Top 15 Machine Shops in New Hampshire (NH) in 2022

Top Machine Shops in New Hampshire (NH)

Top Machine Shops in New Hampshire (NH) – According to information provided by the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturing is well-represented in New Hampshire and contributes to more than 11% of the state’s economic activity. Manufacturers based in the state include BAE Electronic Systems, Velcro, NH Ball Bearings, and Hypertherm. Electronics and computer items dominate the manufacturing industry, followed by machinery, fabricated metal products, and electrical equipment and appliances.

The demands of these established and emerging sectors are met by machine shops in New Hampshire, with repair, prototyping, and OEM manufacturing services being particularly prevalent. Naturally, CNC machining is more common, but many firms also offer manual turning and milling when necessary. While some emphasize their capacity to process huge workpieces, others specialize in Swiss-style machining of tiny parts. Many businesses provide other associated services, including EDM, fabrication and assembly, heat treatment, engineering, and other necessary services to help their clients in the state.

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Top Machine Shops in New Hampshire (NH)

Listed below are the Top Machine Shops in New Hampshire (NH). Each company’s information includes its headquarters, sales, year of foundation, and the number of employees. US million dollars are used to measure annual sales. Following the table are summaries of each company.

Company nameYear foundedNo. of EmployeesAnnual saleActivity
Xometry, Inc.2013500-999+$200 MilCNC machining
Prototek1987100-200$100-200 MilCNC machining
C&M Precision Tech197950-100$25-50 MilSwiss screw
Latva Machine1979100-200$10-25 MilCNC machining
RDS Machine198750-100$10-25 MilCNC machining
Swiss screw
New England Small Tube198650-100$10-25 MilSwiss screw
Sparton Technology197250-100$10-25 MilCNC machining
Baron Machine195750-100$10-25 MilCNC machining
Will-Mor Mfg195210-50$10-25 MilCNC machining
Matrix Aerospace200150-100$5-10 MilCNC machining
Millennium Precision200310-50$5-10 MilSwiss screw
Hollis Line Machine196250-100$5-10 MilCNC large part
Adax Machine198610-50$1-5 MilCNC machining
North East Precision198510-50$1-5 MilCNC machining
S&S Machine201010-50$1 MilCNC machining


Xometry, Inc.

Engineers, product developers, designers, and others can use the bespoke online CNC machining service offered by Xometry, Inc. The business provides bespoke CNC quotations on more than 40 materials, including commonplace aluminum and acetal, as well as high-tech titanium and specialized polymers like PEEK and Teflon.


At its four US locations, two of which are in New Hampshire, Prototek offers 5-axis CNC vertical and horizontal milling, 9-axis CNC mill/turn, manual turning, CNC routing, surface grinding, lapping, and polishing. The business focuses on low-volume production and prototype work.

C&M Precision Tech

C&M Precision Tech manages low- to high-volume production for clients in the aerospace and military, flow control, medical, optical, and related industries. The company runs CNC Swiss-screw and CNC lathes. The veteran-owned business can turn items up to a diameter of 4 inches and is ISO9001 and AS9100 approved.

Latva Machine

Latva Machine, based in Newport, has two machine shops with more than 50 CNC lathes and horizontal and vertical machining centers in two shifts. The business, which is completely ISO9001 certified, covers anything from small quantity tasks to huge volume runs.

RDS Machine

RDS Machine offers milling and turning in five axes. Various materials, such as titanium, magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel, and Ultem polyetherimide, may be machined using CNC turning and Swiss-screw machining. The firm concentrates on the markets for scientific equipment, aircraft, and electro-optics.

New England Small Tube

In addition to CNC Swiss-style machining, New England Small Tube specializes in the production of stainless steel tubing. The firm offers a full range of tubing fabrication services, including precision machining, laser welding and brazing, finishing, and bending and cutting.

Sparton Technology

Sparton Technology runs 7 CNC lathes with a maximum 5-axis machining capability, along with 12 vertical, five horizontal, and five machining centers. The business operates an 80,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Hudson and holds certifications for ISO9001 and AS9100.

Baron Machine

Baron Machine offers small to large-part machining to serve key sectors, including aerospace and medicine. In addition, the business offers a variety of fabrication and welding services at its Laconia location, where it has been in business since 1957.

Will-Mor Mfg

Will-Mor Mfg has the capacity to mill up to a 36-inch cube and turn up to a 36-inch diameter, thanks to its over 20 CNC machining centers and almost as many turning centers. Since its founding in 1958, the business has served clients in the aerospace, power generation, defense, and related sectors.

Matrix Aerospace

Lockheed Martin, Sturm Ruger, and many other well-known companies in the industries are among the clients of Matrix Aerospace, a company that specializes in sophisticated precision machining of military and aerospace components. The business has two facilities in Claremont with a lineup of CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, and other equipment.

Millennium Precision

CNC machining in the Swiss manner is Millennium Precision’s area of expertise. Design engineering, prototyping, high-volume production, and supply chain management are among the services offered. The business, which has ISO 9001 certification, offers machining services to a variety of sectors, including the aerospace and gun industries.

Hollis Line Machine

Complex, large-part CNC machining is Hollis Line Machine’s area of expertise. Additionally, it fabricates vacuum chambers and ASME pressure vessels out of stainless steel. For research and development projects, it creates stainless steel prototypes through machining, welding, and fabrication.

Adax Machine

Adax Machine offers CNC milling and turning services to a variety of industrial clients, including semiconductors and robots. The Hudson-based, ISO9001-certified business has a 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility where it also does assembly.

North East Precision

With a focus on machining rare materials, North East Precision runs more than a dozen CNC mills and lathes. The business, which started operations in 1985, serves the requirements of the aerospace, defense, and related industries.

S&S Machine

For prototype and short-run manufacturing, S&S Machine provides rapid turnaround CNC machining and waterjet cutting. The business provides services to the aerospace, instrumentation, medical device, and related sectors.

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