Top 10 Indiana Machine Shops in 2022

Indiana Machine Shops

Top Indiana Machine Shops– Indiana has the nineteenth-largest GDP in the nation and is the seventeenth most populous state in America. Around 3.4 million people worked in the civil sector in Indiana in 2017. Manufacturing accounts for a sizable portion of the state’s revenue. Seven Fortune-500 companies with a total annual sale of $142.5 billion called the state home in 2016.

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Energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and agriculture are Indiana’s top industries. According to size, this article ranks Indiana’s top machine shops.

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Top Indiana Machine Shops

The top Indiana machine shops with facilities are shown in the table below. To save you time and effort, here is a thorough list of them.

Table 1: Top Indiana Machine Shops

CompanyYear FoundedRevenueNo. of Employees
Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc.1966$50 M100-199
Rauch Industries1953$10 M100-199
Elkhart Plastics1988<$250 M500-999
Bedford Machine & Tool, Inc1987$50 M100-250
Harrison Steel Castings Company1906$100 M500-999
Tomken Plastic Technologies, Inc.1960$10 M50-99
C & A Tool Engineering, Inc.1969$100 M200-499
Precise Machine Company1959$5 M-
Standard Locknut, LLC1949$25 M200-499
Ward Corporation1964$50 M200-499

Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc.

Custom precision injection molding, contract machining, and 3D printing are services offered by Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc. The precision CNC 2, 3, 4, and 5 axis machining, drilling, milling, boring, threading, turning, tapping, knurling, internal forming, broaching, counterboring, lean manufacturing, mold making, plastic injection molding, EDM, and rapid prototyping are among the capabilities of the woman-owned machine shop.

Rauch Industries

As a contract manufacturer, Rauch Industries offers a variety of manufacturing services, including assembly work, metal fabrication, packing, kitting, and specialized processing. Quality checks, sorting, collating, folding, labeling, warehousing, contract bagging, heat sealing, shrink wrapping, skin packing, band sawing, deburring, drilling, grinding, milling, machining, riveting, shearing, testing, and welding are other services offered.

Elkhart Plastics

High-density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), nylon, and structurally reinforced plastic are among the materials that Elkhart Plastics offers 3-axis CNC machining services. Additionally, secondary services including product design, engineering, testing, and assembly are offered, along with services for prototyping and rotomolding.

Bedford Machine & Tool, Inc

You can get full assistance from Bedford Machine & Tool, Inc. to develop your concept from scratch. starting with the design phase and continuing through tooling, production, and even managing your recyclable byproducts. To meet and even surpass your expectations, they can offer a wide range of services. They are the owners and operators of these three outstanding businesses, which offer full client service. Their shared goal is to be dedicated to complete customer satisfaction from the perspective of the consumer. Indiana CNC machine shop

Harrison Steel Castings Company

Precision castings produced from ferrous-based, carbon, and alloy steel are made on demand by Harrison Steel Castings Company. Their castings weigh anywhere from 350 and 14,000 pounds. Engineering, metallurgy, melting, and machining are among their skills.

Tomken Plastic Technologies, Inc.

The capabilities of Tomken Plastic Technologies, Inc. cover design, machining, validation, production molding, and assembly. Additionally, the woman-owned bespoke plastic injection mold company has molding machines that can handle the majority of part sizes between 1 g and 500 g and range in weight from 20 tons to 1,100 tons.

C & A Tool Engineering, Inc.

Precision metal components are produced by C & A Tool Engineering, Inc., from prototype to mass manufacturing. Services include CNC-lathe (standard, long bed, bar-fed swiss, hard turning), CNC-milling (vertical w/5 axis & horizontal), and EDM (wire, sinker).

Precise Machine Company

CNC machining with high precision and speed. The close tolerance machine work produced by this contract CNC machine shop includes castings, forgings, electrical connectors, electronic & medical PCB enclosures, thin wall parts, and more. Providing full capability & full turn-key assembly solutions for your industry. They are ISO certified and work with both common and uncommon alloys. capacity for rapidity. Illinois CNC machine shop.

Standard Locknut, LLC

Custom manufacturers of machined parts for the defense, aerospace, and aviation industries include Standard Locknut, LLC. Castings, shafts, gear blanks, pump housings, pillow blocks, and bearing accessories are among their offerings. Contract CNC turning, milling, and machining are among their competencies.

Ward Corporation

Aluminum castings are available from Ward Corporation in large quantities. Additionally, they provide services for CNC machining, heat treating, sand, semi-permanent, and permanent mold casting. Additionally, services for shot blasting and grinding aluminum castings are offered. They are owned by women.


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