Top 15 Machine Shops in Seattle in 2022: The Best Ones

Machine Shops in Seattle

Top Machine Shops in Seattle– The fact that machine shops in the Seattle area cater to the aerospace industry—some even exclusively—is not surprising given that the industry dwarfs the rest of the region’s industrial output. Many local firms use the newest machine equipment and production techniques and stay up to date on all the different certifications, requirements, etc. needed to compete in that industry due to the strict standards for aircraft manufacturing.

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Along with the expansion of the aviation industry, many of the local shops have been in operation for many years. Naturally, many shops specialize in CNC machining, but many also offer conventional machining, large component machining, and specialty Swiss-style screw machining. Numerous shops provide further related services such as contract manufacturing, EDM, fabrication and assembly, heat treatment, engineering, prototyping, and other necessary skills to serve customers’ demands.

Linquip researched the market and compiled a list of the most reputable names to aid you in locating companies that guarantee on-time delivery and give personalized service. This comprehensive list provides analytical data, reviews, and ratings to help you make the best possible decision. Examine this list of machine shops in Seattle to choose one that best fits your business’s requirements.

Top Machine Shops in Seattle

The table below shows the top machine shops in Seattle. Here is a comprehensive list of them to save you time and effort.

Table 1: Top Machine Shops in Seattle

CompanyYear FoundedRevenueNo. of Employees
Machinists Inc.1942$25 M200-500
Xometry, Inc.2013>$200 M500-999
Automatic Products1983$25 M50-100
Skills Inc.1966$25 M200-500
Washington Machine1985$5 M10-50
Fluke Metal Products1957$10 M50-100
Harbor Island Machine1950$5 M10-50
Diamond Machine Works1957$5 M10-50
Monroe Machined Products1962$5 M10-50
Neumeier Engineering1957$5 M10-50
Advanced Lean Manufacturing2004$5 M10-50
Hirschler Manufacturing1966$10 M10-50
JJR Engineering & Fabrication2009$5 M-
Western Industrial Tooling1969>$250 M10-50
Manufacturing Technology1996$50 M1-10

Machinists Inc.

Several well-known companies from the aerospace, aviation, national laboratories, energy, and other industries are among the clients of Machinists Inc. The company offers large-scale 5-axis CNC machining, large-scale gear production and gearbox maintenance, welding, and fabrication, among other services.

Xometry, Inc.

Among many other things, Xometry, Inc. is a top supplier of CNC machining services. The business claims of producing production parts and prototypes in a matter of days, all with free standard delivery to the US. It is ITAR registered, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, and AS9100D certified.

Automatic Products

Automatic Products manufactures CNC-turned, milled, and screw-machined parts for the aerospace, food processing, electronics, and related industries in a 128,000-square-foot facility in Kent. The business can accommodate unusual needs like high production quantities or part traceability.

Skills Inc.

Manufacturers in the aerospace sector are serviced by Skills Inc. for their machining needs. It features over a dozen vertical CNC mills among its machine tools. Workers with impairments can obtain employment and training from nonprofit manufacturers.

Washington Machine

Large part machining and challenging materials are two of Washington Machine Works’ specialties. In addition to offering a range of traditional machining services, the veteran-owned business employs several CNC machining and turning centers.

Fluke Metal Products

At its Bothell location, Fluke Metal Products runs 11 CNC machining centers, 8 Swiss-style CNC turning centers, and 2 CNC turning centers. The business produces components for the makers of aerospace, medical implants, and other electromechanical equipment.

Harbor Island Machine

Harbor Island Machine Works provides large-part Blanchard grinding, conventional and CNC milling, and turning. The company was founded in 1950 and today offers more than 45 CNC, NC, and traditional machine tools.

Diamond Machine Works

Seven CNC mills and six CNC lathes are used by Diamond Machine Works to create parts and assemblies for commercial and military aircraft, as well as for the medical and other high-tech sectors. From small manufacturing runs to huge production runs, volume is a capability.

Monroe Machined Products

In its 50,000-square-foot production plant, Monroe Machined Products primarily serves the demands of the aerospace and aircraft industries by machining items like guide plates and control rods. Precision assembly is another talent that the business has under its belt.

Neumeier Engineering

Since its founding in 1957, Neumeier Engineering has operated 28 CNC machining centers and 14 CNC turning centers. The business specializes in hard metal and aluminum high-speed machining for the aerospace industry and other high-tech industries.

Advanced Lean Manufacturing

In addition to offering a wide range of other services including laser cutting and forming, Advanced Lean Manufacturing also offers CNC milling and turning. The business approaches its work using the principles of lean manufacturing.

Hirschler Manufacturing

Hirschler Manufacturing, based in Kirkland, is an expert at turning high-strength metals into airplane parts with precise tolerances. The company provides secondary operations like cylindrical and surface grinding, broaching, honing, EDM, etc. in addition to CNC milling and lathe services.

JJR Engineering & Fabrication

Customers in the aerospace, marine, automotive, and other industry sectors can order small to medium-sized parts from JJR Engineering & Fabrication using 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machining. The capabilities of machining volume range from complete production runs to prototypes.

Western Industrial Tooling

With a Redmond location, Western Industrial Tooling provides hard milling in addition to 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining. Additionally offered are services for grinding, engraving, and wire and sinker EDM.

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology operates more than a half-dozen CNC machining and turning centers and provides CNC milling and turning capabilities. The business offers project management, prototyping, laser engraving, as well as other related manufacturing and development services.


The best machine shops in Seattle area were listed in this article’s summary. Consult our other guides for more information on related items, or get in touch with Linquip’s Experts to find possible suppliers or for more information on specific products.


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