Top USA and International Semiconductor Manufacturers in 2023

Top USA and International Semiconductor Manufacturers in 2023

Top USA and International Semiconductor Manufacturers in 2023 – In this article, we’ll cover the top USA and international semiconductor manufacturers. Semiconductors are materials that can conduct a relatively small amount of electrical current in a controlled way. The resistance of semiconductors to the flow of electrical current in one direction is much lower than in the opposite direction. Semiconductors are found in diodes, transistors, and a wide range of photovoltaic cells. Semiconductors’ electrical conductivity can be controlled either permanently or dynamically over a wide range.

Semiconductor companies manufacture various products, including semiconductor devices, electronic components, silicon wafers, integrated circuits, memory chips, etc. You just need to read their basic information, review their products, and pick the ones that will help you reach your goals. To meet all your needs, you can also check out our list of Industrial Equipment Suppliers and Companies.


How We Picked Top USA and International Semiconductor Manufacturers in 2023

The process of selecting Top USA and International Semiconductor Manufacturers in 2023 is a critical decision for businesses and investors in the technology industry. With the growing demand for semiconductor products and the increasing importance of chip technology, it is more important than ever before to choose the right manufacturers to partner with.

We understood the importance of this decision and decided to conduct thorough research before settling on the best manufacturers. To begin, we identified more than 15 webpages that provided valuable insights into the semiconductor market. Then, we analyzed hundreds of companies and reviewed their products, financial statements, and market trends.

To ensure that we made an informed decision, we enlisted the help of industry experts to provide their insights and opinions on the companies we were evaluating. We also reached out to the companies themselves to have detailed conversations about their manufacturing processes and their capabilities.

After a thorough analysis, we were able to narrow down the field of manufacturers to a select few that we believed met the highest standards for innovation, quality, and customer service. We believe that these manufacturers are poised to make significant contributions to the semiconductor industry in the US and globally.


Top American Semiconductor Companies

Suppliers of semiconductors might be distinguished from each other based on the end products they produce and the processes they employ. Various industries are impacted by electronic components, systems-on-a-chip, memory, and most importantly, and the processors that run our phones and computers. Listed below are the largest chip manufacturers in the United States.

Company SectorMarket (Billions)
Intel CorporationSemiconductor Broad Line$241.88

NVIDIA CorporationSemiconductor - Specialized$152.88

Texas Instruments IncorporatedSemiconductor - Broad Line$113.83
Micron Technology, Inc.Semiconductor - Memory Chips$63.52
Analog Devices, Inc.Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits$36.39
Microchip Technology IncorporatedSemiconductor - Broad Line$22.31
Skyworks Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits$18.56
Maxim Integrated ProductsSemiconductor - Broad Line$17.22
Xilinx, Inc.Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits$17.22
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.Semiconductor - Broad Line$16.35

We have listed below the summaries and company details for Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies.


Intel Corporation

On the basis of its 2020 sales, Intel Corporation is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. This company invented the x86 series of microprocessors, which are found in most personal computers today.


NVIDIA Corporation 

As well as developing graphics processing units (GPUs) for both the gaming and professional markets, Nvidia also develops system-on-a-chip (SoC) for the automotive and mobile computing markets. Researchers and scientists can use Nvidia’s parallel processing capabilities for high-performance supercomputing applications. Additionally, it produces navigation and entertainment systems for vehicles as well as mobile processors.


Texas Instruments Incorporated

The company has accumulated more than 43,000 US and international patents and ranks among the top ten semiconductor manufacturing companies worldwide. More than 80% of the company’s revenue comes from analog chips and embedded processors. Apart from digital light processing (DLP) technology, the company produces education technology products such as calculators, microcontrollers, and multi-core processors.


Micron Technology, Inc.

A variety of semiconductor devices are produced by Micron Technology, including dynamic random-access memory, flash memory, and solid-state drives.


Analog Devices, Inc. 

In the electronic industry, Analog Devices, Inc. designs and makes analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing integrated circuits. The company serves a broad range of markets, including communications, computers, instrumentation, military, aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics.


Microchip Technology Incorporated

Among its many products are microcontrollers, memory, analog semiconductors, radiofrequency devices, thermal and power management analog devices, as well as microcontrollers, interfaces (USB, Ethernet, ZigBee, etc.), and mixed-signal devices.


Skyworks Solutions, Inc. 

As a semiconductor manufacturer, Skyworks Solutions, Inc. produces products for RF (radio frequency) and mobile communications systems. The company is also known for its amplifiers, attenuators, circulators, detectors, diodes, demodulators, directional couplers, front-end modules, hybrids, isolators, infrastructure RF subsystems, lighting and display solutions, mixers, modulators, optocouplers, programmable logic devices, power management devices, receivers, switches, and technical ceramics.


Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. 

Maxim Integrated is a Fortune 1000 firm that supplies integrated circuits with analog and mixed-signal characteristics. Maxim Integrated designs integrated circuits for markets such as automotive, industrial, communication, consumer, and computing. According to its annual report for 2015, the company had sales of $2.31 billion, 8,800 employees, and 35,000 customers in the world.


Xilinx, Inc. 

Programmable logic devices are Xilinx’s primary focus. The company is best known for the invention of the field-programmable gate array and fabless manufacturing model.


Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 

Among the products offered by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. are microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors, and graphics processors, in addition to embedded systems applications. The company has been outsourcing its manufacturing since 2009. In the x86-based microprocessor market, AMD is the second-largest supplier and the only significant competitor to Intel.


Top Global Semiconductor Companies

The following is a table listing the top semiconductors producers worldwide.

CompanyCountryMarket (Billions)
SamsungSouth Korea$60.48
S.K. Hynix

South Korea








Texas Instruments



In what follows, you will find summaries and information pertaining to top semiconductor companies listed in the table above.



Since 2012, Intel has consistently been one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. Intel, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, specializes in computer processors, graphics processors, FPGAs, chipsets, programmable and networking devices, server products, memory, wireless components, and entire systems. 



The U.S. headquarters of Samsung is located in Houston, Texas. A division of the company focuses on semiconductors, which include DRAM, e-storage, SSDs, multi-chip packages, image sensors, processors, integrated circuits, and security products.



This company is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world. Integrated circuits are the company’s specialty and are used in the computer, consumer, communications, and industrial markets. Through its U.S. subsidiary, WaferTech, it sells its products.


S.K. Hynix 

SRAM, SSDs, NAND storage, MCPs, and CMOS image sensors are among S.K. Hynix’s chip products for computer and I.T. applications. Located in San Jose, CA, the company specializes in chip technology for mobile, computing, and storage applications.



Micron Corporation, based in Norwood, MA, offers electronics manufacturing services, including surface-mount technology, through-hole technology, and electromechanical PCB assembly. It also offers prototype production, turnkey solution, and consignment services.



Qualcomm is headquartered in San Diego, California. Among the company’s products are Snapdragon system-in-packages for applications including 5G, artificial intelligence, Bluetooth, radiofrequency systems, and Wi-Fi.



Among Broadcom’s products are RAID-on-Chip ICs and surface mount chip LEDs in top-mount and right-angle mount systems. Based in San Jose, California, the company serves the industrial, storage, wireless, software, networking, broadband, and data center sectors.



Nvidia is a leading provider of graphics cards, network adapters, switches, interconnects, media streamers, and DGX stations headquartered in Santa Clara, California. In addition, the company sells laptops, desktop computers, software, and monitors.


Texas Instruments 

Texas Instruments is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Over 80,000 products are available in the company’s catalog, which includes analog and embedded chips. Their product line includes amplifiers, sensors, power management, and data converters.



With its headquarters in Milpitas, California, Infineon manufactures microchips for the automotive, communications, consumer, and security sectors. They offer ASICs, MCUs, transistors for small systems, and diodes. 


FAQs about Top Semiconductor Manufacturers

What is the importance of semiconductor industry in USA?

The US is a significant market for the worldwide semiconductor industry, and it leads in R&D for things like chip design, advanced manufacturing technology, core intellectual property (IP), and electronic design automation (EDA).

Who is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in USA?

Microsoft Corporation (the leading semiconductor company in the USA) and Intel are pioneers in the development of CPU technology and support international projects.

Are there any US based semiconductor manufacturers?

Distributor NetSource Technology, Inc. offers a variety of electronic components, including semiconductors. The company’s corporate headquarters are in San Clemente, California, and it serves the aerospace, telecommunications, computer, electronics, and aviation industries, among others.

What happened to the US semiconductor industry?

In 2022, there was a scarcity of qualified semiconductor workers; this shortfall is predicted to worsen in 2023 for some sectors of the industry and persist for the remainder of the decade. The worldwide competition to localize semiconductor production is escalating, which is aggravating the problem of a talent and skill gap in the industry.

Why can’t the US build semiconductors?

The US national, state, and municipal governments have established tax and regulatory policies that make it extremely challenging to invest in new semiconductor production capacity. In the US, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals to start a project costs a fortune and takes years.


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The lists above contain a variety of global and national semiconductor suppliers and manufacturers. They are all industry giants and the best in terms of services. Each of them employs unique marketing strategies to suit their specific business.


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