Top 10 Machine Shops in Ohio in 2023

Machine Shops in Ohio

Top Machine Shops in Ohio– Ohio, with a GDP of around $656 billion, is the seventh-largest economy in the US. Given its significance in the Rust Belt and the disciplines of science and intellect, it can be regarded as the industrial center of the United States. The state’s economy is anchored by several historically robust sectors, including finance and insurance, steel production, agriculture, and research and development.

The food processing, information, and bioscience industries are all expanding in the state. 12.56% of the workforce and 16.60% of the state’s total production in Ohio are accounted for by manufacturers. In 2018, manufacturing produced a total of $112.24 billion. According to size, this article evaluates the top machine shops in Ohio.

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Top Machine Shops in Ohio

The table below presents the top machine shops in Ohio with facilities. Here is a thorough list that will help you save time and effort.

Table 1: Top Machine Shops in Ohio

CompanyYear FoundedNo. of EmployeesRevenue
Barnes Aerospace1968>1000>$250 M
Faxon Machining, Inc.1978-$29.4 M
BrandSafway1936>1000>$250 M
R.M. Tool Inc.1991-<$5 M
Xometry, Inc.2013500-999$250 M
Vexos Corporation1988500-999$250 M
Jones Metal Products Company1923-$9.5 M
Universal Grinding Corporation1944200-499$50 M
Floturn, Inc.1958200-499<$250 M
General Extrusions, Inc.1950200-499<$25 Mil

Barnes Aerospace

The military, commercial airlines, and turbine makers can all benefit from Barnes Aerospace’s extensive component overhaul and repair services. Concurrent engineering, engine solutions, aviation component capabilities, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul solutions are some of their competencies.

Faxon Machining, Inc.

Faxon Machining offers over 20 years of experience in deep-hole drilling and CNC machining. For any shaped item, they can drill holes up to 15.0″ I.D. and 15′ long. Additionally, the provide CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC grinding. For additional information, contact Faxon Machining right away!


For industrial, offshore, petrochemical, gas, power generation, pulp and paper, and sub-sea businesses, BrandSafway provides field machining services. There are other services for specialty mechanical, stud and bolt removal, line stopping, hot tapping, leak identification and repair, metal disintegration, isolation and testing, bolt torquing and tensioning, and tailored composite or valve repair.

R.M. Tool Inc.

R.M.Tool offers bespoke CNC machining to assist customers in meeting some of their most challenging machining requirements. Milling, turning, and wire EDM machining centers are available in the cutting-edge CNC machining department. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other exotic materials are among the materials we can process. They consistently aim to gratify the clients by providing high-quality items. R.M.Tool is your one-stop shop for all of your CNC machining needs, from design to final product.

Xometry, Inc.

A leading provider of machining services, such as stamping, is Xometry, Inc. Custom metal stampings are made by the company from a variety of materials, including copper, brass, stainless steel, and steel alloys. Additionally, it maintains strict tolerances, provides manufacturing volumes of up to one million pieces, and does so with competitive lead times.

Vexos Corporation

Precision CNC machining services are provided by Vexos Corporation. There are services for stamping, forming, bending, die casting, extrusion, fast prototyping, and laser cutting. Their skill sets include prototype, designing, low and large volume production runs, assembly, testing, heat sealing, turnkey, lean manufacturing, and prototyping.

Jones Metal Products Company

The woman-owned business Jones Metal Products Company offers metal stamping and dies, among other services. With internal engineering and tool-making skills, they provide contract deep-draw metal hydroforming and stamping manufacturers. They employ common CAD formats to create precision-guided die sets and blanking, coining, and trim dies.

Universal Grinding Corporation

Since 1944, Universal Grinding Corporation has prioritized customer satisfaction. Excellent grinding services and a range of machining processes are provided by U.G.C. Give us a call right away to find out more about their services and business operations!

Floturn, Inc.

For the industries of imaging, general manufacturing, and aerospace, Floturn, Inc. provides contract metal forming services. They are capable of centerless grinding, anodizing, metal spinning, flow shaping, diamond turning, and circle shearing.

General Extrusions, Inc.

For aluminum extrusions and extruded aluminum components, General Extrusions, Inc. provides lean manufacturing machining. Their capabilities include precision sawing, drilling, mitering, punching, tapping, notching, blanking, reaming, coining, boring, welding, heli-coil insertion, shaping, plasma cutting, and assembling. They can also perform horizontal and vertical CNC machining.


The best machine shops in Ohio are listed above. We hope that this information has you in your supplier search. Visit Linquip, which provides details on other comparable items, to find out more about these businesses or to create your own unique shortlist of vendors. For an estimate on your Ohio machining needs, get in touch with our Precision Machine Shop Experts right away.


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