The Best Diesel Generator of 2023

Best Diesel generator

Best Diesel Generator- Diesel or Diesel-powered devices are not the most typical type that exists but they are an appropriate alternative to the conventional portable devices operating based on gasoline. Similar to vehicles, a device performing on diesel is more fuel-efficient which is only one of the perks of this alternative.

best diesel generator
Anatomy of a diesel generator (Reference:

So, how does a diesel generator compare to a gasoline type and how do you choose which one better meets your electrical demands? Here is a practical buying guide to help you choose the wisest option including 5 of the best choices that you can order today.

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A portable diesel generator is a suitable solution for a normal home backup and employs on remote sites. Once deciding between propane, gasoline, or diesel portable device, you’ll see the pros and cons for each kind.

A diesel generator’s main benefit is that it provides superior fuel efficiency, which means you’ll obtain a longer lifespan and spend less on fuel overall. Visit here to see the importance of them completely.

Before you go out and order the cheapest diesel generator you see, it’s essential to realize that not every diesel-powered generator is applicable.

Top Diesel Generators

  1. Generac 6864 XD5000E

Best Diesel generator
Generac 6864 XD5000E (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Portable Design
  • Extremely Long Run Time
  • Battery Not Included


Surge Power 5,500 watts
Running Power 5,000 watts
Tank Size 12 gallons
Run Time 32.4 hours at 50% load
Fuel Diesel
Noise Level N/A
Weight 254 lbs
Start Type Electric


General Descriptions

Although this Generac type has the lowest output in this top 5, it is by far still the best choice that exists. The Generac 6864 is the handiest, presents clean power, has a model fit for heavy-duty usage, and provides an incredibly long run time.

First off, consider its fully welded 1.25” steel structure that performs as a protective outer frame for the industrial motor. The top has 3 separate sides, the middle one being an integrated carrying eye so that it can be moved simply on construction sections or attach to the wheel kit and quickly make it a greatly portable design.

The motor is 435cc from the Yanmar LW types which provides an air-cooled direct system. Fueling this engine is a great 12-gallon diesel source that can keep its operation for a whopping 32.4 hours on a half load.

In addition to operation for a long time, this type also delivers a reliable output that is close to the amount of an inverter device with only 5% total harmonic distortion. This makes it robust to attach your sensitive electronic instruments making this an appropriate type for residential use, as well.

It has a control panel which takes up about a quarter of one side. Here you will find the outlets (1x 30amp 120/240-volt twist lock, 1x 30amp 120-volt twist lock, 4x 20amp 120 volts), power switch, central circuit breaker, and hour meter.

The battery is not combined with the structure, so you will have to order this separately if you want to utilize the electric start although there is a designated gap for it. So during the setup process, you don’t have to worry about carrying 2 separate components with yourselves.

The drawback is that it is not the most affordable choice for its output because a gasoline-powered type in the 5000 watts level is probably just half or even a quarter of what this Generac XD5000E costs.

  1. Cummins Onan Quiet Series RV QD10000

Best Diesel generator
Cummins Onan Quiet QD10000 (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Remote Start
  • High Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Not Portable


Surge Power 10,000 watts
Running Power 8,000 watts
Tank Size N/A
Run Time N/A
Fuel Diesel
Noise Level 70 dB
Weight 767 lbs
Start Type Remote


General Descriptions

Particularly modeled for RVs, this is a strong diesel generator that can control the operation of 3 AC units simultaneously. Due to its 10,000 watts surge power and 8000 watts running energy, this is also an appropriate type as a home standby generator.

There is no fuel supply inside the frame, so you should attach a separate fuel tank to achieve the engine running. Keep in mind that it applies 0.43 gallons of diesel per hour during a 50% load performance.

One of the main features of this type is that it is technologically improved with a computer-controlled variable velocity, a microprocessor that can self-analyze for any issues and troubleshoot, and a pure sine wave output. These properties provide you with a high-performance and low-maintenance diesel generator.

The constructor has taken care to include multiple noise-canceling parts such as a muffler, casing, and enclosed cooling system, which brings the rated noise state down to 70 decibels, meeting the demands of the US National Park (UNP) sound. This design also completely complies with EPA and CARB (California Agency Responsible for environmental protection matters) rules, so you can use your device in any US state.

Where an electrical start is a standard for diesel generators, this model takes it one step further with a remote start. The package includes a key fob so that you can start the engine from a distance which comes in handy when you are on the other side of the RV.

The main disadvantage is that it is not simply portable. Weighing over 750 pounds without any pulling handles or tires integrated into the structure, this is not a system meant for mobile use.

This is a great off-grid energy source if you are planning on epic road travel in your RV or as an emergency standby device for your home. It has a low total harmonic distortion and high output making it the smarter option for connecting sensitive instruments.

  1. Power Products Sigma 7000W

Best Diesel generator
Power Products Sigma 7000W (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable Given the Output
  • Wheels Come Installed
  • No “High-Tech” Special Features (can be a pro or con really)


Surge Power 7,000 watts
Running Power 5,500 watts
Tank Size 4 gallons
Run Time 8 hours at 50% load
Fuel Diesel
Noise Level 68 dB
Weight 363 lbs
Start Type Electric


General Descriptions

The Sigma by Power Products has approximately more potential than the Generac 6864. It has 7000 watts surge energy and 5500 watts running power which is adequate to perform several air-conditioning systems and the main household devices such as the water pump, refrigerator, freezer, and electric stove.

The control panel is quite elaborate at first look but when you investigate it precisely, you will know it is all pretty straightforward. There are 4 power outlets; 1x 30amp 120-volt twist lock, 2x 20amp 120-volt, and a second twist lock that you can change the output between 120 volts and 240 volts.

Other properties on the control panel are the fuel gauge, low oil warning light, and voltmeter. It has an internal fuel source with a 4-gallon potential but you can also attach it to an external higher fuel tank for a longer operation time.

Power Products explains that it has an operation time of 8 hours on a 50% load which is decent for its output. Although, if you need this device to perform overnight, it might be a smart concept to employ some external fuel tanks.

This great yellow beast weighs 363 pounds but Power Products has included a pulling handle and wheels so that it can still be used (even though you’ll probably require 2 people pulling for it to budge). Otherwise, being larger and heavier than a gas-powered design is a usual downside for diesel generators.

Significantly, the Sigma is one of the quieter types with a rated noise state of 68 decibels. Diesel engines are famous for being louder, so this reasonable sound level for the value of power provided is a welcome advantage of this budget device.

Totally, this is a straightforward device but quite a heavy diesel type which might discuss the lower price compared to the similar models. If budget is the most vital feature, then select the Sigma but consider that you will be foregoing portability and improved properties.

  1. DuroStar DS7000Q – Dependable Power & Great Value

Best Diesel generator
DuroStar DS7000Q (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • tons of power
  • electric start and remote
  • noise-reduction measures
  • wheel kit for easier transport
  • long runtime
  • large fuel tank
  • expensive
  • warranties could be better: 30-day replacement and 1-year parts


Surge Power 6,000 watts
Running Power 5,500 watts
Tank Size 3.83 gallons
Run Time 12 hours at 50% load
Fuel Diesel
Weight 300 pounds
Start Type Recoil and Electric


General Descriptions

DuroStar devices are popular for being dependable. This 4-stroke, direct-injection, and single-cylinder diesel system is a beast, perfect for backup application during a power outage.

It provides 6,000 surge watts and 5,500 running watts. Running this device is simple. There are two different methods to perform it: an easy turn-key electric start and a standard recoil start. Technically, there’s a third way that’s even simpler since you can enable the electric start employing a remote control.

The basic panel has everything you require including a voltage meter, a low-oil alert light, a low fuel indicator, circuit breakers, and power outlets. There are two 20-amp, 120-volt, 3-prong outlets (with ground fault interrupter). These will work for all of your standard household appliances.

For high-powered tools, like on a farm or worksite, there are two twist-lock outlets; one 120-volt, 30-amp, 3-prong outlet; and one 30-amp, 120/240-volt, 4-prong outlet.

Diesel generators are fairly loud, but this type has some effective noise-reduction elements in place.

There is a vibration isolation connection between the base frame and engine/alternator feet. This not only decreases the noisy vibration but also improves the stability of the machine overall. There is also a very silent muffler and some extra soundproofing.

The DS7000Q has a fairly long operation life cycle. You can expect it to operate close to 12 hours at a half load. It has a great 3.83-gallon fuel source. There is a liquid gauge so you can keep an eye on how much fuel you spent.

Moving this device around would be a problem (as it weighs 300 pounds) were it not for the wheel pack. That said, the wheel pack makes it pretty simple to move this device.

  1. Gilette GEN-PRO GPED-65EK Diesel – Big Size & Big Power

Best Diesel generator
Gilette GEN-PRO GPED-65EK (Reference:

Pros & Cons

  • cleaner power with Power Assist
  • decent runtime
  • sturdy and durable frame
  • lighter than other diesel generators
  • great warranties: 3-year engine, 2-year parts, 1-year labor
  • EPA/CARB compliant
  • have to buy wheel kit separately
  • no remote start
  • quite large


Surge Power 6500 watts
Running Power 5,000 watts
Tank Size 4 gallons
Run Time 10 hours at 50% load
Fuel Diesel
Weight 200 pounds
Start Type Electric and Recoil


General Descriptions

This is the biggest diesel generator on the list and is 48 x 48 x 48 inches. That said, it’s also the most weightless, weighing only 200 pounds. The steel structure is pretty solid, and the handles make it completely simple to lift. To make moving even simpler, you can buy a wheel pack separately.

This device operates based on a 9-HP, Kohler KD420 direct-injection, air-cooled engine. The 4-gallon fuel tank will provide you adequate fuel to perform for around 10 hours at 50% load. It has 6,500 surge watts and 5,000 watts of running power. A fuel gauge is used to keep an eye on when you require to refuel.

This device has both a recoil pull-start and an electric one. There is no remote start feature. You have 6 outlets on this instrument: four 120V, 15-Amp (GFCI) outlets, one 120V, 30-Amp twist outlet, and one 120/240V, 50-Amp outlet. Its control panel contains an hour meter, a voltmeter, and circuit breakers.

There are an automatic shutdown feature and a low oil alert to protect the system. Also, there is a runtime gauge on display and some extra alert lights for informing you when it’s time to recover the oil, change the air filter, and repair the engine.

Like most diesel devices, you can mainly go longer before needing maintenance than you would with a gasoline generator.

Because of this, these service detector lights are beneficial, so you don’t have to keep track of how much time you’ve run the system.

To provide clean power, there is Power Assist. This is a Gillette-exclusive excitation package that employs a unique winding design and a power capacitor to ensure minimum power variations.

This causes a harmonic disruption of less than 6%, making it applicable for many smaller and more sensitive devices.

Buyer’s Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

Before using a diesel-powered portable generator, you might want to know a little bit more about how these devices perform. You also might want to obtain a better understanding of how these instruments compare.

While everyone has an own favorite, we know that not every device is appropriate for every need. To help you find the best generator for your application, you may want to notice the following questions.

Which Diesel Generator Do You Recommend for Home Use, As A Backup Power Source?

  • Our recommendation for a diesel backup energy supply is the DuroStar DS7000Q. It can provide a good amount of energy, the outlets you require and the best overall amount.
  • The pricier Generac 6864 is a better option for people who require a long operation time. If your energy loss lasts for a while, it can get frustrating immediately to keep refilling the fuel source. The Generac can be used for more than 24 hours at 50% load. If you are looking at an energy loss of several days, the Generac is likely the smarter option.

Which Oil to Use in A Diesel Generator?

You must often use the oil recommended in the device’s manual. For Generac 6864, for instance, the recommended oil is SAE 10W-30. This oil is likely a safe bet for all diesel instruments, but you should definitely control the information to make sure. As the Pulsar manual indicates, the best oil type should account for the air temperature of the current ambient.

For colder temperatures, you’ll need to use a liquid with a lower viscosity such as 5W-20. You’ll want to utilize an oil with a greater viscosity such as SAE 40 for hot temperatures.

Regardless of which oil form you employ, you must follow all the oil-related maintenance information as presented in the manual for your device. Typically, this contains checking the oil regularly, commonly before every start.

You’ll also have to change the oil completely after so many hours of use. Some of the devices on this list have an indicator on the control panel that warns you when you require to do this.

best diesel generator
Diesel Generator set (Reference:

Does a Diesel Generator produce AC or DC?

A diesel engine turns a generator, creating AC electricity. Electrical appliances are powered by this electricity. They can serve a range of applications, such as schools, hospitals, factories, and homes. Depending on your needs, they can be used either as the primary source of power or in the event of an outage.

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Diesel generators can be great instruments to have on hand, particularly for use as a home backup in a power loss condition. Have you ever employed a fuel-efficient diesel-powered device? What did you think?  Which one of these types do you have your eye on? Feel free to ask any questions you might have about generators. Let us know in the comments.

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