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A Better Life, A Better World

About Company:

Panasonic is a leading technology partner to businesses and governments, at the forefront of everything from electric batteries to smart cities to high-tech stadium experiences. We provide a wide range of integrated solutions across many different industries, including automotive, avionics, energy and utilities, food services and hospitality, retail, government and public safety, logistics, manufacturing, and sports and entertainment. By anticipating the future, innovating continuously and integrating disruptive technologies, we’re able to produce breakthrough solutions for our clients. Our goal? To create technologies that move us toward a better life and a better world.
  1. Complete Home, Business and Industrial Solutions

  2. Automotive Solutions, Energy Solutions, Maritime Solutions

  3. Audio Video Solutions, Data Center Solutions, IoT Solutions

  4. Computers, Tablets & Handhelds

  5. Consulting & Professional Services

Categories of Products Manufactured by Panasonic:

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    Pressure Transducers
    164 Devices
    797 Devices
    93 Devices
    Push Button Switch
    31 Devices