10 Types of Water Valves: The 2022 Ultimate Guide

Types of Water Valves

In this article from Linquip, we want to explore the different types of water valves. Water is the essence of life. You can see water flow in different places, even in your own house. Water plumbing valves control this water flow. That is why knowing different water valve types is important. Keep on reading to see these types.

Types of Water Valves

Gate Valve

Gate valve is one of the different types of water valves. This valve contains a gate that is a metal block to control the water flow. When the gate is raised, the water can flow freely. By lowering the gate, the flow can be stopped. This gate is controlled via a knob or a wheel that has been placed at the top of the gate. They provide a seal for the pipes but are not capable of changing the flow inside them.
The disadvantage of the gate valve is that the knob can’t indicate the opening or the closing state of the valve. They are vulnerable to corrosion resulting in a stuck in the position of the valve.

Ball Valve

Ball valves are also among popular types of water valves. This type shapes like a sphere that can rotate to direct the water flow. There is an opening inside the valve that allows the shut off or the flow of the fluid. A handle has been designed to open or close the valve. When the pipe is in line with the ball valve’s hole, the water can flow freely and the valve is considered to be open. When the pipes are perpendicular to the sphere, the valve is closed. The handle of the ball valve can also be used as an indicator of the valve’s status. When it is parallel to the pipes, it means that the valve is open. When it is perpendicular, the valve is closed.
Ball valves stop at zero, 45, and 90 degrees and therefore, have positive stops. Among their advantages, we can mention the ability to seal the valve tightly in the closed position.

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Types of Water Valves

Globe Valve

This one among types of water valves is great for piping systems that constantly fluctuate. They are used for applications where the flow needs to be limited or fastened. Globe valves include a stopper that can be lifted or lowered with the rotations of the wheel. When the stopper seals the baffle, the water flow will stop. Because of its design, the globe valve is perfect for applications where the water flow is to be restricted.

Butterfly valve

Butterfly valves have a disc and a liver. The liver controls the rotation of this disc. The disc is responsible to control the water flow in the pipes. Because of this disc, there’s usually a pressure drop in the butterfly valves. Butterfly valves can also create a perfect seal by using a gasket to stop the water flow.

Types of Water Valves

Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm valves are among the types of water valves that can limit the water flow in a piping system. They have a knob or a wheel to close or open the valve for the water to flow. The knob or wheel adjusts the diaphragm for flow control. This design is similar to the gate valves design. In the diaphragm valve, the diaphragm settles down on the saddle to seal the route of the water flow.

Pressure Balanced Valve

These valves are used to keep the temperature in piping systems. They are normally utilized for domestic piping systems (e.g. bathtubs and showers). The middle of the valve connects both the hot and cold water outlets that are separated by a diaphragm. With the pressure drop in one of the openings, the valves shift to limit the excessive flow in the other opening.

Check Valve

Check valves are among the types of water valves that are used when the flow of the water should be maintained for one-sided flow. They control the flow inside the pipe by using a ball. When the water flows in the wrong direction, the ball will stop the flow. Some check valves have a diaphragm with a rotating flap or a rubber disc that enables the sealing of the opening of the flow in the wrong direction.

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Washered Valves

Washered Valves

This valve type is among the common types of water valves for shutting off purposes. They utilize a washer and by moving it into a hole, they stop the water flow. Washered valves can be opened or closed by using a round handle. But keep in mind that they usually wear out quickly and won’t be able to shut off the water flow properly after a while. When this happens, you should change it with the one that has the correct size.

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Plug Valve

Plug valves are also among the different types of water valves. They usually have cylindrical plugs that rotate to control the water flow inside the valve’s body. When the valve is open, the water can flow through the plug. When it is closed, the water flow is blocked. They also have handles that enable you to open or close the valve.

Needle Valve

The needle valve is the last item on our list of popular types of water valves. They have a needle-shaped plunger and a small port enabling the valve to have precise regulation of the flow. Needle valves are usually used for applications that require a low flow rate to maintain for some time. They have the ability to shut off the flow.

That was all there is to know about different types of water valves. Which one do you think provides the best seal and the best flow in the piping systems? Comment below and share your thoughts with us! Don’t forget to signup on Linquip to ask your questions from our experts. We will help you right away!

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