The 8 Best Engine Hoists & Accessories in 2023 + Buying Guide

Best Engine Hoists

Best Engine Hoists and Accessories- When it comes to purchasing engine hoists, there is always one that can improve the user’s quality of life. They are helpful regularly. Having a product available at all times would be wise. The engine hoists that will simplify your life are the best. Nowadays, navigating the product market might be challenging. Engine hoists come in a variety of varieties, and many of them promise to simplify your life but fall short in practice.

Many different Suppliers and Companies provide engine hoists, and Linquip offers a vast assortment of Engine Hoists for Sale.

Linquip offers a thorough range of services for all OEM fleets. Please get in touch with Engine Hoist Experts to find out more about how to establish connections with a wide range of service providers who consistently deliver high-quality goods.

The folding engine hoists are a tool used to raise engines out of their bearings and position them for shipping. The engine hoist is made up of two basic components: an electromagnetically powered arm with numerous articulated segments, and a base that sits on the ground or flooring.

This engine hoist inventive construction makes it the best choice for easily positioning large gear. The use of an engine hoist might be very advantageous if you frequently need to raise heavy goods.

Numerous engine hoist businesses that provide somewhat different goods and services are abundant on the market. Our skilled experts tested a variety of foldable engine hoists and selected the most dependable and long-lasting models on the market.

Although we at Linquip spend a lot of time utilizing products, we are constantly looking for methods to streamline the process. Here are various things you can try if you’re seeking a new technique or item. One of these will undoubtedly work for you as well!

How can you choose the best engine hoists out of the various alternatives available, including those from Strongway, Oberg Tilt Lift, VIVOHOME, HTTMT, Performance Tool, and others? We have thoroughly examined a significant number of engine hoists to assist you in finding the Best Engine Hoists that satisfy various needs.

A range of engine hoists with prices ranging from $39.00 to $424.00 were put to the test by our specialists. If you’re not sure what to look for, go down the remainder of our list and consult the buying guide!

Each engine hoist in this category was examined in light of four main criteria: organization & adaptability, toughness, aesthetics, and simplicity of installation. Categories are weighted based on how significant they are to the typical shopper. Find our analysis techniques and findings in the sections below. Based on advice from industry professionals, we’ve chosen our top picks:

  • Brand value
  • Size
  • Style
  • Features
  • Longevity
  • Design
  • Price
  • Consumer ratings & reviews
  • Types
  • Durability
  • Warranties
  • Specifications
  • Materials
  • Quality

Best Engine Hoists Reviews

The 8 Best Engine Hoists & Accessories in 2023 include:

  • Dragway Tools 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist
  • Goplus 2 Ton Folding Engine Hoist
  • Honhill 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist
  • Chien Folding Cherry Picker Hd 1 Ton Engine Hoist Crane
  • OTC 2004 4,000 lb. Capacity Folding Engine Hoist / Shop Crane
  • OEMTOOLS 24830 2 Ton Engine Hoist
  • BIG RED T32002 Torin Steel Garage/Shop Crane Engine Hoist
  • Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist

We have reviewed the top 8 best engine hoists for you in this article. These eight goods were picked for their cutting-edge features and excellent usability. You can select one from the list after reading.

Dragway Tools 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist

Best Engine Hoists
Dragway Tools 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist (Reference




Footprint 58″ x 37″ x 22″
Material steel tubing

General Descriptions

The 2-ton folding hydraulic shop crane from Dragway Tools is a very adaptable, portable, and strong 2-ton shop crane. The folding legs allow for improved portability, and the removable handle makes storage simple. This device is simple to move around in your garage and may even be stored in a corner when not in use. This hoist has a compact footprint when folded, measuring 58″ x 37″ x 22″.

The 4000 closed boom capacity and 1000 extended boom capacity of the Dragway Tools 2-ton hoist, respectively. With the boom retracted and extended, you can lift objects to a maximum height of 48′′ inches and 102′′ inches, respectively. It has a 12′′ forged steel chain, an 8-ton hydraulic ram, and a 5/16′′ hook. Moving this unit about the garage is made simple by the 3′′ rotating steel caster wheels.

Straight out of the box, this item is fully built and ready to lift. The frame weighs just about 290 lbs. and is composed of 3′′ thick square steel tubing, which offers greater durability and stability. Dragway Tools is a proud American manufacturer of this transportable shop crane.

Goplus 2 Ton Folding Engine Hoist

Best Engine Hoists
Goplus 2 Ton Folding Engine Hoist (Reference


Weight 2-ton
Capacity 4000 lbs

General Descriptions

A heavy-duty shop crane, the GoPlus 2-Ton Folding Engine Hoist can carry a variety of objects weighing up to 4000 lbs. It is made to raise various things, including steel beams, farm equipment, buses, trucks, and cars. For optimal mobility and versatility, the engine hoist incorporates an 8-ton ram hydraulic cylinder and four customizable positions.

The crane is constructed entirely of heavy-duty steel, and its powder-coated finish gives it durability and corrosion resistance. The hoist is simple to move around your garage or workshop thanks to its four swiveling caster wheels, and when it’s not in use, it can be folded up and stored in a tiny area.

When used as directed, this finest folding engine hoist is safe because of its precise CE certification for quality and its built-in safety features. This contains a safety lock system that aids in preventing hoist overloading and makes sure you can work safely without encountering accidents.

To raise both large and small engines without purchasing additional attachments or accessories, it also comes with two sizes of adapters. It’s perfect if you’re working on engines for various trucks or cars.

Honhill 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist

Best Engine Hoists
Honhill 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist (Reference


Weight 2-ton
Height 6 meters
Capacity 4000 pounds

General Descriptions

One of the safest and most dependable pieces of heavy lifting equipment in its class is the Honhill 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist. This hoist is excellent for people who have little storage space because it has characteristics like a collapsible construction and 6 independent casters.

This hoist’s 6-meter height makes it ideal for anyone who needs to access high ceilings or surfaces. You may easily raise, lower, and even move anything with the hoist’s counterweight. When not in use, this hoist may be folded down for simple storage because it is built of high-quality steel. You will have simple control over the hydraulic engine hoist thanks to a detachable handle and an ergonomic design.

The Honhill Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist can raise objects to 201 feet (or 2 tons) in height and has a maximum reach of 6 meters. This hoist is more stable than other versions on the market because of its sturdy design. This device can lift to 2 tons (4000 pounds) thanks to the load-bearing steel, which guarantees that it will stand up under big loads.

Chien Folding Cherry Picker Hd 1 Ton Engine Hoist Crane

Best Engine Hoists
Chien Folding Cherry Picker Hd 1 Ton Engine Hoist Crane Reference


Weight 1-ton
Capacity 1000 lbs
Footprint 31” L x 29” W” x 50” H

General Descriptions

The finest option for an engine hoist is the Chien Folding Cherry Picker HD 1 Ton Engine Hoist Crane. It has a strong 1000lb capability, which is a significant amount of lifting force. It is so powerful that it can even raise a full vehicle engine, which is very amazing.

You can effortlessly move the hoist around and lift any object from any direction thanks to its 360-degree rotating wheels. You can fold it and store it until the next time if you’re not using it and don’t want to store it in a big space.

The cherry picker is incredibly sturdy because it is built of 1/4″ high-quality steel. Its height is 8″ 6″, and its boom height is 4″ The hook’s bottom measurement is 8 34″. The operational range is big enough to fit the majority of objects at 430mm (17 inches).

When completely completed, the Chien Folding Cherry Picker folding engine hoist weighs a little over 100lbs and is 31″L x 29″W x 50″H in size. The instructions that are provided make it simple to install and remove an engine. For additional peace of mind, the hoist also comes with a 12-month warranty.

OTC 2004 4,000 lb. Capacity Folding Engine Hoist / Shop Crane

Best Engine Hoists
OTC 2004 4,000 lb. Capacity Folding Engine Hoist Shop Crane (Reference


Capacity 4000 lbs
Size of front wheels 3-1/2 inch diameter


General Descriptions

This OTC crane is a top-notch item. It is simple to put together and runs without any grating rattles or squeaks. Using the boom extension, we were able to unload our engine, although starting the engine was a little difficult. Use the extension first if you’re planning to use this tool to remove your engine, and then you can retract the boom to make things simpler when the load becomes lighter.

4,000 lb. engine hoist from OTC is precise, strong, and simple to fold for storage in small locations like garages and sheds. When not in use, the folding configuration enables storage with an incredibly small footprint. This crane will withstand years of rigorous use thanks to its high-quality components and precise engineering.

Because of its adaptability and simplicity of use, we suggest this engine hoist. When not in use, the crane can be stored out of the way by folding it up into a small compartment. Large 3-1/2 inch front wheels and 5-7/8 inch casters on the stand legs make it simple to move the crane into position.

OEMTOOLS 24830 2 Ton Engine Hoist

Best Engine Hoists
OEMTOOLS 24830 2 Ton Engine Hoist (Reference


Weight 2-ton
Design six 360° metal swive

General Descriptions

With the OEMTOOLS 24830 2 Ton Engine Hoist, heavy lifting is simple. Working on engines and other heavy equipment around the garage is made simple with the help of this engine hoist, which can lift loads of up to 2 tons. Its small size makes it simple to keep in your garage or shop, but it still features a boom that is adjustable and has four distinct locations for maximum versatility.

No matter if you’re working on a motorcycle or a pickup truck with four-wheel drive, our engine hoist makes lifting your car’s motor a pleasure. Its six swivel casters and four distinct booms make it simple to move this tool about the shop. Its four different booms make it simple to lift an engine out of even the smallest engine compartment.

This hoist is ideal for any mechanic or enthusiast who wants to start working on engines because it has an easy-lifting motor and can lift even some of the heaviest engines available. Although it is small in size and convenient to store in your garage or shop, this gadget is nonetheless powerful enough to handle a wide variety of engines.

With its six 360° metal swivels and four adjustable positions, this folding engine hoist boom can lift any type of engine from any style of vehicle.

BIG RED T32002 Torin Steel Garage/Shop Crane Engine Hoist

Best Engine Hoists
BIG RED T32002 Torin Steel Garage Shop Crane Engine Hoist (Reference


Weight 3-ton
Capacity 4000 lbs

General Descriptions

The 3 Ton, 4,000 Lb. Big Red Torin T32002 Steel Jack is Stable. Capacity The Engine Hoist is the ideal combination of durability and portability. The engine hoist has a strengthened boom, a 4-position boom that can be modified to meet your demands, and a hydraulic long ram jack. Additionally, an engine leveler is included to assist you in handling big loads with ease.

You won’t ever need to depend on anyone to get your car lifted again if you have the Big Red T32002 Steel Jack Stand in your garage. It has a reinforced boom and is built with a 2-ton (4,000 lb) capacity for heavy-duty activities. It has a boom that can be adjusted into four positions for versatility and control. For the convenience of usage, the Big Red Torin Engine Hoist includes an engine leveler.

The large red has a powerful eight-ton long ram jack that makes it easy to lift objects that are heavy and range in size from 1 inch to 93 3/4 inches. With the best foldable engine hoist, lifting engines, transmissions, pieces of industrial equipment, and other big objects is a breeze. Given that it is red and only weighs 57 pounds, you can carry it anyplace with ease.

Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist

Best Engine Hoists
Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist (Reference


Capacity 2000kg, 1500kg, 1000kg, and 500kg
Material QT450 Nodular Iron


General Descriptions

With a 2-stage telescopic boom that stretches from 39 5/8in. to 72 5/8in., this Strongway hydraulic engine hoist with load leveler gives you the extra reach you need to remove engines, transmissions, heavy castings, and more. The 1-ton capacity heavy-duty equipment has a sturdy frame. Boom compresses for simple storage and stretches to a length of 72 5/8in.

The sturdy, premium steel construction of this engine hoist assures long life and resistance to corrosion. Use this engine hoist between 40 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the hydraulic system and cylinders as flexible as possible.

To keep you safe on the job site, the hydraulic cylinders are made of QT450 Nodular Iron and have undergone safety testing. Four different load capabilities (2000kg, 1500kg, 1000kg, and 500kg) are supported by the raise arms’ four-hole configurations, providing you with more alternatives when it comes to lifting weights and loads at various heights.

Six steel casters measuring 3 1/2 inches each allow the hydraulic engine hoist to roll easily over the shop or garage floor. Additionally, it has an engine leveler that maintains stability while removing or transporting your engine.

Best Engine Hoists Buying Guide

Most of the time, the engine hoist that best suits your demands is the one you should get. When picking a product, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s crucial to think about your goals. Choosing a product is a challenging process. It’s critical to make the appropriate product choice because you need it to fulfill your needs. This also qualifies as an investment. You must ensure that the item you plan to purchase will last for a long period. The following are some things to think about before making a purchase:

  • Size: This will let you know whether the merchandise is large or tiny. While some people favor large things, others want smaller ones.
  • Price: Depending on the type and quantity of materials used in its construction, the price can vary significantly.
  • Brand: Although brands are sometimes linked with quality, not all brands are created equal. Before purchasing a brand, conduct your research.
  • Warranty: You are covered by warranties against production flaws and other potential problems during use.

Below are some factors to consider:


When selecting engine hoists, this is one of the most crucial considerations. Knowing your budget for purchases is a good idea before you make one. In order to stay under your spending limit, you must also make sure you have the money for it. Try looking for something less expensive with comparable characteristics if you find anything that is too expensive.


Engine hoists have a lot of features, but not everyone will use them all. Before making any purchase decisions, you should look for products with features that are practical and necessary for your requirements. Additionally, you should think about if these features are necessary and worth the extra cost or whether there are less expensive options with the same functionality.


Although you would not believe that a hoist’s ability to be folded easily is significant, it has a significant impact on how simple it is to store your hoist when it isn’t in use. Foldability is crucial if you want an engine hoist that you can store in your garage or another location while it’s not in use.

A hoist will be simpler to store the more compactly it can be folded. Consider whether or not the size and shape of the folding engine hoist will make it simple for you to store it when not in use before making your purchase.


You should be able to choose an engine hoist that fits your budget because there are several options available on the market, ranging in price from low to high. If two things, however, have comparable qualities but are priced differently, choose the more expensive one as long as it fits inside your budget. In general, more expensive, higher-quality products outperform and endure longer than their less expensive equivalents.


An engine hoist’s quality is dependent on its construction, therefore always ensure that it is composed of durable materials. Consider purchasing an engine hoist that comes with a lifetime warranty as well. When a product has a manufacturer’s warranty, it has likely undergone quality and performance testing.


To receive what you pay for, make sure you purchase engine hoists of the highest caliber from reliable suppliers. There is no guarantee that inexpensive things from an unproven or unknown brand will endure long enough for you to obtain your money’s worth. Additionally, if your purchase has a problem and you do not have an extended warranty plan, it can cost more to fix than the item was originally worth!


Choose a company with a solid reputation and strong standards for quality if numerous brands sell engine hoists with identical features at various price points. This will guarantee that your purchase will endure longer than those from more budget-friendly firms with lower requirements for quality assurance.

Consumer Ratings

Before making any purchases, you should also look at customer reviews. These offer insightful input on how satisfied consumers are with each brand’s performance in terms of numerous factors like use, toughness, and design elements.

Easy To Move Around

Additionally, you want to ensure that the folding shop crane is simple to fold up and move around with. A foldable shop crane that can be readily moved into various positions based on the type of job you are doing and the amount of space you have available is necessary if you plan to work on heavy-duty projects, such as autos or other large objects.

Storage and Portability

Finally, search for a folding engine hoist that can be stored easily because it folds flat when not in use. The last thing you need is a big piece of equipment eating up valuable shop or garage space. Additionally, the bottom ought to have wheels so you can move it out of the way if necessary.

Read Reviews

Before purchasing engine hoists or services, conduct your study. This will assist you in making an informed choice and preventing errors like purchasing anything without fully understanding its benefits and drawbacks or without adequate assistance. Reviews can be found online or by searching on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Typically, people express their thoughts on various things they have used in the past.

Look At Product Ratings

Examining a product’s rating might also assist you in making an informed choice when you are purchasing. Because individuals prefer to submit negative reviews only when they are dissatisfied, the engine hoists with high ratings will likely be superior to those with poor ratings.

FAQs about Best Engine Hoists and Accessories

1. What Is the Maximum Weight Hoist Can Lift?

The hoists from the Folding Engine can support a maximum weight of 5,000 pounds.

2. How Does a Folding Engine Hoist Function?

An engine hoist with a quick-release pin is called the Folding Engine Hoist. The weight is raised as a result of the chain being pulled down by tension on the pin. For commercial customers, the quick-release button is highly practical because it enables the weight to be removed quickly and easily without the use of any equipment. Visit this video to know more about their functions.

3. Are Folding Engine Hoist Only Intended for Industrial Use?

No, these hoists aren’t just for commercial use. The retail, warehouse, showroom, and small business sectors, as well as the construction and automobile industries, all frequently use them.


For individuals who don’t want to waste their time and energy on laborious lifting tasks, the best foldable engine hoist comes highly recommended. Whether you’re raising an upper or lower body component, these hoists will simplify your task. It requires no tools to operate because all you have to do is open the arms and attach the engine hoist to the engine. However, it is important to be sure that they are robust enough to satisfy your needs before purchasing.

Use the extensive list of Linquip’s Service Providers to find more information that will meet all of your demands. Contact Linquip’s Experts right away to learn more about our services or to set up an appointment.


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