Top 16 Manufacturing Companies in Utah in 2023

Top manufacturing companies in utah in 2022

Top manufacturing companies in Utah in 2023– Computers and electronics products, including communications equipment, computer microchips, and scientific instruments, are Utah’s leading manufactured products. Manufacturing of primary metals is the second largest category in the state, with steel, aluminum, and copper being the most common. In third place are processed foods and beverages, including baked goods, dairy products, meat products, and snacks. 

Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing have been the sector with the highest growth rate in recent years, then aerospace products.

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Manufacturers in Utah: General Information

Utah’s largest industrial sector is food processing, which employs 12% of the state’s workforce. Approximately 11% of Utah’s factory workers are employed by chemicals and allied products, as well as electronic and other electrical equipment. 9% of Utah’s industrial workers belong to the instruments and related products industry.

As a result of manufacturing’s 10.82% contribution to state output, Utah employed 8.77% of its workforce in 2018. A total of $19.19 billion was produced by manufacturing in 2018. In 2017, Utah had 133,000 manufacturing employees, earning an average annual income of $68,974.36 in 2017. Utah exported $13.59 billion in manufactured goods in 2018. Over 86% of exporters in Utah are small businesses. 

  • Ownership of Utah’s companies can be summarized as follows:
  • The percentage of women-owned businesses in Utah is 2%
  • Minority-owned businesses make up 1%
  • Publicly owned companies account for 11% of the total
  • Raw materials are imported by 12%
  • International distribution is performed by 26% of companies.


Top Utah’s Manufacturing Companies 

In the following table, you will find a list of the top Utah manufacturers, ranked by a number of their employees. You will also find details on each company’s headquarters and summaries of their activities. The dashes indicate that no information has been found.

CompanyHeadquartersYear foundedNumber of employeesAnnual sale
VivintProvo, Utah199911000$1.48 Billion
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.South Jordan, Utah19875001-10000$1 Billion
Clyde Companies, Inc.Orem, Utah19263500$710 Million
doTerra InternationalPleasant Grove, Utah20083000$1.8 Billion
Dyno NobelSalt Lake City, Utah18313000$626.4 Million
Young Living Essential OilsLehi, Utah19931001-5000>$1 Billion
BioFire Diagnostics, Inc.Salt Lake City, Utah19901001-5000--
Ultradent Products, Inc.South Jordan, Utah19781001-5000$680 Million
Lifetime Products, Inc.Clearfield, Utah19862200$500 Million - $1 Billion
Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems, Inc.Corinne, Utah20151800$400-$500 Million
O.C. TannerSalt Lake City, Utah19271600--
Autoliv ASP, Inc., Module FacilityOgden, Utah19771700--
BHI, COVernal, Utah1998501-1000$196.36 Million
YESCOSalt Lake City, Utah1920501-1000$364.4 Million
Industrial Supply CorpSalt Lake City, Utah191651-200$95.7 Million
Thatcher CompanySalt Lake City, Utah196751-200$100-$500 Million


Founded in 1999, Vivint is an American and Canadian smart home company. In 2012, Vivint was acquired by Blackstone Group for more than $2 billion. Following a merger, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in January 2020.

Merit Medical Systems. 

Merit Medical Systems is a medical device company with locations around the world. A 700,000-square-foot facility in South Jordan manufactures proprietary disposable medical devices for intervention and diagnostic procedures in cardiology, radiology, and endoscopy.

Clyde Companies, Inc.

With its subsidiaries, Clyde Companies provides construction products and services. It was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Orem, Utah.

doTerra International

Since its founding in 2008, doTerra has produced therapeutic-grade essential oils, spa products, and nutritional supplements under contract with manufacturers. Sales are reported to be $2 billion a year by the company. A spectacular representation of doTERRA’s growth and potential is the company’s Global Corporate Headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah. On the more than 610,000 square feet campus are more than 3,000 employee jobs, and the campus is open to the public. 

Dyno Nobel

An explosives manufacturer, Dyno Nobel, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Incitec Pivot Limited. The company operates in Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, South America, Papua New Guinea, and Turkey. The Dyno Nobel company manufactures explosive products and offers blasting services worldwide through a distribution network.

Young Living Essential Oils

With the help of their proprietary Seed to Seal production process, they produce the world’s most authentic, best essential oils. Their goal is to provide pure, powerful products infused with essential oils that can change the lives of families and lifestyles.

As a community of wellness, Young Living began in 1993. They developed more farmland in Utah and Idaho and began cultivating lavender, peppermint, melissa, clary sage, and other herbs after establishing Young Living in 1994. This distillery is the largest and most technologically advanced in North America. It was built by Young Living as a result of a growing demand for essential oils. The Seed to Seal process was developed by Young Living in harmony with these efforts, which ensures the potency and integrity of essential oils at every stage of production.

Located in Lehi, Utah, Young Living is headquartered and operates offices internationally, including Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and farms all over the world.

BioFire Diagnostics, LLC

In the field of molecular diagnostics, BioFire Diagnostics, LLC (now bioMérieux) has pioneered breakthrough advances in syndromic infectious disease testing for more than 25 years. No other company has FDA-cleared and CE-IVD-marked assays for more pathogens than BioMérieux’s Global Center of Excellence for Molecular Diagnostics.

BioFire Diagnostics, based in Salt Lake City, manufactures DNA analysis machines for molecular diagnostics, biodefense, and water/food testing and was instrumental in developing a rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test.

Ultradent Products, Inc.

In addition to making dental procedures more predictable and efficient, Ultradent Products, Inc., is a leading provider of high-tech dental materials, devices, and instruments. There are currently subsidiaries of Ultradent in Germany, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Malaysia, China, and Japan, which employ approximately 1,900 people and manufacture and package more than 500 materials, devices, and instruments. 

Although Ultradent has grown into a global company, a majority of its skilled and professional manufacturing positions remain in the United States, creating jobs for a diverse community.

The company’s products are used worldwide in dental, veterinary, government, and university laboratories.

Lifetime Products, Inc.

Lifetime Products Inc. was founded in 1986 as a privately held company. The company’s main products include folding chairs and tables made of polyethylene, benches and tables for picnics, basketball equipment for home, coolers, kayaks, paddleboards, lawn and garden items, as well as OEM steel and plastic products from other companies.

Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems, Inc.

The Northrop Grumman facility in Corrine covers 3.4 million square feet and has an annual sales volume of $400-$500 million. This company specializes in solid rocket propulsion systems and energetic specialty products at this facility.

O.C. Tanner

In addition to providing software and services that enhance workplace culture by creating meaningful employee experiences, O.C. Tanner also helps organizations motivate and recognize great work in their employees. Their cloud-based technology, tools, and awards are used by thousands of clients worldwide to identify employees in meaningful ways.

Autoliv ASP, Inc., Module Facility

In addition to manufacturing airbags, this Autoliv location in Ogden also distributes its products throughout the world. It is owned by a Swedish company that is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier.


With a nationwide footprint, BHI specializes in vertical and horizontal construction in the building, mining and mineral, energy, and infrastructure markets. Named one of the 2021 Top Workplaces, with its core values and commitment to delivering a genuine superior experience, it is the best relationship-based contractor in the industry.


The YESCO Company is a private company that manufactures electric signs. It was founded in 1920 by Thomas Young and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They specialize in the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of electric signs.

Industrial Supply (ISC)

With over 50,000 products, Industrial Supply (ISC) is an expert MROP Distributor that specializes in Safety, Hand/Power Tools, and Cutting Tools. With over 50,000 products, they offer cutting-edge solutions to your problems in the Mining, Aerospace, Construction, Manufacturing, and Natural Resources segments. From safety training to Vendor Managed Inventory, they strive to provide users with what they need, no matter where they are.

Thatcher Company

Since 1967, Thatcher Company has grown to become one of the largest specialty chemical manufacturers and distributors in the United States, supplying a wide range of chemicals. In addition to products for water, wastewater, and process applications, Thatcher produces proprietary blends of products that are marketed for use by industries such as Oil & Gas, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Municipal, Power, and Agriculture. In Salt Lake City, Utah, Thatcher Company employs more than 350 people and is headquartered on 25 acres in an industrial area.

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