Top wet wipes manufacturers in USA in 2023

wet wipes manufacturers

Top wet wipes manufacturers in USA in 2023– Looking for the American wet wipes manufacturers that meet your needs? Get a quote from a provider right away by looking through this list of the top American wet wipes firms!

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The demand for wet wipes, regular wipes, and baby wipes has skyrocketed on the global market in 2023. This is partly attributable to people’s increased knowledge of the importance of keeping hands and skin clean, sanitized, and free of bacteria and germs. In addition, the market for hand sanitizer is expected to rise at a 5.75 billion dollar rate over the following four years.

Demand for hygiene goods has increased as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, as consumers turn to environmentally friendly products, flushable wet wipes are one of the key markets to experience an immediate rise in demand. Wet wipes that can be flushed are used more frequently than cleaning wipes because they are more similar to them. The wet wipes manufacturers’ products are getting more sophisticated as the newest technology spreads.

The most creative concept used by the manufacturers of wet wipes is how easily they dissolve after use. The bulk of the market finds flushable wipes acceptable because of this characteristic. The flushable wet wipes are also made from plant fibers, making them safe to use on the skin and non-toxic. Visit this video to know the process of wet wipe manufacturing completely.

For your convenience, Linquip conducted market research and developed a list of the most trusted names to help you choose businesses that promise on-time delivery and provide individualized care. To assist you in making the best choice possible, this extensive collection offers analytical information, testimonials, and ratings. Examine this list of wet wipes manufacturers and suppliers to choose one that best fits your business’s requirements.

Top Wet Wipes Manufacturers in the U.S.

In the future decade, it is also anticipated that the industry would grow significantly due to the rapidly expanding use of cotton and wood mash in the production of flushable wet wipes. Additionally, growing consumer spending is anticipated to promote the usage of goods produced by flushable wet wipe manufacturers on American territory. The primary factor propelling the flushable wet wipes industry past the $1 billion mark shortly is its expanding demand (as revealed by the market indicators).

Wet wipes that can be flushed have a variety of uses, from household cleaning to commercial sanitation. Products made by flushable wet wipes manufacturers are used for personal hygiene and have a variety of uses, including female cleanliness wipes, baby wipes, toilet paper, facial wipes, clinical wipes, and restroom cleaning wipes. The successful experiments carried out by the following players are responsible for the broad range of uses that the flushable wet wipes offer.

Table 1: USA Wet Wipes Manufacturers

CompanyHeadquarterYear FoundedRevenue
Nice-PakOrangeburg, New York1957$750.0 M
Diamond Wipes International Inc.Chino, California1994$100-$500 M
Kimberly-Clark CorporationIrving, Texas187219.1 billion USD
Sonic Packaging Industries, Inc.Westwood, NJ1995-
Clorox CompanyOakland, California19136.721 billion USD
Associated BagMilwaukee, Wisconsin1938$160.0M
Procter & GambleCincinnati, Ohio1837$70.95B
New PigTipton, Pennsylvania1985$203 M
S. C. Johnson & SonRacine, Wisconsin1886$11.8B
Haggard & Stocking Associates, Inc.Indianapolis, Indiana1972$100M


Type of Business: Manufacturer & Supplier, Location: Orangeburg, New York

A manufacturer of wet wipes, including baby wipes, face wipes, antibacterial wipes, and many others, is called Nice-Pak. The business offers a wide variety of baby wipes brands that constantly fulfill the highest requirements of quality.

Wet wipe manufacturing facilities are located around the US, including in New York, Jonesboro, Mooresville, Indiana, and Arkansas. Their facilities are all GMP-certified. Even their Mooresville facility has a UL certification for producing over-the-counter medicines. They also have a sizable, cutting-edge R&D facility where they create their products.

Since they invented their own cutting-edge wet wipes brands, Nice-Pak has provided dependable and high-quality service to countless industries. Their key Products include:

  • Hand Sanitizing wipes
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Adult wipes
  • Feminine hygiene

Diamond Wipes International Inc.

In 1994, Diamond Wipes International Inc. was established. Their corporate headquarters are in Chino, California, in the US. The company’s creator, co-owner, and new CEO is Eve Yen. Their affiliate is called Ode to Clean.

In terms of outsourcing beauty wipes arrangement, it is a global pioneer. It offers wipes in a range of sizes, including lumping designs that include tiny sachets to completely enclose a single wipe and flexible soft pouches to hold multiple wipes.

In terms of contract assembly of cosmetic wipes, Diamond Wipes International Inc. is the market leader (leader of the Flushable Wet Wipes Manufacturers). It provides wipes in a variety of shapes, including bundles that include tiny sachets to only enclose a wipe and flexible soft pouches that can accommodate many wipes. Diamond Wipes has consistently expanded its product line thanks to its top-notch R&D section to meet the growing variety of requests.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Location: Irving, Texas, United States, Years of experience: 148 years

American company Kimberly-Clark produces a range of personal care items, such as baby care, adult care, and many more. The company also sells several consumer brands including diapers, flushable tissues, moist tissues, and tissue towels.

One of the most well-known brands of hand towels and facial tissue is Kleenex, made by Kimberly-Clark. Wet wipes that are antimicrobial and soft to the touch are also sold under the Kleenex brand. Worldwide, Kimberly Clark has several distribution channels. Their key Products are:

  • Viva
  • WypAll
  • Kleenex
  • Scott
  • GoodNites
  • Depend
  • Cottonelle

Sonic Packaging Industries, Inc.

FDA-approved custom maker of wet and baby wipes with ISO 9001: 2008 certification. There is contract packaging for both liquids and gels. Designing, testing, filling, engineering, and quick prototyping are among the capabilities. can be used topically, orally, or nasally. Diagnostics, medical, veterinary, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets are among those served. Produced in the USA.

Clorox Company

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier, Location: Oakland, California, US, Years of experience: 108

A global producer and provider of hygiene and consumer goods is the Clorox Company. The business has 8,800 employees across the globe and annual sales of about $6.7 billion. They have factories throughout the world, including in the US, the Philippines, China, and Peru.

Cleaning up around the house regularly can be done using Clorox disinfectant wipes. The business asserts that it has EPA registration for efficiently cleaning and eliminating SARS-CoV-2.

Some of the most well-known brands in the world are owned by Clorox, including Liquid-Plumr® clog removers, Pine-Sol® cleansers, and Poett® home care items. Their top brands, which command the first and second market shares in their respective categories, account for about 80% of their sales. Their principal goods are cleaners, home care products, clog removers, charcoal, bags and wraps, vitamins, minerals and supplements, etc.

Associated Bag

Supplier of professional, shipping, and packaging products. Various products include amber, adhesives, anti-static, anti-rust, autoclave, aprons, boxes, brooms, bubbles, bags, bandages, barrier, batteries, binders, buckets, burlap, corrugated, covers, desiccants, dispensers, drums, envelopes, fasteners, fill, film, foam, folders, gaylord boxes, glasses, can liners, cartons, carts, cleaners, containers, Kraft, labels, mailers, markers, masks, medical, office, gloves, goggles, heat sealers, janitorial, knives, protectors, recycling, removers, respirators, packing lists, pails, pallets, paper, peanuts, plastic, polyethylene, polypropylene, pouches, sealers, sheets, shrink, sleeves, soaps, rope, rubber bands, safety, sanitizers, scrapers, tape, tarps, ties, tissue, tools, totes, towels, sorbents, stands, staplers, strapping, stretch, tamper-evident, twine, trays, hand trucks, tubing,  vests, vinyl, wipers, wire, wrap and zippers are also available.

Procter & Gamble

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Distributor, Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, Years of experience: 180+ years

Wet wipes, cleaners, cosmetics, hand sanitizers, and other consumer goods are all produced in the United States by Procter & Gamble. The five categories it offers are feminine care, family care, baby care, skincare, and hair care.

Over 5 billion people use the company’s products worldwide. P&G operates manufacturing facilities across the country, including in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Bear River City, Utah, Boston, Massachusetts, Albany, Georgia, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

The business sells a wide range of nonwoven wet wipes goods that are well-liked and sought-after all over the world. The business sells sanitary wipes, infant wipes, sensitive skin wipes, moist towelettes, flushable wet wipes, and many other types of wipes.

New Pig

Heavy-duty wet wipes are created and distributed by manufacturers. There are many different types, sizes, and compositions of wipes. Both general maintenance and specialized applications are suitable. There are shipping services available.

S. C. Johnson & Son

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier, Location: Racine, Wisconsin, United States, Years of experience: 106 years

Wet wipes and other personal care items are among the products that S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. produces for consumers worldwide. With over 13,000 employees, it generates an estimated $10 billion in annual revenue.

Their perfumed and antibacterial wet wipes come with pre-moistened, sturdy tissues for cleaning grime from a range of surfaces. Additionally, they sell some of the best baby wipes available.

A major manufacturing facility, a research lab, and a sales office are all located in Waxdale for S.C Johnson & Son. They are active in more than 70 different nations.

Haggard & Stocking Associates, Inc.

Locations, Distributor*, $50 – 99.9 Mil, 1972, 50-99

Distributor of wet wipes and other plant safety supplies. Mats, lockouts, signs, mirrors, absorbents, containers, cabinets, heaters, fans, tags, and electrical safety devices are other plant safety products. Programs for vendor-managed inventory (VMI) are accessible.


One of the most essential items for personal hygiene, baby care, and adult and adult care is wet wipes. This post satisfies your demand if you’re trying to restock your store with premium wet wipes and researching the leading wet wipes producers in the US.

Wet wipes are set to displace the market for conventional tissues as a result of ongoing design and development advances. The flushable wet wipes will displace the current market leaders since they have many advantages over tissues. Additionally, it will grow to be a powerful player in the hygiene products sector, capturing the largest share of the market. The growing consumer preference for environmentally friendly products will be the icing on the cake for the US wet wipes market.

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