarters in the United States. We’ll then look at a more particular data set on their websites that highlight minority-owned suppliers so you may source gears more effectively.

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Below we’ve compiled a list of gear manufacturers and suppliers in the United States for you to choose from.

Top Gear Manufacturers in the USA

The top gear manufacturers are shown in this table, based on yearly projected revenue. Additional information about each business’s headquarters location as well as descriptions of corporate operations are provided.

Table 1: Top Gear Manufacturers in the USA

ManufacturerHeadquartersAnnual Revenue
Houston Gear USA Inc.Stafford, TX1.4
Power Plant ServicesMelrose Park20.8
Superior Gearbox CompanyStockton, Missouri13
Cleveland Gear Co.Cleveland, Ohio8.61
Rodon GroupPennsylvania22.24
Gemini GroupMichigan450.29
Omni Gear & Machine CorporationHouston, TX2.12
Gear Manufacturing Inc.Kansas 10.98
Aichi ForgeKentucky74.58
Timken CompanyNorth Canton, Ohio3,513

Houston Gear USA Inc.

Houston Gear USA, Inc. has been producing custom gears, machined parts, and delivering comprehensive services to clients for more than forty years. Fully integrated machining capabilities are available in the 45,000 square foot facility. Houston Gear has always excelled as a renowned maker of custom gears via hard work, dedication, and passion for their art. Even during market downturns, their approach to achieving customer excellence has allowed them to prosper. They’ve reached this level of success by adhering to a few basic concepts, such as prioritizing customer pleasure, focusing on continuous improvement, and ensuring that every employee is dedicated to the highest levels of quality.

Address:12810 Mula Ln, Stafford, TX 77477, United States

Power Plant Services

Power Plant Services manufactures gears as well as standard and bespoke valve components. Other elements include strainers, covers, balance chambers, control valves, caps, discs, crossheads, bushings, cup seats, keys, keeper rings, and gaskets. Melrose Park, Illinois, is where they are based.

Superior Gearbox Company

Since 1975, Superior Gearbox Company has produced high-quality gear drives for power transmission systems. For many sorts of on and off-road applications, they provide right angle, bevel, worm gear, and spindle drives. Superior can also create bespoke gear drives to fulfill even the most unusual requirements, from prototype to final testing. Superior’s production procedures, which include the most up-to-date engineering software in the gear drive industry, allow them to manufacture consistent, yet cost-effective products that provide outstanding performance over many years.

Address:803 West St, Stockton, MO 65785, United States

Cleveland Gear Co.

For nearly a century, Cleveland Gear has been manufacturing open worm gears and enclosed drives. For nearly a century, Cleveland Gear has been the industry leader in the most rigorous working circumstances. Cleveland Gear is now the industry leader in enclosed gear drives and gearing.

They provide solutions for a wide range of crucial industrial applications in the harshest environments. Cleveland Gear can be found in everything from the first worm gear sets they made for early automobiles and trucks to the gearing and drives used in steel production, material transport, coal pulverization for electric power generation, and people moving in the world’s busiest airports and mass transit systems.

Address:3249 E 80th St, Cleveland, OH 44104, United States

Rodon Group

In 1956, the Rodon Group was established. Gears, pipe plugs, O-rings, rubber and plastic seals, rubber and plastic tips, and safety equipment are among the high-volume precision injection molded plastic components that they produce. They have their headquarters in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

Gemini Group

Bad Axe, Michigan, is home to the Gemini Group. Input/output transmission gears are manufactured by the firm which was created in 1972. High-pressure valve stems, threaded rings, abrasion rings, valve components, and pulleys are among their other machining items.

Omni Gear & Machine Corporation

Omni Gear has been devoted to quality work, outstanding service, and a rapid turnaround time at reasonable costs since 1988, when it began in a 500-square-foot location. They serve clients across North America from our state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot facility, but they remained a small business with the same aims they had when they started: “to give unmatched service and stand behind everything we create”.

Address:90 Bissel St, Joliet, IL 60432, United States

Gear Manufacturing Inc.

Gear Manufacturing Inc. is a company that specializes in producing custom gears, machined components, and assemblies. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are key priorities for every employee who is dedicated to excellence. Their crew is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified, which means they can not only get the job done but get it done well. Few job shops have the equipment to create components as precisely as GMI does, and even fewer have the equipment to monitor the tolerances they retain. Their devices ensure that the task is done correctly with tolerances as low as one-tenth (.0001″). The Legex 574, a CNC CMM with a total precision of 18 millionths, is the newest addition to their inspection department (.000018).

Address:3721 E Miraloma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States

Aichi Forge

Carbon steel, micro-alloy steel, alloy steel, and vacuum arc remelt steel are among the materials used by Aichi Forge USA, Inc. to make forged steel gears. They were created in 1985 and are situated in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Timken Company

Timken is a customized gear, highly designed bearing, and power transmission component, and system manufacturer. North Canton, Ohio is the company’s headquarters. Also accessible are lubricants, seals, lubrication systems, tubing, sensors, and housings.

Top Diversity-Owned Gear Suppliers the USA

The top diversity-owned gear manufacturers are included in this table, sorted by yearly anticipated revenue. Additional information about each business’s headquarters location, as well as descriptions of corporate operations, are provided below.

Table 2: Top Diversity-Owned Gear Suppliers the USA

SupplierHeadquartersAnnual Revenue
OTP Industrial SolutionsOhio123.2
Cope Plastics, Inc.Illinois191.29
Power Plant ServicesMelrose Park20.8
Bearing & Transmission Supply Co.Ohio100
Mattco ForgeCalifornia18.67
Gemini GroupMichigan450.29
Perry Technology Corp.New Hartford, CT12.43
Aero GearWindsor, CT40.6
Stahl Gear & Machine Co.Ohio15
Bearing Service Co.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.50

OTP Industrial Solutions

OTP Industrial Solutions sells and distributes gearboxes for robotics and positioning. They were created in 1963 and have their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Cope Plastics, Inc.

Alton, Illinois-based Cope Plastics, Inc. The firm was started in 1946 and produces cut plastic gears such as driving and idler gears.

Power Plant Services

Power Plant Services is a valve component manufacturer specializing in standard and custom gears. Strainers, balancing chambers, covers, caps, control valves, crossheads, discs, cup seats, bushings, keeper rings, keys, and gaskets are some of the company’s other goods. Melrose Park, Illinois is where they’re based.

Bearing & Transmission Supply Co.

In 1967, Bearing & Transmission Supply Co. was established. Helical gears are distributed by the firm. Metallic, nonmetallic, and worm gear with M.T.O. and pullers are among the features of their helical gears. The company is based in Macedonia, Ohio.

Mattco Forge

Mattco Forge manufactures metal equipment, notably gears, for aerospace, transportation, defense, and oil and gas industries. They are situated in Paramount, California, and were founded in 1969.

Gemini Group

Bad Axe, Michigan is home to the Gemini Group. Input/output transmission gears are manufactured by the firm, which was created in 1972. High-pressure valve stems, threaded rings, abrasion rings, valve components, and pulleys are among their other machining items.

Perry Technology Corp.

Perry Technology Corporation was established in 1986. Precision gears, including unique gears, are manufactured by the firm. Bevel, rack, helical, sector, spur, face, and worm gears are among the gear types offered by the company, which is based in New Hartford, Connecticut.

Aero Gear

Precision carburized, hardened, and ground gears are manufactured by Aero Gear. The Windsor, Connecticut-based firm specializes in small-lot replacement gears. It was established in 1983.

Stahl Gear & Machine Co.

Cleveland-based Stahl Gear & Machine Co. Gears, pinions, and racks are all made by them. Spur, generating, spiral, bevel, helical, internal, rack, and worm gears, as well as herringbone, metric, ground, shaved with crowning, and spline varieties, are among the gear types offered.

Bearing Service Co.

In 1933, Bearing Service Co. was established. The company is a power transmission stocking distributor, which includes gears and racks. Its headquarters are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The top gear manufacturers and suppliers in the United States, as measured by yearly revenue, are listed above. We hope you found this information useful in your supplier search. Visit Industrial Equipment Suppliers and Companies on Linquip to learn more about these businesses or to create your own unique shortlist of suppliers. These suppliers also provide information on other comparable items. You can also contact Gear experts to get more information about your requirements.

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