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New Pig

Pennsylvania, United States🇺🇸

At New Pig, we’re super-serious about leaks and spills, but we’re firm believers in fun stuff and good vibes to get you through your day. You can always count on us for products that work, people who know their stuff and service that’ll put a smile on your face. So, as you bust your butt to keep people safe and protect the environment, it’s our job to help take some of the worry out of your workday.PIG is the #1 trusted brand worldwide, and we vow to wow you with products that won't disappoint. We're always looking for a better way, and that starts with thoughtful engineering and an honest commitment to quality. Every item in our lineup is designed to help you get the job done right — exclusive multi-layer pads, socks that suck, mats that grip and drum lids that open with one hand. We're the world's #1 absorbent brand, and if something's not up to snuff, it doesn't make the cut!As the industry leader since 1985, we know a thing or two about the messes you're facing. We're experts at things like catching leaks and overspray, containing spills and preventing slips, trips and falls. But we're even better at listening to your problems, finding solutions that fit your facility and paying attention to the little things, like getting back to you when we say we will.

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