10 Main Types of Shut Off Valve: 2023 Ultimate Guide

Types of shut off valve

In this article from Linquip, we want to talk about different types of shut off valves. These valves are usually used in our very own house as well since they are normally utilized for house plumbing systems and gas lines. They control the water flow in the pipes and the gas flow in the gas lines. If you are the one who fixes everything in the house, you have probably seen one by now. So, it is important to know their different types and learn their advantages and disadvantages. Keep on reading to find out.

  • Ball Valve

The most common valve in the list of popular types of shut off valves is the ball valve. Ball valves are usually used when the shut off needs to happen quickly. It can be opened and closed completely with the help of a lever by a quarter-turn. When the internal ball of the valve is aligned with the pipe, it means that the valve is in the open position. The open position allows the water to flow. With a rotation of the ball to 90 degrees, the valve will be closed and blocks the water flow.

A great advantage of this valve type is that it can be turned on and off quickly. Another advantage is that it has a large lever handle. Among its disadvantages, we can mention the size. They are larger compared to other common types of shut off valves

  • Three-Way Stop Valve

A three-way stop valve is also one of the types of shut off valves. This valve is capable of connecting multiple pipes. You can usually find one of these valves under the kitchen sink. They usually shut off the fluid flow in one pipe to let it flow with full pressure on the other. They are used in the oil and steam systems as well. 

They have different advantages such as the ability to be utilized for various fluid types as well as their capability for using in hot and cold water supplies. Their disadvantage is that due to their complicated design, they have complex configurations as well. 

  • Compression Stop valve

This valve is great for applications that require quick shut off. In a compression stop valve, a brass ring should be pushed between the valve and the pipes with the help of a compression nut. This process enables the valve to operate. You can see these valves in copper water pipes.

They can turn off quickly and are easy to install. But they have a disadvantage too: they may need complex tools and equipment (e.g. a compression sleeve puller.)

Types of shut off valve

  • Sweat Stop Valve

Sweat stop valves are also among different types of shut off valves. They are normally brazed to water pipes that are made with copper. They are made of copper or brass. These valves are usually used in the construction phase of a place. Since they are brazed into the copper water pipes, they are difficult to remove, but they have high durability.

Sweat stop valves are durable, affordable, and long-lasting. But they have a disadvantage: They are difficult to remove. 

  • Angle Stop Valve

These valves are commonly used for the pipes that exit the wall. They enable you to turn the water off for maintaining purposes. These valves enable you to shut the water off in a specific faucet without having to shut the water of the entire place off. 

Durability, long-lasting, and being able to close the pipes in a specific area are the features of this valve type. But they are a bit hard to install.

Types of shut off valve

  • Iron Pipe Stop Valve

This valve is used for water pipes that have male threads. You can easily install them on iron pipes using a screw. But installation on PVC or copper pipes needs a male-adapter. 

Their advantages include durability and easy installation. But keep in mind that their disadvantage is it can be tricky to install on non-iron pipes.

  • Gate Valve

Gate valves are also considered as one of the different types of shut off valves. They have a metallic gate enabling the valve to stop the flow. This gate will be lowered or lifted by a circular handle. In the lowered state, water flow stops. 

They are perfect for industrial applications (e.g. in boilers.) But they can’t provide specific flow limits and can only have complete shut-off.

Types of shut off valve

  • Globe Valve

Among different types of shut off valves, you can see the name of the globe valve as well. Their body looks like a globe and hence, the name. They are capable to regulate the water flow and can be used for such applications.

One of its great advantages is that it can be utilized in an application that needs a variable flow pattern.

  • Straight Stop Valve

These valves are used to stop the water from moving back into the source. They are commonly utilized for pipes that have been installed inside the floor. They can shut off the water in a specific area without having to shut off the water of the entire place. 

Its advantages include the ability to shut off the water only in one place, and they are easy to turn. But they can only be used for water pipes that come out of the floor.

Types of shut off valve

  • CPVC Stop Valve

As the name suggests, this valve can be used in CPVC piping systems or PVC pipes. They are installed via a type of cement called Glue. But the adhesive used for PVC can’t be used with CPVC materials. They should be installed by an expert. They are durable but can leak after a while.

  • Push-Fit Stop Valve

A push-fit stop valve is also among the different types of shut off valves. It is also known as push-on stop valve. The push-fit stop valve contains a stainless steel locking teeth and a rubber O-ring. The locking teeth are used to stop the valve from sliding off of the water pipes. The O-ring is also responsible for sealing purposes. By sliding them over CPVC, copper, or PEX pipes, they can be installed. They are easy to install and are durable. 

That was all there is to know about different types of shut off valves. Have you seen any of these valve types in your house? Comment below and share your experience with us! And if you have any questions about these valves, feel free to signup on Linquip. Our experts will answer all your questions in a flash.

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