Lennox Industries Inc.

Richardson, Texas, United States

About Company:

Lennox is a manufacturer of HVAC systems for the commercial market. In Lennox, you have a partner you can depend on. We’ve worked hard to earn your trust ever since the world’s first riveted-steel furnace rolled off our assembly lines in 1895—developing reliable, innovative heating and cooling systems to keep you comfortable. Over a century later, we continue to help businesses reduce operating costs while maintaining a high level of comfort. With a wide range of ENERGY STAR® certified products that lower costs through reduced energy demand, Lennox is a single source for efficient, reliable HVAC solutions that professionals continue to depend on year in and year out. Let us help you get the most out of every dollar you spend. We've combined the industry’s most inclusive set of business services with a comprehensive portfolio of energy-efficient, high-performance HVAC systems that meet the needs of customers, employees and clients. See the benefits in the bottom line: Controlled costs through efficiency Planned and budgeted replacement programs Sustainable green energy solutions Affordable financing options Extended warranty programs
  1. Heating & Cooling Systems

  2. Furnaces and indoor air quality systems

  3. HVAC controls

  4. High-efficiency packaged rooftop units

  5. Split systems

Categories of Products Manufactured by Lennox Industries Inc.:

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  • Air-Cooled Condenser
    14 Devices
  • Commercial HVAC units
    51 Devices
  • Low capacity Heat Pump
    36 Devices
  • Low Capacity Units
    105 Devices
  • Unit Heater
    31 Devices
  • Controllers
    11 Devices

Services by Lennox Industries Inc.:

  • Unit Heater - Unit Heater - Low capacity Heat Pump - Air-Cooled Condenser - Commercial HVAC units - Low Capacity Units - Thermostats - Controllers