Top 10 Machine Shops in San Antonio in 2022

Machine Shops in San Antonio

Top Machine Shops in San Antonio– More visitors attend San Antonio than any other city in Texas. Six Flags and the historic Alamo draw huge crowds every year. Healthcare and bioscience, information technology, aerospace, and energy are important businesses in San Antonio. Precision machining services are essential to the success of many different industries.

There are several sizable industrial companies based in San Antonio, including the building firm Zachry Group and the energy provider Valero. The nonprofit Southwest Research Institute calls it home. Boeing, Standard Aero, and Knight Aerospace are just a few of the aerospace manufacturing and MRO businesses that offer fly-in service from Port San Antonio, which is close to the renowned Kelly Field. Machine shops in and around San Antonio have no trouble finding enough work to keep them busy, from major CNC machining jobs to micromachining extremely small parts.

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Naturally, CNC machining is more common, but many shops also offer manual turning and milling when necessary. A few are experts in Swiss-style machining for small parts. Many shops also provide additional related services like EDM, fabrication and assembly, heat treating, engineering, prototyping, and similar ones.

For your convenience, Linquip conducted market research and developed a list of the most trusted names to help you choose businesses that promise on-time delivery and provide individualized care. To assist you in making the best choice possible, this extensive collection offers analytical information, testimonials, and ratings. Look over this list of suppliers and manufacturers to choose which one best suits the needs of your company. We can assist if your neighborhood machine shops in San Antonio are unable to provide the level of quality, cost, or timeliness you require.

Top Machine Shops in San Antonio

Table 1 presents the top machine shops in San Antonio area with facilities.

Table 1: Top Machine Shops in San Antonio

CompanyYear FoundedRevenueNo. of Employees
Anthony Machine1946$20 M50-100
Cox Manufacturing1956$25 M100-200
Innovative Technology Machinery1929$10 M10-50
M2 Global1999$10 M50-100
C&F Tool & Die1986$10 M10-50
Heartland Enterprises1997$10 M10-50
Caldwell Manufacturing1988$5 M10-50
Swissomation1983$5 M10-50
Kager Industries1967$5 M10-50
JB Machine2000$8 M-

Anthony Machine

Customers in the oil and gas, mining, power generation, and other related heavy sectors can obtain CNC and manual milling and turning services from Anthony Machine. The company also provides field services, engineering/design services, quality management programs, and gearbox and industrial equipment repair.

Cox Manufacturing

Cox Manufacturing offers large volume CNC turning and milling of bespoke and OEM parts in addition to its specialty in CNC Swiss screw machine products. Numerous significant businesses, such as aerospace, weapons, medicine, the military, and defense, among others, are among the clients of the organization.

Innovative Technology Machinery

With business activities beginning in 1929, Innovative Technology Machinery has been a long-standing supplier of manual and CNC turning, milling, and routing services. On the outskirts of San Antonio, the company runs a 15,000-square-foot systems integration facility and a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

M2 Global

Precision CNC machining of aircraft components and contract manufacturing services are M2 Global’s areas of expertise. The company works with a variety of metals, including polymers and metals like titanium. Deburring, heat treating, coating, and other auxiliary services are examples.

C&F Tool & Die

Customers in the aerospace, oil and energy, semiconductor, and biomedical industries can purchase CNC turning and milling services from C&F Tool & Die in addition to traditional machining. The company, which has been in operation since 1986, has a 20,000-square-foot location in San Antonio.

Heartland Enterprises

Heartland Enterprises is a provider of CNC machining services with a focus on big-diameter shafting with a range of 2 to 42 inches. Turning, milling, grinding, and vertical turning are all CNC machining capabilities. Thread rolling, phosphating, honing, and sawing are secondary skills.

Caldwell Manufacturing

Caldwell Manufacturing uses CNC Swiss-screw machining, Swiss-screw turning, and milling to produce parts for 3D printing. Customers are drawn from the oil and gas industry as well as the production of electronics, pumps, valves, as well as guns. In 1988, the business first opened its doors.


Swissomation is an expert in micromachining and uses CNC Swiss-screw machinery to make anything from a single item to millions of them. At its location in Fredericksburg, the company runs more than 60 Swiss turning centers. Operations there started in 1983.

Kager Industries

A producer of Swiss CNC machined parts is Kager Industries. At its location in Fredericksburg, the company runs 72 Swiss screw machines that produce parts for a range of clients, including producers of fishing reels and medical device manufacturers. From a few pieces to millions of parts, order sizes are available.

JB Machine

Customers in the aerospace, defense, petroleum, alternative energy, medical, performance automobile, and related industries can use JB Machine’s CNC and traditional machining services. Prototyping, NDT, welding, and similar services are further offerings.


If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with high-quality products that live up to your expectations, Linquip is your best option. The summary of this article included a list of the top machine shops in San Antonio. To locate potential suppliers or to learn more about specific products, consult our other guides or get in touch with Linquip’s Experts.


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