Top 14 Machine Shops in Wisconsin in 2023

Top Machine Shops in Wisconsin

Top Machine Shops in Wisconsin – Wisconsin, the top cheese-producing state in the USA, has approximately 500,000 manufacturing jobs and more than 9,300 manufacturing firms, making it the state with the largest manufacturing employment as a percentage of the workforce. The state is home to businesses that produce water, medical devices, food and beverages, and energy and power controls, among other things. It is not surprising to discover a large number of machine shops spread out around the state, given the number of industries to service.

Naturally, CNC machining is more common, but many firms also offer manual turning and milling when necessary. A few are experts in Swiss-style machining for tiny parts. Many businesses also provide further associated services, including EDM, fabrication and assembly, heat treatment, engineering, prototyping, and other necessary services.

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Top Machine Shops in Wisconsin

Listed below are the Top Machine Shops in Wisconsin. Each company’s information includes its headquarters, year of foundation, the number of employees, and annual sales. US dollars are used to measure annual sales. Following the table are summaries of each company.

Company nameHeadquartersYear foundedNo. of EmployeesAnnual sale
RAM ToolGrafton1967750$210 Mil
Xometry, Inc.Derwood2013386$84 Mil
Daco Precision ToolKewaskum198442$6 Mil
McCormick IndustriesAppleton199640$5 Mil
FZE Mfg SolutionsN. Fond du Lac197435$8 Mil
Wiscon ProductsRacine194551$7 Mil
Trace-A-MaticBrookfield196825$5.8 Mil
Hi-Standard MachiningRacine196720$5 Mil
Chapter 2Lake Mills197210$5 Mil
Michaels MachineRacine194610$5 Mil
KLH IndustriesGermantown198725$5 Mil
TNS MachiningMuskego198110$4 Mil
American ManufacturingMilwaukee195110$3 Mil


RAM Tool

Ram Tool provides a broad range of machining services and can work with objects weighing up to 20 tons. The business now offers welding, engineering/design, EDM, and other services in addition to traditional CNC machining.

Xometry, Inc.

Engineers, product developers, designers, and others can use the bespoke online CNC machining service offered by Xometry, Inc. With its ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, and AS9100D certified quality management system, ITAR registration, and choices to add inspections, hardware traceability, material certifications, and certificates of conformity (CoCs), the firm assures the quality of each machined item. Each client receives high-quality CNC machined components on schedule thanks to the company’s acceptance of technical drawings and support teams.

Daco Precision Tool

Along with EDM services, Daco Precision Tool also provides CNC vertical milling and horizontal boring. The business also produces dies and tools for injection molding, die casting, and metal stamping. The business got going in 1984.

McCormick Industries

For the aerospace, medical, and related sectors, McCormick Industries offers CNC Swiss-style machining, turning, and milling services. The company specializes in producing unique pins and ferrules. The business got going in 1996.

FZE Mfg Solutions

In addition to Swiss-style screw machines, FZE Manufacturing Solutions also uses horizontal and vertical machining centers. Beyond just machining, the firm also provides assembly, electropolishing, Mig and Tig welding, laser marking, fabrication, etc.

Wiscon Products

A variety of machined items are produced by Wiscon Products for clients in the automotive, hydraulics, off-highway, and related sectors. In Racine, Wisconsin, the business has a 30,000 square foot facility that offers a full variety of CNC machining services.


For items weighing between 1 and 15,000 lbs, Trace-A-Matic provides precision CNC vertical and horizontal turning and milling services. The company’s facilities in Houston, Texas, and Brookfield, Texas, together have 300,000 square feet of production area.

Hi-Standard Machining

Swiss-screw machine components are the area of expertise for Hi-Standard Machining. Bar stock is used to make parts in a range of metals, from brass to titanium, and polymers, from nylon to acrylic. Cross-drilling, threading and vertical and horizontal milling are among the available auxiliary services.

Chapter 2

Manufacturers of everything from lawn and garden equipment to medical equipment can use Chapter 2’s CNC turning and horizontal and vertical milling services. Robotic machining, assembly, fabrication, and welding are further capabilities.

Michaels Machine

Customers in the agricultural, transportation, hydraulics and related industries can use the traditional and CNC Swiss-screw machining, turning, and centerless grinding services offered by Michaels Machine. The company has been in business for more than 70 years and is situated in Racine.

KLH Industries

For OEM clients and suppliers, KLH Industries offers CNC machining, EDM, waterjet cutting, and CMM inspection services. The business offers CNC turning services for shafts up to 80 inches long and 25 inches in diameter. The firm, which has its headquarters in Germantown, has been operating for 32 years.

TNS Machining

TNS Machining is a workshop that offers Swiss-screw machining, CNC turning, and milling of metal and plastic. The business collaborates with a wide range of industrial businesses in the healthcare, food, automotive, and related industries.

American Manufacturing

American Manufacturing specializes in using conventional and CNC turning and milling to create prototypes and replacement parts. The business also provides reverse engineering, light sheet metal manufacturing, and free-hand welding services.


For CNC Swiss-screw and turned components, Hinz is a contract manufacturer. The business started out 50 years ago making welding tips and has subsequently expanded to make very precise, tiny, and complicated pieces.

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