Top 10 Heat Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA & Worldwide in 2022

Top Heat Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers

This article lists the top heat pump manufacturers and suppliers in the U.S. and worldwide so that you can source a supplier with ease. The heat pump market has a wide range of brands to choose from. Each brand offers different features. It is important to think about the power requirements for your residence when making an acquisition. The amount of energy required for a property can be affected by the utilities used and its size. When you take into account these considerations, you will be able to determine the optimal size as well as the specifications to look for when choosing a heat pump.

Before we dive deeply into the article, let’s quickly go over how a heat pump works:

Basics of Heat Pump

There is no new technology behind heat pumps; they have been in use for decades across the globe. Air conditioning makes use of heat pump technology.

By circulating a substance known as a refrigerant through an evaporation and condensation cycle, heat pumps transfer heat. The refrigerant circulates through heat exchanger coils. In one coil, the refrigerant evaporates at low pressure and absorbs heat from its surroundings. Upon reaching the other coil, the refrigerant is compressed at high pressure and condenses. This is the point where it releases the heat that it has absorbed earlier.

The heat pump transfers heat energy from a heat source to a thermal reservoir. It acts as the opposite of unprompted heat transfer by absorbing heat from a cold area and releasing it into a warmer one. In its most basic design, a heat pump consists of four parts: a condenser, an expansion valve, an evaporator, and a compressor. These components circulate a medium to transfer heat called refrigerant.

“Heat pumps” are general terms for HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning ) equipment used for either space heating or cooling. Users can choose whether to use heat pumps to heat or cool their homes. Heat pumps work by using the same basic refrigeration cycle as air conditioners or refrigerators but in the opposite direction. In general, heat pumps draw their energy from the cooler external air or the ground when heating.

A heat pump is significantly more energy efficient than an electrical resistance heater, but its installation costs are higher.

Heat Pump Market

Many suppliers compete in the highly fragmented global heat pump market. There is a variety of internationally, regionally, and locally focused vendors in the market. Local and regional vendors often provide heat pumps with highly-customized features and energy-efficient performance at a lower price than international suppliers. In spite of the emergence of several local and regional companies, they have found it challenging to compete with international suppliers on quality, features and customer service.

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Heat pumps are gaining popularity among the masses and are becoming a common household item. Technology advancements are expected to take place in the heat pump market over the next few years. Additionally, the growing focus on changing the global energy mix will force big players to invest in research and development. Increasing product extensions and technological innovations are likely to intensify competition in this market in the future.

Top American Heat Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers

Below is a list of the largest American heat pump manufacturers and suppliers ranked according to size. Additionally, each company’s location and annual sales are included, along with a summary of its activities.

CompanyHeadquartersYear foundedNumber of employeesAnnual sales
RHEEMAtlanta, GA19257000$500 Million
GOODMANHouston, TX19751000$500 Million
Comitale National, Inc. (CNI)Bensalem, PA199225-100$2.9 Million
Griffith & Petz, Inc.Johnstown, PA198050$6.43 Million
W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc.Hanover, PA196311-50$4.87 Million
Tithe Corp.Baltimore, MD199011-50$4.26 Million
Neptech, Inc)Highland, MI199410-49$4 Million
Magnatex Pumps, Inc.Houston, TX1985<25$4.41 Million
Aircon Engineering, Inc.Cumberland, MD198120$9.85 Million
Advanced Pump Co., Inc.Woburn, MA1988<10$1.32 Million
Water Cooling Corp. Rosedale, NY1939<10$1.21 Million


As a member of AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute), Rheem Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, environmentally responsible, and innovative water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications. Rheem’s heat pumps can be used in residential and commercial settings and offer energy efficiency and many other features. The company’s heat pumps are quiet, efficient, reliable heating and cooling systems.


Goodman has been helping homeowners achieve reliable, high-quality, and affordable indoor comfort since 1982. Its products are made in the United States. Thousands of independent heating and cooling professionals have therefore come to trust and respect the Goodman brand. As a mid-range brand, Goodman heat pumps are reliable, besides other top-name brands.

Comitale National, Inc. (CNI)

The company manufactures replacement packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) systems for commercial and industrial applications. In addition to heat pumps, they make chassis, feeders, air conditioners and filters.

H. Cooke & Co., Inc.

Cooke & Co., Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of heat pumps ranging from 8,900 BTU to 30,000 BTU. The company also offers other products, including probes, air handlers, furnaces, and coils.

Tithe Corp.

Tithe Corp. manufacturers air conditioning systems, environmental control equipment, and heat pumps.

Neptech, Inc.

Neptech, Inc. manufactures and distributes heat pumps for standard and custom systems. Among their other products are chillers, heaters, heated filters, filter housings, heater exchangers, pressure gauges, transducers, amplifiers, displays, indicators, calibration equipment, temperature controllers, hoses, sealants, connectors, pumps, circulators, probes, valves, actuators,  and even racks, cabinets, and adhesives.

Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

Magnatex Pumps, Inc. produces high pressure, high viscosity handling magnetic and fluoropolymer lined centrifugal and regenerative turbine pumps for various applications, including heat transfer, chemical process, petrochemical, refinery, textile, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and general industrial applications.

Aircon Engineering, Inc.

1947 marked the beginning of Aircon Engineering, Inc. Air conditioning, heat exchangers, and heat pumps are distributed by the company.

Advanced Pump Co., Inc.

The company distributes pumps and pumping equipment. It also offers testing, repair, and inspection services. In the industrial and HVAC markets, commercial and biomedical sectors, as well as the chemical sector, are all served by the company’s products.

Water Cooling Corp.

1950 saw the foundation of Water Cooling Corp. the Pump. Heat pumps are distributed by the company in a wide range of sizes and applications. It also offers all types of centrifugal pumps used in hundreds of industrial applications, such as booster service, chillers, condensate return, dewatering, filtration, cooling, loading & unloading, machine tools, process, plating, recirculation, scrubbers, spraying, transfer & water softeners. 

Top Global Heat Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers

In the following table the largest international heat pump manufacturers and suppliers are listed ranked by the number of staff they employ. A description of each company’s activities and location, as well as its sales volume, are provided as well.

CompanyHeadquartersYear foundedNumber of employeesAnnual sales
SamsungSeoul, South Korea1938287000$200 Billion
PanasonicOsaka, Japan1918243000$58 Billion
LGSeoul, South Korea1947222000$67 Billion
Mitsubishi ElectricTokyo, Japan1921138700$40.35 Billion
Johnson ControlsCork, Ireland188597000$24 Billion
Daikin Osaka, Japan192480000$22.3 Billion
Carrier CorporationPalm Beach Gardens, Florida197844545$1.17 Billion
TRANEDublin, Ireland191329000$13.74 Billion
Danfoss Power Solutions Co.1993199327000$6.94 Billion
Ingersoll-Rand Swords, Ireland185915900$4.9 Billion
Vaillant Remscheid, Germany187415000$2.5 Billion
LENNOX InternationalRichardson, Texas189511500$3.8 Billion
NIBE Industrier ABMarkaryd, Sweden2006>10000$2.36 Billion
DimplexDublin, Ireland19738500$86.31 Million
Calorex Maldon, UK1977500$27.3 Million
Kensa Truro, UK199951-200$33.14 Million


Heat pumps designed by Samsung belong to the EHS product line (Ecological and Economical Heating System). This product line has received numerous certifications over the years for promoting low carbon emissions and protecting the environment. The pumps are durable and can operate in very cold temperatures. Moreover, the EHS pumps are equipped with a remote control to enhance ease of operation.


‘Aquarea’ is the name under which Panasonic heat pumps are developed. Residents can use these heat pumps for indoor heating and water heating. The Panasonic air to water heat pump is extremely efficient and emits low carbon dioxide. The units are capable of both heating and cooling a property, and can operate at very low temperatures, particularly during the winter season.


In addition to providing hot water for households, these air-to-water pumps can provide energy for heating a residence. The LG pump series is also known as Therma V Split. Connecting it to alternative energy sources such as solar panels can reduce energy consumption. Additionally, these pumps do not always operate at full capacity. In fact, they only use as much power as they need for normal operation. Even the coldest temperatures won’t stop them from working.

Mitsubishi Electric

Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric manufactures and markets electronic and electrical products around the world, including heat pumps. These products serve a range of industries, including energy and electric systems, industrial automation, information and communication solutions, electronic devices, and home appliances.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls International is a multinational conglomerate based in Cork, Ireland, which designs, manufactures, and installs fire-fighting, HVAC-related, and security equipment for buildings. Johnson Controls is a manufacturer of refrigeration controls and produces heat pumps equipped with rotary screw compressors, water heating condensers, plate heat exchangers, and ASME vertical accumulators. These products are perfect for poultry, dairy, and brewing operations.


This Japanese multinational company makes air conditioning systems, chemical products, and heat pumps worldwide. Daikin is based in Osaka. The company’s operations are spread across Japan, China, Australia, the United States, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Daikin designed and developed air conditioners with a variable refrigerant flow. Its products are used in residences, offices, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, data centers, and marine applications.

Carrier Corporation

The carrier corporation produces HVAC systems. Several different refrigeration systems are available, including air-cooled condensers, air-cooled gas coolers, compressor racks, multi-rack compressors, heat pumps, and heat exchangers. Residential and light commercial properties, commercial buildings, and multi-level facilities, as well as food distribution and retail refrigeration, are all services provided by the company.


Trane Technologies Inc. provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems as well as building management systems and controls. It was a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand Inc., the successor to American Standard Companies. It offers high-quality heat pumps that save your money. It was rated as the most efficient brand by Energy Star in 2019.

Danfoss Power Solutions

Danfoss Power Solutions Co. manufactures and distributes hydraulic, electrohydraulic, and electric products around the world. Field testing and prototyping are part of their services. The company’s products include hydrostatic transmissions, open circuit products, orbital motors, steering components and heat pumps. 

Among the applications of hydrostatic transmissions are low and medium-power vehicles such as aerial lifts, skid steer loaders, walk-behind rollers, industrial forklift trucks, and high-power trucks. A variety of valves are available, including proportional, directional control, hand-operated cartridge, and rotary valves. Hydrostatic controls have many applications in agriculture, construction, material handling, road building, and special vehicles in forestry and on-highway.


Ingersoll-Rand manufactures tools and equipment. Among their products are air and electric tools, material handling equipment, fluid handling systems, vehicle service tools, and dispensing solutions. The various markets they serve include aerospace, pharmaceutical, special machine, vehicle service, government, automotive, warehousing, electronics, transportation, manufacturing, construction, textile, and agriculture.


The Vaillant Group manufactures HVAC and hot water products. It is one of the largest companies in its field in Europe.  Under the Vaillant brand, two different types of pumps are available. They are Vaillant Ground Heat Pumps and Vaillant Air to Water Heat Pumps.

LENNOX International 

Lennox International Inc. provides heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration products. Heatcraft Refrigeration and Armstrong are other brands of Lennox. Lennox heat pumps are among the most accurate and efficient on the market. It offers heat pumps with innovative technological features, and the brand owns all its parts. This makes repairing it difficult.  

NIBE Industrier AB 

NIBE Industrier AB is an international company specializing in heating technology. The company manufactures heat pumps, boilers, water heaters, electrical elements and freestanding fireplaces used in households and businesses.


Through its manufacturing facilities in the UK and Germany, Dimplex produces the most comprehensive range of heat pumps on the UK market and is at the forefront of energy-efficient heat pump technology development. The efficiency of a Dimplex heat pump is astonishing. They get about 80% of the energy they need from the environment for the production of hot water and heating.


Calorex, founded in 1977, is the industry leader in heat pumps and dehumidifiers for swimming pools and commercial applications. Calorex is a British company with its headquarters in Maldon, United Kingdom. Calorex has been manufacturing heat pumps for over 30 years, establishing a reputation for quality, and excellent customer support.


The company’s reliable and efficient solutions provide an alternative to polluting fossil fuels, from manufacturing to installation. Kensa Heat Pumps is the only ground source heat pump manufacturer in the UK.

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