Top Castings Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA in 2023

Top Castings Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA

Top Castings Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA – Casting is the method of creating pieces by displacing hot, liquid metal into an empty, predetermined shape, often known as a mold. The molten substance is then allowed to cool and solidify, at which point the mold’s intended shape is achieved.

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Basics of Metal Casting

The term “casting” refers to the industrial process in which molten material is poured into a mold to form the desired shape. Once the molten substance has cooled and set, it takes the form of the mold. Casting techniques such as slush, pressure, centrifugal, die, investment, sand, shell, entire mold, and continuous casting are widely employed. Casting is essential to many different industries, including agriculture, defense, automobiles, mining, construction, healthcare, paper, and renewable energy.

When producing objects out of metal or jewels, the casting method involves pouring molten metal into a mold that already has a negative imprint (i.e., a three-dimensional negative image) of the desired shape. In order to get the metal into the mold, a sprue is used, which is a hollow tube. The casting may be removed when the metal and mold have completely cooled. Complex structures that would be too expensive or time-consuming to create in any other way are ideal candidates for casting.

Sculpture (particularly bronze), jewelry, weapons, and tools have all benefited from casting procedures, which have been around for millennia. Vehicles, airplanes, railroads, oil rigs, appliances, pipelines, hydrants, wind turbines, nuclear power plants, medical equipment, defense mechanisms, toys, and a wide range of other things rely on highly constructed castings.

Traditional methods include sand casting, plaster mold casting, and lost-wax casting (which can be further subdivided into centrifugal casting and vacuum-assist direct pour casting).

Casting nowadays may be broken down into two broad classes: casting that is used just once and casting that can be reused again. Molds can be made from sand or metal, and pouring techniques range from gravity to vacuum to low pressure.

Top Castings Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA
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Top Castings Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA

Listed below are the top Top Castings Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA, ranked by company size. Each company’s information includes its headquarters, sales, year of foundation, and the number of employees, and annual sales. US million dollars are used to measure annual sales. Following the table are summaries of each company.

Company nameHeadquartersYear foundedNo. of EmployeesAnnual sale
Waupaca Foundry, Inc.Waupaca, WI19551000+$250 Mil and over
Impro Industries USA, Inc.Diamond Bar, CA19981000+$250 Mil and over
MetalTek InternationalWaukesha, WI1945500-999$250 Mil and over
Eastern Metal Supply, Inc.Charlotte, NC1982200-499$250 Mil and over
Sigma OEMCream Ridge, NJ20121000+$250 Mil and over
Bradken, Inc. (Engineered Products Business)Kansas City, MO19201000+$250 Mil and over
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co.Charlotte, NC19011000+$250 Mil and over
EJ Group, Inc.East Jordan, MI1883500-999$250 Mil and over
Precision Castparts Corp.Portland, OR19531000+$250 Mil and over
Xometry, Inc.Derwood, MD2013500-999$200 Mil and over

Waupaca Foundry, Inc.

Iron castings for use in industries as diverse as transportation, building, farming, and industry are produced at Waupaca Foundry, Inc. In addition to providing precision machining and assembly services, its state-of-the-art machinery guarantees the ideal iron composition, temperature, and quality post-casting. Waupaca, Wisconsin, is home to its headquarters.

Impro Industries USA, Inc.

With headquarters in Diamond Bar, California, Impro Industries USA, Inc. is a global leader in the casting production of a wide range of metal alloys for applications in the automotive, aerospace, hydraulic, heavy-duty, recreational, power, and medical sectors. Companies of various sizes may make use of their investment in casting, sand casting, CNC machining, milling, turning, and other services.

MetalTek International

MetalTek International is a specialized metal producer serving the petrochemical, defense, power, mining, processing, and other metalworking sectors. They have considerable experience with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are experts in centrifugal casting, investment casting, sand casting, and continuous casting processes. The main office of MetalTek is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Eastern Metal Supply, Inc.

Aluminum extrusions are utilized in a wide variety of industries, and Eastern Metal Supply, Inc. is a distributor of these products. Their fleet of 100+ vehicles routinely delivers across North America to customers in Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, in addition to the United States. The organization’s main office is located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Sigma OEM

Sigma OEM, located in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, produces a wide variety of cast items, including pump casings, calipers, counterweights, valve bodies, impellers, gears, and more. Sigma’s North American client base isn’t limited to just those looking for stand-alone items, either; the company also offers bespoke castings for consumers who want to combine their purchases.

Bradken, Inc. (Engineered Products Business)

Located in Kansas City, Ohio, Bradken, Inc. (Engineered Products Business) produces steel alloy and stainless steel castings for power, military, rail & transit, mining, and bespoke applications. They can cast items weighing anything from a few grams to more than 25 tons, and their services also extend to machining, finishing, and even sub-assembly.

Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co.

Whether it’s for a home, business, or factory, Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co. has the cast iron pipes, fittings, and plumbing supplies you need. Charlotte Pipe & Foundry has been serving the plumbing needs of the United States for almost a century. They have their main office in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

EJ Group, Inc.

Iron castings, gratings, and fire hydrants are just a few of the products that EJ Group, Inc. produces for use in access infrastructure. The water treatment, telecommunication, utility, and other vital sectors are among the clients they serve across all six continents. Specifically, their headquarters may be found in neighboring East Jordan, Michigan.

Precision Castparts Corp.

Investment castings, fastening systems, forged metals, and more are all produced by Precision Castparts Corp. They make cast components and specialty alloys for use in a variety of industries, including aviation, medicine, manufacturing, and power generation. Portland, Oregon, is home to its headquarters.

Xometry, Inc.

When it comes to metal casting, Xometry, Inc. is your go-to company. High-quality, on-demand components are provided by die casters the firm works with that employ cutting-edge die-casting technology. Offerings center on hot chamber casting and cold chamber casting, the two most common methods of die casting. Both are capable of making items with intricate geometries, high precision, and strong mechanical qualities.

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