Top 9 Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA in 2023

Top Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

Top Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA – About 95% of all product transportation in the US is handled by corrugated box producers. It is by far the most popular technique for product packaging.

Businesses that produce corrugated boxes can anticipate continuous revenue growth. This is due to the fact that corrugated boxes are biodegradable and lightweight.

In 2023, the corrugated market will be valued at $300 billion, according to Smithers research. Since demand has increased and the industry has expanded quickly, there are more corrugated box makers in the United States than before. Finding the ideal manufacturer may seem intimidating as a result.

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Basics of Cardboard Boxes

Types of Cardboard Boxes

There are numerous distinct types, sizes, forms, and manufacturing processes for cardboard boxes, despite the fact that they can be broadly divided into two categories: paperboard boxes and corrugated boxes.

The most popular kind of cardboard box is one called a corrugated box, which is made up of numerous layers of paperboard. They are created using a corrugating machine, an adhesive to hold the layers together, and two or three outer layers with a corrugated “middle” layer for extra stability and longevity. Single-wall, double-wall, triple-wall, and anti-static boxes are all options for these containers. Pizza boxes, moving boxes, and corrugated shipping boxes, also called mailing boxes, are a few examples of typical corrugated boxes.

Cardboard boxes have many uses but don’t forget to pair them with custom stickers. A custom sticker can be used not only for cartons but also for decorating personal items. CustomSticker offers a variety of customizable products and services that you can choose from, such as custom stickers, labels, buttons, and magnets.

Paperboard boxes, also known as chipboard boxes, are produced from a paper-based substance that is typically 0.01 inches thick and is thicker than standard writing and document paper. Paperboard boxes, which can be bleached or unbleached and are produced by a process called pulping that involves physically or chemically breaking down wood, are generally used for baked goods, food or cereal, pharmaceuticals, and amenities like soapboxes, gift boxes, and shirt boxes.

Top Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA
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Making the Best Cardboard Manufacturers Choices for Your Application

Not every cardboard manufacturer is the same. When evaluating vendors, some things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • What are their areas of expertise, and how well do they fit your requirements? Are you interested in personalized, sturdy, or food-safe cardboard boxes? Will you require a single kind of specialized box, a variety of solutions, or corrugated boxes for everyday use? A business that specializes in providing what you need will know more about it and be more skilled at creating it.
  • How eager they are to talk and respond to queries. Asking about their quality assurance procedures and supply chain is crucial to avoiding later poor-quality products or supply shortages. Find out if they use sustainable sources if sustainability is a priority for you. Regarding the kind of cardboard and padding (if any) you’ll require for your particular use, you might also want the supplier’s assistance. Generally speaking, the provider should be prepared to offer at least a minimal level of responsiveness in the event of future issues.
  • Their smallest and largest order sizes. Smaller minimum order amounts are your friend if you’re experimenting and want to start out with a small number. You might also want to give yourself room to expand, though.
  • Whether their lead times meet your requirements.
  • Evaluations of the business. As well as asking their most loyal clients about them and looking up online reviews to see if there are any prevalent issues.
  • Whether they are willing to offer free samples of their goods. Before buying 1,000 of them, make sure you’re obtaining the high-quality corrugated boxes you need.
  • What on your list of requirements is absolutely necessary, and what is not? You might come across a business that meets all of your requirements, but you might not. Making smarter decisions will be easier if you are aware of what matters.
  • Whether they are prepared to offer a free product sample.

Once you’ve determined which supplier would meet your demands the best, you can either enter into a more normal contract right away or sign a trial-run short-term agreement. In either case, confirm that the contract will ensure pricing that will safeguard your profit margins.

Top Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

Listed below are the Top Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA, ranked by company size. Each company’s information includes its headquarters, sales, year of foundation, and the number of employees. US million dollars are used to measure annual sales. Following the table are summaries of each company.

Company nameHeadquartersYear foundedNo. of EmployeesAnnual sale
International Paper CompanyTennessee189851,000$22.38 Bil
WestRock CompanyGeorgia201551,100$18.1 Bil
Georgia-Pacific LLCGeorgia192746,270$18 Bil
Packaging Corporation of AmericaPennsylvania195915,000$6 Bil
Associated BagWisconsin1938500$125 Mil
Western Container CompanyWisconsin1979150$69 Mil
Emenac PackagingCalifornia201196$42 Mil
Deluxe Packaging, Inc.New Jersey198285$17 Mil
Larsen Packaging Products, Inc.Illinois198727$6 Mil


International Paper Company

A market leader in the production of fiber-based goods, International Paper Company produces cellulose fibers, containerboard, corrugated packaging, papers, recycling packaging, pulp, and paper goods. In addition to various designs of cardboard boxes and sheets, their corrugated packaging also covers retail, bulk, molded fiber, kraft paper bags, solid fiber, and specialized packaging.

WestRock Company

Corrugated containers, folding cartons, paperboard, containerboard, displays, kraft paper, partitions, protective packaging, and pulp are just a few of the paper and packaging products that WestRock Company offers.

Georgia-Pacific LLC

Paper goods, such as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and facial tissues, disposable cups, plates, and cutlery, as well as containerboard and corrugated packaging with customizable choices, are all produced by Georgia-Pacific LLC.

Packaging Corporation of America

Custom corrugated boxes are one of the packaging options produced by Illinois-based Packaging Corporation of America specifically for its customers’ requirements. Corrugated containers, heavy-duty packaging, produce packaging, stock packaging and supplies, interior packaging, and containerboard are among the available goods.

Associated Bag

The workplace, shipping, and packaging items offered by Associated Bag include moving boxes, pizza boxes, reverse-tuck boxes, bakery boxes, bin boxes, corrugated or cardboard mailing and shipping boxes, and shoe boxes.

Western Container Company

A prestigious Wisconsin-based company, Western Container Company, creates thousands of various stock boxes, cartons, and packaging supplies, including paper tubes, paper core products, and sturdy Kraft corrugated cartons that are 100% recyclable.

Emenac Packaging

Custom apparel, bakery, candle, cookie, cosmetic, favor, electronic, food, gable, kraft, medicinal, paper, pillow, promotional, retail, sleeve, tobacco, toy, window, soap, and custom style boxes are just a few of the cardboard box possibilities Emenac Packaging offers.

Deluxe Packaging, Inc.

With various customizable possibilities, Deluxe Packaging, Inc. manufactures rigid setup boxes, luxury packaging, fashion, jewelry, and gift boxes. They also provide free delivery, design assistance, and no setup fees.

Larsen Packaging Products, Inc.

Corrugated boxes, chipboard cartons, bin and storage containers, corrugated mailers, kraft paper, cardboard mailing tubes, sheets, wraps, tissues, and other office supplies are all provided by Illinois-based Larsen Packaging Products, Inc.

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