The 10 Best Attic Ladders in 2023 + Buying Guide & PDF

The Best Attic Ladders in 2022

The 10 Best Attic Ladders in 2023 – Want to climb up your attic with the best attic ladder in 2023? Having done extensive research, we have compiled a list of the top attic ladders. A buyer’s guide is also available if you are not sure which type of ladder is right for your needs. This article will provide you with extensive knowledge you can use to buy a ladder for climbing an attic.

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For those with attics, you need a pull-down attic stair or attic ladder to reach them. Attic ladders are the most reliable since you cannot take risks with other ladders such as steps or extensions. Attic ladders are also the best alternatives to staircases. 

Whatever its use, it’s always going to be effective. In the end, the most significant thing is to choose the appropriate attic ladder or stairs for your space. At the same time, with a lot of options in the market, finding the right one doesn’t seem easy. Our goal is to minimize the problems you may face.


How We Picked Best Attic Ladders in 2023

Attic ladders are an essential tool for homeowners who want to access their attic space. They are used to provide safe and easy access to the attic. Attic ladders come in different sizes and materials such as aluminum, wood and steel. The size of an attic ladder is directly proportional to the size of the opening it will be installed in. The opening size can range from 18 inches by 24 inches to 30 inches by 54 inches. Attic ladders are also available in different styles such as folding, telescoping and scissor. Folding attic ladders are the most common type of attic ladder. They fold up into a compact unit that can be easily stored in the attic when not in use. Telescoping attic ladders are designed to slide out and extend to the desired length. Scissor attic ladders are designed to fold up into a compact unit that can be easily stored in the ceiling when not in use.

To compile our list of the best attic ladders in 2023, we evaluated more than 15 pages and extracted these brands from hundreds of manufacturers. We have taken into account various factors such as quality, reliability, efficiency, and innovation. We also looked at customer reviews and ratings to see how well these brands perform in real-world situations. We have also taken into account the price of each ladder to ensure that our list includes options for every budget. These brands have been leading the industry for years and have a proven track record of delivering high-quality attic ladders that are reliable, efficient, and innovative.


Basics of Attic Ladders

Attic ladders are also known as loft ladders or retractable ladders, which can be used as an alternative staircase in an attic. Attic doors or ceilings beneath the attic space are typically equipped with these devices. Unlike step ladders, extension ladders, or other ladder types that you can move from one place to another, this ladder needs to be installed in a fixed location.

In the marketplace, there are a few types of attic ladders or pool down attic stairs to choose from. Attic ladders must be installed before they can be used. An attic ladder cannot be used as a step ladder right out of the box. In the end, it’s essential to take professional assistance or learn how to install an attic ladder.


Types of Attic Ladders

In terms of material, wood and aluminum are the two main materials used in attic ladder construction. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Although wood ladders are heavy, they can support a large load. On the other hand, aluminum ladders have a low load capacity, but they are lightweight. Your requirements will determine what you need.

Four types of attic ladders are available depending on how they are folded and unfolded:

  • Telescoping attic ladder
  • Folding attic ladder
  • Electric attic ladder
  • Scissor attic ladder
The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
Collapsible lofting attic ladder (Reference:

Telescoping attic ladder

A telescoping attic ladder can be installed in an attic or stored nearby in either a semi-permanent or mobile design. The side supports and steps on these ladders fold into themselves when they are not in use, which allows them to take up less space than folding ladders. With a simple pull on the bottom step, the ladder can be extended when needed.

Folding attic ladder

Depending on the ladder’s length, the ceiling height, and the clearance space available for folding, folding attic ladders can fold into two, three, or four sections. They are more robust than ladders with telescoping arms, but they require more space in the attic than ladders with telescoping arms because, when closed, these ladders take up a significant amount of space in the attic since they lie on the floor.

Electric attic ladder

New on the market, electric attic ladders are powered by direct wiring, raising and lowering at the push of a button. Smart devices can be used to operate some high-end models. The automated attic ladders are a good option for homeowners with physical disabilities who cannot pull down a manual attic ladder or for homeowners wanting another automated smart home feature.

Scissor attic ladder

There are two main advantages to these ladders, which are collapsible and easy to store thanks to scissor-style rungs. A scissor ladder doesn’t slide very quickly during unfolding (like a telescopic ladder), and it doesn’t need an extensive clearance area to unfold (compared with folding ladders).

Tips for Safe Attic Ladder Use

Below are a few bonus tips before we move forward with our attic buying guide. You can use the ladder safely by following these tips.

  1. Check and read the attic ladder manual carefully before installing and using it.
  2. Take a look at all the warnings written in the ladder or included in the manual.
  3. Choose a ladder that has a higher load capacity than your requirements.
  4. The ladder shoes must be perfectly fitted on the ground before climbing the ladder.
  5. Make sure all hinges and locks are positioned correctly before climbing up with accessories.
  6. Make sure you pull down your attic stairs slowly and carefully.
  7. Heavy accessories may require the assistance of another person.
  8. If you have used the attic ladder, make sure it has been put back in the right place after you have used it.
The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
Installation of an attic ladder (Reference:

Attic Ladders Buying Guide

The following factors and features should be kept in mind during the process of buying an attic ladder.

Ceiling Height

Prior to purchasing an attic ladder, it is important to determine the height of the ceiling below. Usually, consumers are only concerned with the distance between the opening of the attic and the floor of the room below since manufacturers already make sure their products match that angle.

The majority of attic stairs fit ceiling heights between 7 and 10 feet, but consumers should double-check their ceiling height before buying a ladder: Buying a ladder that’s too long or too short will not work. The homeowner should use a helper in the attic to keep one end of a tape measure at the attic opening while extending the tape measure until contacting the floor. Ceiling height can be calculated from this reading on the tape.

Dimensions and Weight

Each attic ladder description specifies the size of the attic opening for which it is designed. In order to purchase an attic ladder, homeowners need to measure the width and length of the opening in the attic. A new opening, on the other hand, should be cut to 54 inches in length and 22.5 inches in width since most attic ladders are designed for openings of this size.

It is also important to note that there may be weight restrictions for attic ladders, which range from 200 pounds to over 400 pounds. You may not require a heavy-duty ladder capable of supporting 300 pounds if your family is on the light side and you won’t be carrying particularly heavy items up to the attic. When a member of the family is within 10 pounds of the weight limit, consumers should avoid the risk of a ladder breaking while in use and purchase a stronger attic ladder that can be used safely and confidently.


The most common materials used to make attic ladders are aluminum, steel, and wood.

  • The most popular choice is aluminum attic ladders, which are strong yet lightweight. In climates with high moisture, aluminum is the ideal metal because it resists rust and rot. Other advantages of aluminum ladders are that they are fire-resistant and generally less expensive than steel or wood ladders.
  • Attic ladders made of steel are stronger and more expensive than those made of wood or aluminum. Moisture- and fire resistance are also features of these materials. In the event that you intend to use your attic for living space on a regular basis, consider investing in one.
  • In spite of the fact that wood makes for a sturdy and resilient attic ladder, and some woods may even be treated to be fire-resistant because of their porous nature, wood ladders are subject to moisture and temperature changes more readily than metal ladders. It is also possible for wood to have natural defects that can lead to premature wear.

Ease of Installation

Although installation ease varies considerably based on ladder type and attic layout, any model should include clear, simple instructions for installation and operation. To improve airflow and provide adequate ventilation during installation, an attic fan should be installed.

When compared to folding ladders, telescoping and scissor-type attic ladders are relatively simple to install, as long as it is done in the right way. In the attic, they are attached either to the ceiling joist above or to the floor stud below the floor. When not in use, they collapse up into the attic.

It is necessary to attach folding ladders to hatches or openings so that they can swing down and unfold. It is, therefore, necessary to install a hatch to support both the weight of the ladder and that of the climbers, although the weight of the ladder is supported primarily by its feet when it is unfolded. Installation can be more challenging than with telescoping or scissor-style attic ladders.

In addition to having similar installation challenges as other types of ladders, electric attic ladders must be hardwired directly into the electrical system. A smartphone may also be needed to set up these ladders if they are Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi-enabled.

Fire Resistance

Attic ladders must be fire resistant since everyone inside an attic needs a path down and out in case of a fire. Although aluminum and steel ladders have some natural fire resistance, not all ladders are fire-rated because they do not undergo the necessary testing to be designated as such. The term “fire-rated” refers to a product that has been tested for fire resistance. There are aluminum and steel attic ladders, as well as some wooden models, that can be given this award.

For more information about what restrictions may be in place, check the local government’s website or the town hall, as some locations only permit fire-resistant attic ladders. Fire-resistant ladders, even if they aren’t essential for a home, provide an added layer of safety, mainly if the attic is used to live in. For additional protection against fire-related incidents, invest in fire-resistant attic insulation.


Safety Features

In addition to handrails and slip-resistant steps, attic ladders may also have locking latches.

Adding a handrail to the attic stairs gives you a place to steady yourself during the ascent and descent of the steep ladder rungs.

Grooved or rubber-coated steps provide more friction and a better grip surface for feet. Climbing up and down is made easier with this simple addition.

A locking latch is found on folding ladders to prevent the ladder from moving after sections are folded down. By doing so, users get a more rigid climb since the ladder won’t bounce at the hinges.


Best Attic Ladders Reviews 

For consumers looking for the best attic ladders for their homes, we selected the products below based on their quality, price, and customer satisfaction.

  • Louisville L224P Wooden Attic Ladder
  • FAKRO LMS Insulated Metal Attic Ladder
  • Louisville Ladder Aluminum Attic Ladder
  • Werner Ladder Aa1510 Aluminum Attic Ladder 
  • Fakro LWP 66802 Insulated Attic Ladder 
  • Yvan Telescoping Ladder
  • Youngman 313340 Easiway Aluminum 3-Section Loft Ladder
  • Rainbow F3075-14 – 30″L x 75″W F-Series Tall Attic Ladder/Stair
  • Century Energy Efficient Attic Ladder

1. Louisville L224P Wooden Attic Ladder

The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
Louisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch Wooden Attic Ladder (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • OSHA and ANSI have approved this product for use.
  • There is a T-shaped handle and a grooved step in the structure.
  • It comes with a spring that can be adjusted.
  • The installation process is simple and straightforward.
  • It is an affordable option to consider.
  • The stability of the system is excellent.
  • For extra support, a full-grip handrail has been included.
  • Under each step, there is a wire rod that provides strength.
  • The product is not suitable for outdoor use.


Item Weight 57 Pounds
Load Capacity 250 Pounds
Maximum Height 96 Inches
Material ‎Wood
Product Dimensions ‎56 x 24 x 12 inches

General Description

There are multiple remarkable features and qualities that make this product one of the best wood attic ladders we have in our top categories.

The compact layout and narrow design make it ideal for spaces with 8 to 10 feet ceilings. This model features an ergonomic T-handle and grooved steps for maximum stability and traction.

A total of 56 inches by 24 inches by 12 inches is the dimensions of the entire product. A 3-1/2 inch deep step is also measured on each step. In addition, the weight of the device (57 pounds) is neither too light nor too heavy.

Due to its wood composition, Louisville L224P will never go out of style. As an additional consideration, let’s say you want to change the color of the wall to match the décor of your house. If so, you can change the color of the material as wooed allows it.

A sturdy hinge and wire rod under each step provide maximum strength to ensure the safety of this attic ladder. During climbing up and down, it does not wobble because of the heavy hinges.

A total of 250 pounds can be carried on this attic ladder, including all the accessories you have loaded on it. The product is, however, made in the USA and meets ANSI and OSHA standards. You can be sure that the quality will be excellent, no worries.

Additionally, EZ-hang straps were included by the manufacturer to facilitate installation. The spring tension can also be adjusted, allowing for quiet folds and unfolds.

Overall, this is one of the best attic ladders we have reviewed. As an attic ladder, it has every feature you would expect. It is even well within your budget, so if you’re into wood construction, give it a shot.


2. FAKRO LMS Insulated Metal Attic Ladder

The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
FAKRO LMS 25×47-7’2” – 8’10” Insulated Metal Attic Ladder (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • There is a box frame included with this item.
  • The construction of the product is fire-resistant.
  • The safety mechanism has an anti-slamming feature.
  • There are anti-slip treads on the product.
  • The product is energy-efficient.
  • An insulating rubber gasket is used as a feature.
  • Installation requires no tools.
  • As a result of its folding design, it takes up a lot of space in the attic.
  • It’s expensive.
  • There is no handrail included (you can buy one separately).


Item Weight 62 Pounds
Load Capacity 300 Pounds
Maximum Height 96 Inches
Material ‎Wood
Product Dimensions 47 x 25 x 9 inches

General Description

An insulated pinewood frame and door are included with this steel attic ladder that can support 300 pounds. Designed to fit attic openings of 22″ x 47″ and 25″ x 47″, the Fakro Insulated Steel Folding Attic Ladder can be folded into three sections.

There are two types of materials used by the manufacturer for different parts. Steel was used for the body and the steps, and powder-coated metal was used for the finish. Moreover, the hatch and frame box are made from high-quality pine wood. Therefore, the hatch’s color is beige, but it can be changed to match the decor of a home.

With its unique opening mechanism, it can be used for ceiling heights ranging from 7 feet 2 inches to 8 feet 11 inches. The rungs have tread patterns to prevent slipping, and there is a safety mechanism to prevent the hatch from closing accidentally. An easy-to-open and easy-to-close door that doesn’t move suddenly opens and closes smoothly. Two years of warranty are included with the product.

To summarize, if you are looking for an insulated attic ladder that will suit your needs, then this is the ladder for you. In order to reduce energy losses, the ladder is equipped with an insulated wooden door. While the ladder is not cheap, it is worth every penny that you spend on it.


3. Louisville Ladder Aluminum Attic Ladder

The 8 Best Attic Ladders in 2023
Louisville Ladder 25.5×54 Aluminum Attic Ladder (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • This gas cylinder technology is exclusive to this product.
  • It is capable of handling heavy loads.
  • It has adjustable shoes.
  • While climbing up and down, it keeps you from wobbling.
  • There are wide and deep steps.
  • It is smooth and elegantly finished.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Different sizes are available.
  • It is designed for everyday use.
  • There is no extra handrail included.


Item Weight 49 Pounds
Load Capacity 375 Pounds
Maximum Height 10.25 Feet
Material ‎ Aluminum
Product Dimensions ‎54 x 23 x 13 inches

General Description

In case you’re unhappy with wood construction ladders but want Louisville ladders at the same time, then this is the model for you. As part of Louisville’s Elite series, the AA2210 model offers excellent features and functionality.

A wide access clearance door is incorporated along with an advanced gas cylinder method rather than the traditional spring mechanism for the ladder. With this latest gas cylinder, the door opens and closes effortlessly. Traditional spring setups require more force and are less efficient. Moreover, this gas cylinder design adds security and longevity by eliminating destructive door slamming.

In total, the product measures 54 x 23 x 13 inches, and each step measures 3-1/4 inches wide and deep. In contrast, the weight of the Louisville L224P is much lighter, 49 pounds.

Regarding the ladder’s material, the title indicates that it is made of aluminum. It is made from durable materials that keep it lightweight while ensuring long-term durability.

A slip-resistant cross tread groove on each step and heavy-duty hinges add to the safety features of this attic ladder. Both of these features ensure that it remains stable on any surface and maintains super traction. In the same way, it limits the amount of wobbling you do while climbing and descending.

As far as weight-bearing capacity is concerned, this is one of the heavy-duty attic ladders. Including all accessories, the ladder can support 375 pounds. Almost any user will be satisfied with it.

This ladder features an adjustable shoe so that it can be used on any type of flooring. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides all the necessary equipment for installation. Therefore, it does not require any tools for installation.

The price is reasonable, and it offers a variety of quality features. Also, it is easy to use, safe and has advanced features. In terms of an ideal attic ladder, nothing else could be asked for.


4. Werner Ladder Aa1510 Aluminum Attic Ladder 

The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
Werner Ladder Aa1510 Aluminum Attic Ladder (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • This device is easy to install in tight spaces.
  • You can use it with one hand only.
  • A 250-pound load can be carried on it.
  • Metal construction is used throughout.
  • This is a budget-friendly option.
  • There can have been some improvements in the steps.


Item Weight 15.47 Pounds
Load Capacity 250 Pounds
Maximum Height 24 Inches
Material ‎ Aluminum
Product Dimensions ‎14 x 8.3 x 52.6 inches

General Description

In tight spaces, you need a ladder that can be collapsed into a very small unit. It is perfect for what this Werner ladder is designed for. According to its design, the ladder is divided into three sections, unlike some ladders, which are usually divided into two. The ladder’s width is also smaller than other ladders. The ladder is the best choice for small openings and small places because of its dimensions. Aluminum makes up the majority of its composition. You can also use some features if you have stuff in your hands while climbing the ladder. 

There is a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds. It will remain very stable even when carrying a heavy load on the ladder. The ladder is especially easy to climb thanks to the assist pole. However, the ladder’s top section only has an assist pole. The thin rod does not allow much space for footing. A ladder with this type of design is mainly intended to be as light and compact as possible.

The ladder is constructed to fit ceiling heights ranging from 7 to 10 feet. The ladder is also one of the lightest on our list if you consider its weight; 15 pounds is all it weighs. The ladder can be pushed or pulled with just one hand. You will, however, need both hands free to unfold all sections. Setting up the unit can sometimes be noisy.


5. Fakro LWP 66802 Insulated Attic Ladder 

The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
FAKRO LWP 66802 Insulated Attic Ladder (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Opening and closing mechanisms are smooth.
  • It is highly durable.
  • There is a two-year warranty available.
  • Load carrying capacity is good.
  • It weighs too much.


Item Weight 57 Pounds
Load Capacity 300 Pounds
Included Components ‎Ladder, frame, door
Material ‎ Wood
Product Dimensions ‎47 x 25 x 12 inches

General Description

A wood attic ladder is available from Fakro if you aren’t interested in metal attic ladders. LWP 66802 is a wood ladder in its entirety. Additionally, it has an insulated door, which keeps energy costs down. They can be adjusted to fit ceiling heights up to 8 feet. It is also available in different versions that can support a height of 10 feet. Having an assist pole on this ladder is a major advantage.

This ladder can be collapsed. It is very smooth to expand and collapse the ladder. The machine barely makes any noise. There is even something special about the door opening. The ladder was capable of carrying different loads. The ladder is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 300 pounds. This is more than enough. The ladder’s weight, however, seemed excessive to us. A weight of 57 pounds is too much. In order to set the ladder, you need to use more force.

The ladder is really well constructed. A ladder made of pine wood is durable and of good quality. It provides much-needed confidence in the product that the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty. Well-made ladder. It is stable for you to climb while carrying the load. A thought stop does not have any anti-slip properties, but you have good footing regardless.

Featuring a high-quality wood construction, this Fakro attic ladder is a great choice. Furthermore, it is a great value for your money.


6. Yvan Telescoping Ladder

The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
Yvan Telescoping Ladder (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • In addition to being portable, this product is also simple to store.
  • An easy-to-use retraction system that requires just one button to operate is available.
  • It has a lightweight design and is fire resistant.
  • The steps are textured to prevent slips and falls.
  • There is no intention of installing this product permanently.


Item Weight 24.6 Pounds
Load Capacity 250 Pounds
Maximum Height 150 Inches
Material ‎ Aluminum
Product Dimensions ‎19.29 x 4.99 x 33.46 inches

General Description

Measurement and cutting of the ceiling opening for the new ladder are the first steps during the installation of an attic ladder. However, many homes already have openings in the attic that were constructed during the construction process. If the opening does not provide enough space, it can be enlarged to accommodate a larger ladder. Smaller ladders that fit the existing opening are an excellent choice for people who do not wish to do this additional work.

With its lightweight, fire-resistant aluminum construction, the Yvan Telescoping Ladder can support up to 330 pounds. The 19-inch width makes it ideal for small openings, and the 12.5-foot height makes it a great choice for homes and offices. With the ladder’s one-button retraction mechanism, users don’t need to struggle to fold it up after use, and its portable design makes it easy to set up and store. Nonetheless, this product isn’t the best option for those who want a permanent or semi-permanent attic ladder.


7. Youngman 313340 Easiway Aluminum 3-Section Loft Ladder

The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
Youngman 313340 Easiway Aluminium 3-Section Loft Ladder (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • The design is slim and light.
  • The ladder is fully foldable.
  • An additional handrail has been included.
  • The weight is very light.
  • It is not intended for everyday use.
  • It is not suitable for large spaces.


Item Weight 14.59 Pounds
Load Capacity 330 Pounds
Maximum Height 7 feet 54 inch
Material ‎ Aluminum
Product Dimensions 6 x 54 x 13 inches

General Description

This loft ladder has a few unique and useful characteristics, making it an ideal attic ladder. The ladder surname is Youngman 313340. It typically fits ceilings 7 feet to 8 feet high and has a slim profile for occasional use. The opening access measures 20 inches by 17 inches. In comparison with our other selections, it isn’t that big.

Approximately 6 inches by 54 inches by 13 inches is the full product dimension. It weighs 14.59 pounds, which is very light. 

Considering the material details, it’s made of aluminum, which is resistant to rust. As a result, the model remains lightweight and robust simultaneously.

A noticeable feature of the model is that it has three sliding sections, which makes it different from other models. As you need, you can slide up and down to open and close the ladder. You don’t have to worry about unlocking the sliding section because it’s very easy.

A load capacity of 330 pounds is a good indicator of ladder strength. No doubt, it is rated to a high level of duty.

Last but not least, handrails were included at the middle point of the ladder to ensure that climbing was comfortable and safe. You can easily install them because they come with screws, nuts, bolts, a pole, and a catch.

Generally, this loft ladder is used occasionally. Your loft or attic space is accessible when you climb hardy up and down.


8. Rainbow F3075-14 – 30″L x 75″W F-Series Tall Attic Ladder/Stair

The Best Attic Ladders in 2022
Rainbow F3075-14 – 30″L x 75″W F-Series Tall Attic Ladder/Stair (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Construction is entirely made of steel.
  • Easy installation is the key to this product’s success.
  • There are anti-skid strips on the floor.
  • The ladder has railings on both sides of it.
  • A locking latch adds an extra layer of security to the user’s experience.
  • The price is a bit high.


Load Capacity 570 Pounds
Maximum Height 156 inch
Material ‎ Alloy Steel
Color White

General Description

It is a great idea to install Rainbow attic stairs. There are so many things you’ll love about it right away. Due to its high load capacity, it is ideal for commercial environments. There are also a lot of safety features on this ladder, such as railings and latches, which ensure the best possible stability when climbing it. There is even an almost staircase-like design to the steps. It uses wood for its opening door and steel for its ladder.

The ease of installation is amazing. As it is slightly heavier than most attic ladders, you will have to secure it perfectly with the help of a tool that took more than 30 minutes. The product provides its users with a great deal of stability. There is a feeling that you are climbing stairs instead of using a ladder. The depth of the steps is great. The railings on the side provide a protective hold. Regardless of whether you are carrying a load or not, you have a lot to hold onto to ensure your safety. Moreover, the ladder has a load capacity of 540 pounds, making it a suitable choice for commercial use.

Due to its steel construction, the door can be installed easily. Two sections fold into it, with safety railings on each side. One of the biggest disadvantages of this unit is that it is not powder-coated. If you use the ladder in a moist or wet environment, it may not last very long. In order to improve safety, locking latches are provided. Anti-skid strips are also used on the steps. Regardless of the footwear you use, you will be able to get a good grip on the steps.


9. Century Energy Efficient Attic Ladder

Best Attic Ladders in 2023
Century Energy Efficient Attic Ladder (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Insulated doors rated at R-10
  • An anti-slip cross tread
  • A single size and color choice


Load Capacity 375 Pounds
Maximum Height 10-ft 3 in
Material ‎ Alloy Steel
Color Steel

General Description

Because of its durability and insulation, the Century energy-efficient attic ladder stands out among the numerous alternative choices. The ladder’s weight capability of 375 pounds is more than adequate for the majority of people to transport themselves and a few heavy objects to the attic without worrying about the ladder’s structural stability.

The ladder also has an R-10-insulated door and a weather-stripping seal that help save energy by keeping moisture, heat, or air conditioning from escaping through the attic.


10. Telesteps Automatic Attic Ladder

Best Attic Ladders in 2023
Telesteps Automatic Attic Ladder (Reference:


Pros & Cons

  • Simple release
  • Anti-slip silicone feet
  • Low capacity for weight


Load Capacity 300 Pounds
Type Type
Material Aluminum
Color  Silver/Black

General Description

The Telesteps Automatic attic ladder is a viable option if your attic access area is constrained. The ladder can be dropped straight down rather than at an angle thanks to the telescopic construction, and it compresses into itself to take up the least amount of room possible.

For increased traction as you climb, the ladder also has silicone-padded feet. As opposed to the more laborious unfolding procedure required by conventional attic ladders, the one-touch release method makes it much simpler to lower the ladder.


FAQs about Attic Ladders

What to look for when buying an attic ladder?

To choose a ladder that will fit the area you have, be sure to precisely measure your opening’s size, floor-to-ceiling height, swing clearance, and landing space. We provide attic ladders for your diverse needs, whether you desire lightweight, durable aluminum, or affordable wood.

Can I cut the joists to place the loft ladder?

The length of the loft ladder plus 100mm, or the thickness of two trimmers, must be marked on the ceiling joists before cutting. To create a rectangular aperture that is the desired size, insert and nail a trimmer at each end or side. The trimmers ought to match the size of the joists in the ceiling that are already there.

Where should you not step in the attic?

The ceiling of the room below your attic is very different from a real floor. At best, harm might result from stepping on the plaster or drywall that makes up the roof below, and at worst, it could lead to a severe fall to the ground below. Floorboards and floor joists are required for a floor that can be walked on.

How big of an opening do you need for an attic ladder?

Although some homes have greater openings, the standard size is 22.5″ by 54″. Some dwellings, however, have smaller apertures (or hatches). To make sure you get the right attic ladder for your house, it’s crucial to know the size of the opening you currently have or want to construct.



Attic ladders may serve a simple purpose, but there are a number of things you need to consider. Make sure you are aware of what you need first. Because if you don’t, you will not be able to install it, or you won’t know how to use it effectively. For a better understanding of the process, you may want to consult an engineer before you install an attic ladder.


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By using Linquip RFQ Service, you can expect to receive quotations from various suppliers across multiple industries and regions.

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