Top 10 Irrigation Equipment Suppliers in 2023

Irrigation Equipment Supplier

Here we will present you with a list of top irrigation equipment suppliers chosen based on their role in this market. With this information, you will be able to pick an irrigation system that helps you save money, time, and frustration by not having to drag a watering hose around the yard all the time.  

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Basics of Irrigation Equipment 

Many types of landscaping and agriculture require irrigation, such as lawns, golf courses, gardens, and large plots of crops. To address the entire range of irrigation needs, there are various irrigation equipment options. The equipment can range from simple sprinklers to large center-pivot irrigation systems for watering thousands of acres.

Irrigation Equipment Supplier
Center pivot irrigation machine (Reference:

Irrigation equipment used for lawns and landscaping is most familiar to many people. The garden hose is one of the simplest and most widely used pieces of irrigation equipment for a home. A sprinkler head is often attached to the hose so a wider area can be irrigated.

With an impact sprinkler head, a stream of water is sprayed out while it moves in a circle. A pop-up impact sprinkler is another option that can be withdrawn into the ground when not in use. 

An oscillating sprinkler distributes water like an impact sprinkler, but it sprays a fan of water that moves back and forth. 

Spray heads and stream rotors are stationary sprinkler heads. While the stream rotor sprays out water in all directions, the spray heads can be adjusted to spray in all directions or to target one or two specific areas.

Sprinklers spray water into the air, causing it to evaporate. In contrast to sprinkler systems, micro-irrigation systems apply water directly to the soil or under the soil, preventing it from evaporating. 

A drip irrigation system consists of a tube with drip emitters positioned at desired locations along it, which deliver water close to the plant roots. 

Irrigation Equipment Supplier
Drip irrigation system (Reference:

Drip tape provides a similar, although less permanent, option. This is a thin drip tube with an expected lifespan of one or two years.

Micro sprayers are one type of sprinkler that is very small, attached to very thin drip tubes, sometimes referred to as spaghetti tubes. This form of irrigation lies somewhere in the middle of conventional sprinklers and drip irrigation. As micro sprayers are closer to the ground, they have less evaporation loss than full-sized sprinklers and can cover a larger area than drip irrigation.

The irrigation systems used on large agricultural fields are different from those used in home gardens. These fields typically use irrigation equipment such as a framework that supports many sprinkler heads or nozzles, sprinkler heads or nozzles, pumps, and pipes to deliver water. The most common irrigation systems for these uses are the center-pivot, where the irrigation equipment moves around a central point on a circular path, and the linear move, which moves the equipment along a straight line.


Market segments in the Irrigation Machinery Industry include types, such as sprinkler irrigation and drip Irrigation, among other irrigation methods), applications (pulses and oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, etc.), and geographic regions (North America, South America, Europe, Asia-pacific, the Middle East, and Africa).

During the forecast period, 2022-2027, irrigation machinery market revenues are projected to grow a CARG of 9.5%, reaching USD 6,603.6 million by 2027, from USD 3,903.9 million in 2021.

Global irrigation machinery sales are dominated by sprinkler irrigation equipment. Leading market players invest heavily in research and development to develop innovative products and remain competitive. In addition to the increasing use of efficient irrigation systems because of their better yield output and other benefits, key market players are continuously introducing advanced models.

North America is considered to be the fastest growing market due to the number of new products launched by companies in that region, thus dominating the market with more rapid innovation. Additionally, government policies provide farmers with various subsidies in order to boost the market’s growth.

A wide range of factors is driving the market’s growth, including government subsidies and policies, technological advances, and a growing concern about water resources. A shortage of natural irrigation resources and a demand for higher crop productivity are expected to boost the irrigation machinery market.

Types of Irrigation Equipment

There are different types of irrigation equipment depending on the method of irrigation. Consequently, an irrigation system would consist of the following components:

Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Pumping Unit
  • Tubing
  • Couplers
  • Spray and Sprinklers Heads
  • Injectors
  • Fittings and Accessories
  • Sensors
  • Flow Meters
  • Controllers

Drip Irrigation

  • Valves
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Filters
  • Emitters
  • Tubing

Top Global Irrigation Equipment Suppliers

Irrigation machinery market shares are consolidated, with major players controlling a large majority and smaller players accounting for a smaller percentage. Business expansion efforts are being made by these major players through the introduction of new products, expansions, and acquisitions. A list of leading global irrigation equipment suppliers can be found in this section. Based on their size, the companies are ranked in descending order. Also included is information about the company’s annual sales, foundation year, and headquarters location. The sales volume is expressed in US dollars.

Company nameHeadquartersYear foundedNumber of employeesAnnual sale
Jain Irrigation Systems LimitedJalgaon, India198710000+1.2 billion
The Toro CompanyBloomington, MN, United States191410000+3.96 billion
Valmont IndustriesOmaha, Ne, United States194698003.94 billion
NetafimHatzerim, Israel19651001-50001.063 billion
Rain Bird CorporationAzusa, CA, United States19331001-5000810 million
Lindsay CorporationOmaha, Ne, United States19551001-5000470 million
Rivulis IrrigationHaZafon, Israel19661001-5000400 million
EPC Industries LimitedMaharashtra, India1986501-1000--
Nelson Irrigation CorporationWalla Walla, WA, United States1972201-50010-50 million
T-L Irrigation Co.Hastings, Ne, United States1955201-50061 million

Jain Irrigation Systems Limited

With more than 11,000 employees worldwide, Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISL) is an Indian multinational with manufacturing plants in 32 countries. The company has been involved in manufacturing micro irrigation systems, PVC & HDPE pipe systems, plastic sheets, agro-processed products, tissue culture plants, renewable energy solutions, automation and precision farming, financial services, and agricultural inputs since its foundation. Using modern irrigation systems and innovative technologies, it has pioneered a silent revolution in water conservation and has contributed to significant increases in crop yields, most notably for small farmers. Also, it has introduced a new concept called Integrated Irrigation Projects (IIP).  

The Toro Company

The Toro Company was founded in 1914. The company has grown into a leading global provider of outdoor environmental solutions, such as turf and landscape management, snow and ice maintenance, construction of underground utilities, rental and specialty engineering, irrigation and outdoor lighting. The company offers a comprehensive line of global products in over 125 countries, helping golf courses, professional contractors, professionals in the underground construction industry, groundskeepers, agricultural growers, rental companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and homeowners – as well as many famous sports venues and historic sites.

Valmont Industries Inc.

In addition to creating vital infrastructure, Valmont Industries Inc. advances agricultural productivity globally. Throughout its history, it has been committed to conserving natural resources and enhancing the quality of life. Through innovative technology, implementing sustainable practices, and maintaining market leadership within dynamic industries, the company has pursued growth opportunities since 1946. A variety of products are manufactured by the company, including irrigation systems, protective coatings, infrastructure, power transmission and distribution structures, composite structures, communication facilities, mechanized irrigation systems, substation structures, and steel structures.


Netafim is the world’s leading irrigation company, offering precision irrigation solutions for land, water, and food scarcity. Across 33 subsidiaries and 17 manufacturing facilities worldwide, Netafim provides innovative irrigation and fertigation solutions that allow farmers, from smallholders to large producers, in more than 110 countries to increase production. Orbia, the world’s leading company specializing in specialty products, acquired 80% of Netafim in 2017. The remaining 20% is held by Kibbutz Hatzerim.

As a pioneer in drip irrigation, Netafim changed the landscape with the drip revolution in 1965. Providing end-to-end solutions to its clients, Netafim offers irrigation, greenhouse, landscape, and mining solutions by integrating engineering, project management, and financial services.

Rain Bird Corporation

With headquarters in Azusa, California, Rain Bird Corporation manufactures irrigation products and provides irrigation services worldwide. Across more than 130 countries, Rain Bird has provided irrigation and water conservation products to farms, golf courses, sports arenas, industrial facilities, and homes. There are more than 450 patents issued by the company around the world, including the first patent for the impact sprinkler in 1935.  

Rain Bird’s mission is to promote The Intelligent Use of Water. Besides products, it offers education, training, and services to the industry and the community to help conserve water.

Lindsay Corporation

Over the past 60 years, Lindsay Corporation has developed innovative products and services in the field of water management and road infrastructure. Its irrigation division, which pioneered center pivot and lateral move irrigation, has systems in more than 90 countries. To meet rising population growth, it finds efficient ways of irrigating crops on different terrains and soils, thereby increasing yields and better utilizing natural resources.

With Lindsay’s Industrial Water Solutions, large agricultural investors can receive engineering consulting, high-tech water management equipment, telemetry systems, and advanced controls from one reliable source.

Rivulis Irrigation

A global leader in micro and drip irrigation, Rivulis offers a comprehensive portfolio of products as well as a comprehensive range of services. Rivulis was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Israel with 15 manufacturing facilities, 2,000 employees, three R&D centers, and numerous design centers.

Through its network of over 3,300 partners worldwide, it provides turnkey solutions to the agricultural, horticulture, landscape, and mining industries for any and all grower needs. It is dedicated to helping growers and its partners achieve greater success by empowering micro-irrigation, fostering sustainable partnerships, and enabling field-trusted innovation.

EPC Industries Ltd.

EPC Industries Ltd., also known as EPC Irrigation, is an Indian company that manufactures and supplies drip, sprinkler, and micro-irrigation systems. EPC was founded in 1986 with the initial French Technology support, developing irrigation products of international standard to meet the needs of Indian farmers. EPC provides a full range of agriculture solutions, including micro-irrigation, fertigation, and agronomic consulting. With more than 500 dealers and 11 strategically located offices, EPC has a strong and widespread dealer network.

With customized micro irrigation systems and agronomical support, it delivers superior quality produce & higher yields to farmers through modern scientific water management.

Nelson Irrigation Corporation

The Nelson Irrigation Corporation remains committed to improving water application technology. Known for providing exceptional products for agricultural and industrial applications, it is a world leader in quality and innovation, providing Pivot Sprinklers, Rotator Sprinklers, Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, TWIG Wireless Controls, and Big Gun Sprinklers.

T-L Irrigation Co.

T-L Irrigation Co. operates in the industrial machinery industry as a privately-held company. 1955 marked the beginning of T-L Irrigation Co. In business for over 65 years, the company is based in Hastings, Nebraska, and distributes and manufactures irrigation equipment worldwide.

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