The 10 Best Rivet Tool in 2023

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023 – A rivet gun is a valuable yet underappreciated tool, especially among builders and artisans. No other method of establishing riveted joints is more efficient, making it invaluable for applications like vehicle maintenance. When shopping for a rivet gun, it might be difficult to narrow down the options to just the right model. You may use our recommended rivet guns to help you find the best one for your needs.

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The Best Rivet Tool in 2023

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool Hand Rivet Kit

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Astro Pneumatic Tool Hand Rivet Kit (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • The shorter handle provides a greater degree of leverage.
  • Ten rivets and six nosepieces with matching mandrels are included.
  • Never requires taking apart and reassembling
  • The quick-change head doesn’t require any tools, so it’s a breeze to use.
  • Required pre-use lubrication before employing
  • Weakness in the pull of the handles


Fastener Type Rivet
Thread Size #10-24
Exterior 26308005
Drive System External Hex
Brand Astro Pneumatic Tool

Product Description

The Astro Pneumatic Tool Hand Rivet Kit is a great tool for anybody, from novices to seasoned professionals. Convenient, straightforward, and straightforward to understand, it also gets the job done swiftly. The revolutionary toolless quick-change head on this cannon allows you to quickly and efficiently switch out mandrels and nose pieces by hand. The inner hex sleeve is spring-loaded, so you never have to worry about taking the tool apart to secure the mandrel you put in by hand. The rivet gun comes with 10 rivets in both metric and SAE standards, as well as six sets of mandrels and nosepieces. The tool’s shorter handle and two compound hinges provide more leverage, making them ideal for work on off-road vehicles.

The gun has to be lubricated before use because it is quite difficult to fire it dry. The handles don’t pull, either, so there may be some adjusting to do before you find your groove with the tool.

2. Marson HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Marson HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Produced with only the highest quality materials
  • Steel that has been cold forged and heat treated eliminates any possibility of pin rotation.
  • The cushioned grips really make a difference.
  • The rivet heads are replaceable and the set is versatile.
  • No rivets are provided.
  • Slightly excessive cost


Manufacturer Marson
Brand Sherman
Model 39000
Item Weight ‎1 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎10.2 x 3 x 1.2 inches

Product Description

The Marson HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter is a high-quality tool, although it is more expensive than other hand-powered rivet guns. Built with cold-formed, heat-treated steel at the square shoulder fulcrum pin to stop pin rotation and ensure consistent riveting, this tool is a top-shelf investment. A high-strength aluminum alloy body provides sturdiness, while cushioned molded vinyl grips on the drop-forged carbon steel handles provide user comfort. It’s industrial strength and comes with steel and aluminum rivet heads up to 5/32 inches in diameter, so you may use it with confidence. This is an excellent, simple-to-use tool.

This rivet gun is significantly more expensive than the average, and it does not include rivets. You’ll have to purchase rivets elsewhere, but at least the heads you’ll need to use in a variety of sizes are included.

3. Dorman 743-100 Hand Rivet Gun

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Dorman 743-100 Hand Rivet Gun (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Having a longer handle gives you additional leverage.
  • Comes with rivets and an open-end wrench
  • The tool’s container for extra rivets is attached to the handle.
  • The quality of plastic grips is low.
  • Manual labor-intensiveness makes it less than ideal for several uses.


Manufacturer ‎Dorman Products
Brand ‎Dorman
Model ‎743-100
Item Weight ‎3.2 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎1.75 x 6.5 x 17.75 inches

Product Description

If you’re in the market for a hand rivet gun and want to save money without sacrificing quality, consider the Dorman 743-100. Though it lacks bells and whistles, this hand rivet gun is well worth the price because of its streamlined appearance and user-friendliness. Even better, it’s reasonably priced, so you won’t have to break the bank to gain a lot of useful features. This rivet gun was made specifically for the job of installing window regulators, and it can be used to set rivets of varying sizes without requiring you to switch guns. It has long handles for leverage, and there’s a bottle to keep your rivets in that you can connect to the handle. For your peace of mind, a group of American engineers has evaluated this firearm.

This inexpensive rivet gun is very capable, but it does have a few downsides, including a lack of adaptability and the fact that it must be controlled manually, which can make it difficult to complete certain challenging tasks. The plastic grips on this pistol aren’t as sturdy as the rest of the tool, and they tend to wear out before the rest.

4. Milwaukee Electric Tools M12 Rivet Tool

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Milwaukee Electric Tools M12 Rivet Tool (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Better than handguns in speed and accuracy
  • Eases physical stress and exhaustion
  • Conveniently small and lightweight
  • With a rechargeable battery, you won’t need any cables or other accessories.
  • Batteries are sold separately.
  • Some individuals report a light, airy sensation in their heads.


Manufacturer ‎Milwaukee Electric Tools
Item Weight ‎4.81 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎4 x 12 x 8 inches
Batteries ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Included Components ‎Security & Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Electrical Safety Product

Product Description

Although compact in size, the Milwaukee Electric Tools M12 Rivet Tool packs a serious punch. And if you’ve been using a manual one, you’ll appreciate how much simpler and more effective your job will be with this machine. This cordless rivet gut is fast and reliable; it operates on a rechargeable M12 battery rather than a compressor or hose. It can handle up to 450 rivets of various sizes (3/32″, 5/32″, and 3/16″) on a single charge of its battery. Also, compared to using a standard hand rivet gun, you’ll be able to use this tool with about 60% less muscular effort. And because it runs on a rechargeable battery, you can carry your rivet gun with you and use it anywhere.

The lack of a battery is the major downside to this compact yet strong rivet gun. You’ll need to get the M12 battery on your own. Users have also reported that they occasionally get a “loose head” sensation when using the product.

5. Astro Pneumatic Tool Heavy-Duty Hand Riveter

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Astro Pneumatic Tool Heavy-Duty Hand Riveter (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Measures an impressively tall 20.75 inches in length.
  • Improves grip for faster riveting
  • Comes with five different sized nose pieces and rivets.
  • Included is a receptacle for collecting mandrels.
  • Over time, repeated usage can strip head, making it difficult to deal with.


Material Metal
Type Hand
Product Dimensions 7.7″L x 22″W
Brand Astro Pneumatic Tool
Model AST1426

Product Description

The leverage and force you have at your disposal when using a hand-powered rivet gun are directly related to the length of the handles; the Astro Pneumatic Tool Heavy-Duty Hand Riveter has long, comfortable handles. The entire length of this tool is 20.75 inches, and its extra-long handles are there so you may get leverage and exert more force with less effort. In addition to its high leverage, its firm grip makes working with rivets much less taxing. The hand-powered cannon can accommodate a range of rivet sizes thanks to its five interchangeable nose pieces, and the used mandrels may be safely disposed of in the plastic container that comes with the set.

Keep in mind that heavy usage can cause the head of this robust, leverage-enhancing rivet gun to get stripped. After the head has been stripped, it will be more difficult to extract rivets and manipulate them in general.

6. Stanley Contractor Grade Riveter

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Stanley Contractor Grade Riveter (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Long-lasting die-cast metal design
  • Lengthened grips for increased strength
  • The interchangeable nosepiece facilitates use with a variety of rivet sizes.
  • Compatible with rivets made of aluminum, stainless steel, and steel.
  • In the event of a jam, the machine must be taken apart in its entirety for repair.
  • It may take some effort and strength to squeeze.


Manufacturer Stanley
Item Weight ‎5.3 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎12.3 x 6 x 1.5 inches
Power Source ‎Corded-electric

Product Description

The Stanley Contractor Grade Riveter is ideally suited to those in need of a tool that can hold up under the rigors of everyday use on construction sites and long sessions of vehicle repair. This rivet cannon is 10 inches long and built of sturdy die-cast metal, so it can withstand the rigorous use of a professional contractor. To help you save time, it has a detachable ejector spring that launches used rivet shanks. The long handle provides superior leverage (and facilitates squeezing during rivet installation) and the quick-change nose piece allows you to switch between different rivet sizes with ease. This gun is compatible with steel, aluminum, and stainless steel rivets of varying diameters. Its adaptability is further enhanced by the fact that it may be put to service in aquatic settings.

There are certain limitations to this rivet gun. For instance, it may jam, requiring you to take apart the entire tool in order to fix the problem, which may be both time-consuming and annoying. You’ll be in a strong position, so to speak, but you may need assistance finishing the job with just your bare hands.

7. Craftsman Pop Rivet Tool

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Craftsman Pop Rivet Tool (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • The rivet’s head may spin a full circle.
  • Works as well when seen head-on or sideways
  • Extremely durable die-cast housing
  • Compatible with both aluminum and steel rivets.
  • The plastic waste mandrel container.


Manufacturer CRAFTSMAN
Item Weight ‎1.94 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎13.35 x 5.63 x 1.5 inches
Item model number CMHT82674
Type Hand

Product Description

In comparison to other rivet guns, the Craftsman Pop Rivet Tool has the following advantages: You can turn in any direction thanks to the 360-degree range of motion provided by its swiveling and twisting head. The ability to reach up and grab the rivets you need makes this a useful feature. The head of the cannon may be rotated to allow for either oblique or direct riveting. It comes with interchangeable knurled nose pieces and may be used with a variety of rivet sizes, both steel and aluminum. The gun’s die-cast metal casing is sturdy, and the design makes it a reliable weapon. Moreover, for added security, a removable container is provided for collecting the used mandrels. It’s flexible enough to bend in any direction.

The container provided for holding mandrels is the only real flaw in this rivet gun. Because of its plastic construction, it is the least long-lasting part of the instrument.

8. Arrow Heavy Duty Riveter Kit

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Arrow Heavy Duty Riveter Kit (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Includes 120 individual rivets and a rivet gun.
  • Steel in every way possible
  • Contoured, spring-loaded, non-slip grips ensure a secure hold.
  • Nasal protrusion allows greater access to restricted areas.
  • Aluminum rivets are the only kind that should be used.
  • Large doorway; two hands may be necessary for support.


Manufacturer ‎Arrow Fastener CO.,LLC
Item Weight ‎1.96 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎13.15 x 6.3 x 2.83 inches
Type Hand

Product Description

The Arrow Heavy Duty Riveter Kit is a rarity among rivet guns in that it is purpose-built for industrial use. This is more than simply a gun; it was made to withstand the rigors of professional use and any type of riveting job. It consists of a gun and 120 rivets ranging in size from 3/32 to 5/32 inches. With its sturdy steel design, spring-loaded loading mechanism, enlarged nose for greater reach, and four detachable heads, this tool is up to any and all riveting challenges you may encounter. It’s already handy for a wide variety of tasks, but the addition of features like a handle lock and spring-loaded, molded grips that prevent slipping makes it that much more so. The steel build, in particular, makes the pistol robust enough to withstand practically any situation. In addition, you will be equipped with all the tools necessary for successful riveting, including mobility and the capacity to reach into hard-to-reach areas.

This rivet gun is only suitable for aluminum and should not be used with all-steel or stainless steel rivets. This cannon has a very large opening distance, so it requires two hands to use safely; you’ll need to open it completely after each pump.

9. Ares Professional Pop Rivet Gun

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Ares Professional Pop Rivet Gun (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Strength in structure is not an issue
  • Comes with a total of four nose parts to accommodate various sizes.
  • Comfy, padded handles.
  • Compatibility with standard rivet sizes
  • The length of these handles is on the low end.
  • Greater muscle power and leverage are needed because of the shorter handle length.


Manufacturer Tooluxe
Brand FindingKing
Item Weight ‎6 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎12 x 8 x 4 inches
Type Hand

Product Description

The Ares Professional Pop Rivet Gun might be useful if you want to use a wide variety of rivet types and sizes. Included in the package are sixty unique rivets, making this a very flexible tool suitable for a wide variety of applications, from sheet metal to automotive purposes to ducting, and rivets up to 3/16 of an inch in size. The rivet gun’s body is made of high-strength aluminum, the upper handle is drop-forged carbon steel, and the fulcrum pin is cold-formed, heat-treated steel, all of which contribute to the tool’s exceptional durability. The four included nose pieces cover the most common sizes, and a service wrench is included for quick adjustments. This tool has excellent grip and may be used for a wide variety of riveting and other applications. As an added bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty from Performance Assurance.

One possible problem of this rivet gun is that the handles are too short to comfortably fit both of your hands. It might be difficult to tighten rivets with them, even if you have strong hands, due to their length.

10. Malco 2IN1 Hand Riveter

The Best Rivet Tool in 2023
Malco 2IN1 Hand Riveter (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Construction is solid and coated on all steel components for further durability.
  • Fits bigger rivets with ease.
  • Featuring three different sized nose pieces
  • Longer reach thanks to smaller nose
  • Expensive
  • No sizing information is included with the nose parts.


Manufacturer Malco
Model ‎Riveter, Hand
Item Weight ‎1.25 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎12 x 4.25 x 1.5 inches
Type Hand

Product Description

The Malco 2IN1 Hand Riveter is a wonderful, streamlined, simple option if you don’t need a lot of extras from your rivet gun. It is a simple rivet gun that lacks any other functionality. However, you only need one hand to use and operate it because of how simple it is. To facilitate the installation of rivets with bigger diameters, this device has a single long stroke and a brief ratcheting action, as well as three interchangeable nose parts measuring 1/8″, 5/32″, and 3/16″. Even the various nose components may be stored in the gun’s grip if necessary. This rivet gun is equipped to set the most commonly used rivet sizes. With a narrow nose, you can squeeze into tight spaces, expanding your range of motion. It has a sturdy steel frame, a sleek appearance, and a nickel-chrome finishing that will ensure it lasts for years to come. The vinyl cushion grip provides a bit of extra hand comfort.

Unfortunately, due to its sophisticated simplicity, this rivet gun is somewhat pricey. Not only are the nose parts unlabeled, but it might be tricky to select the correct size when using rivets.

What to Consider When Buying a Rivet Gun?

Although a rivet gun is simple to operate and requires nothing in the way of specialized training, there are a few things you should think about before making a purchase. Before beginning, carefully consider the total number and spacing of rivets you’ll need to use. This will have a significant effect on the product you choose, both financially and in terms of the characteristics you want from your rivet gun, such as whether you want a pneumatic pop rivet gun or a blind rivet gun.

Think carefully about where you intend to use the rivet gun. If you are far from civilization and unable to plug in your electronic devices, a battery may be your only option.

Manufacturer of Rivet Guns

If you want to get a high-quality rivet gun, you need to first choose the sort of instrument that will serve your needs best. You may pick from a wide variety of devices, including those that require just your own strength to use with one or two hands, as well as those that are powered by rechargeable batteries. Think about how you’ll be using the rivet gun and what kind of grip would be most convenient, then begin looking for it.

Usage Recurrence

Consider how frequently you’ll need to use the pistol. Hand-powered rivet guns are good if you don’t need to use one frequently. If you’re putting a large number of rivets, though, you’ll want something faster and more comfortable if you plan on working with them frequently. A pneumatic or electric version may be what you’re looking for.

Consider how often you’ll need to use your rivet gun, and how sturdy it has to be. You should choose a professional or contractor grade version if you plan on using it frequently, as these are built to resist the most demanding conditions. However, if you just plan to use your rivet gun sometimes, you won’t require the same rugged functionality.

Size Variability of Rivets

While most rivet guns include interchangeable nose parts to work with a variety of rivet diameters, it’s still important to think about how flexible of a tool you’ll actually need. Do you require a pistol that can shoot just the most common rivet sizes? Otherwise, do you require a broader scope for your work? Examine the provided nose pieces of each rivet gun to ascertain its adaptability and whether or not it is suitable for the rivets you typically use. If you’re just starting off, it’s important to remember that the more options you have in a riveting tool, the more you’ll be able to achieve with it.

preferably a hand-operated riveter, but a riveter that can be operated manually. Of course, this reduces your productivity in terms of the number of rivets you can set. Using a pneumatic rivet gun indoors, in a factory for example, is preferable since it is quicker and more efficient, especially when the repeat setting is employed.

FAQs about Brush Cutter

1. Why is a rivet gun necessary?

The use of a rivet gun, also known as a pneumatic hammer, is used for joining metal and other materials. The head of the rivet is driven into the hole, and the tail is flattened and filled by further hammering.

2. Once a rivet has been put, is it possible to tighten it?

No. Rivets are not interchangeable with screws. At the moment of installation, they should be as tight as possible. A loose rivet can be identified by its ability to spin; in this case, it should be removed and replaced.

3. If I accidentally put in a rivet, how can I remove it?

Rivet removal is feasible but time-consuming, so handle them with care during installation. It is removed from the metal by chiseling, drilling, cutting, or grinding. You might also buy a special tool to take out rivets if you like.


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